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November 6, 1790 Letter from Governor of Northwest Territory Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Letter from the Governor of the Northwest Territory to the Secretary at War; mentions General Josiah Harmer.
January 12, 1787 Request for response on Colonel Harmer's account Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Beatty had written an earlier letter to Howell asking for a prompt response on Colonel Harmer's account and has yet to receive a reply.
January 3, 1787 Settlement of Major Erkuries Beatty account Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Beatty has sent copies of receipts for payments to Colonel Harmer's Regiment so that his account can be settled promptly.
December 16, 1790 Reports on Harmar's Expedition against the Hostile Western Tribes Henry Knox George Washington Knox's letter to the President includes the General Orders from General Harmer's expedition against the hostile western Indians.
August 18, 1797 Itemized list of debt William Simmons Richard Harrison Detailed account of John Thorpe, Superintendent of artificers. Joseph Howell and Josiah Harmer received $54.00/person, $72.00 debt on account, $40.00 on account Sum total: $166.00. Simmons requests confirmation of the amount from the Quarter Master's settlements.
August 20, 1799 Requests Money for Josiah Nichol for Recruitment David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Josiah Nichol for recruiting.
January 7, 1800 Pay for George Bridges, deceased William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $25.77 balance of pay to George Bridges, deceased, late on the expedition of General Josiah Harmar in 1790.
February 19, 1794 Certificate of service of Josiah Frisbee Joseph Howell Lieutenant Josiah Frisbee Lieutenant Josiah Frisbee never received a Certificate of final settlement of his pay.
November 11, 1795 Recommendation of Captain Josiah Roberts Fisher Ames Timothy Pickering The friends of Captain Josiah Roberts have asked Rep. Ames to submit for the consideration of the President the possible appointment of Roberts to command one of the U.S. ships of war. Roberts is a man of uncommon fidelity and spirit who is undaunted in danger, cool and perservering, and an excellent experienced seaman.
November 10, 1795 Letter of Introduction for Captain Josiah Roberts Henry Prentiss Fisher Ames Prentiss introduces the bearer, Captain Josiah Roberts, as a gentleman of respectability in his professional line. Roberts is as capable as any man in the United States and will makes his business known to Ames. Prentiss asks Ames to provide his influence and attention to this business.
November 2, 1790 Request for Information on the Harmar Expedition George Washington Henry Knox There's been no news regarding Brigadier General Harmar's expedition against the Wabash Indians; the President requests the most recent information regarding the expedition.
November 4, 1797 Request to pay Jesse and Josiah Hunt [not available] [not available] Request to pay Josiah and Jesse Hunt $500.
July 17, 1794 Josiah Fox Oath of Allegiance, witnessed by Hilary Baker. Josiah Fox [not available] Josiah Fox, appointed a clerk in the Department of War, affirms support of constitution, and will well and faithfully discharge his duties. Affirmed at Philadelphia by Hilary Baker, alderman.
July 16, 1794 Appointment of Josiah Fox as a clerk in the Department of War for Joshua Humphreys Henry Knox Josiah Fox Letter appoints Josiah Fox as a clerk in the Department of War under Joshua Humphreys, who is constructing models and draughts frigates to be built in the United States. Rate of pay $500 per year.
February 6, 1798 Certification of payments; pay of Sergeant Josiah Reed William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $3.99 is due Sergeant Josiah Reed for the balance of his pay in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers from January 1 to February 6, 1798, the day of his discharge.
April 3, 1797 Compensation of Josiah Fox, Constructor of the frigate building at Norfolk in Virginia William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $190.40 is due Josiah Fox, Navy Constructor of the frigate building at Norfolk in Virginia, being his compensation for January through March 1797.
June 6, 1784 Settlement of account Captain La Colombe John Pierce Discusses settlement of his account.
October 10, 1795 Receipt of Josiah Fox. Edward Carrington [not available] Carrington enclosed the receipt of Josiah Fox, Naval Constructor, for $187.50.
August 1, 1787 Letter from Colonel Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox transmits letter to Congress from Colonel Josiah Harmar with enclosure containing propositions by Mr. J.C. Symmes relative to settlement on Wabash River.
November 5, 1799 Requests Payment for Josiah Watson for Barracks David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Josiah Watson appropriated for the Quartermaster's Department for barracks at South West Point and Tellico.
June 22, 1795 On Josiah Fox's letter on laying the keels of frigates and launching Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Humphreys refers to a letter by Josiah Fox from Portsmouth Virginia indicating that neither time nor expense should be spared in laying the keel in the best possible position for launching.
July 18, 1796 Notification that Josiah Fox will will review and account for timbers, planks and materials at New York ship yard [not available] Foreman Cheeseman Naval constructor Forman Cheeseman notified that Josiah Fox has orders to account for planks and timbers and ensure that they are properly disposed for safe keeping.
October 19, 1799 Requests Payment for Josiah Watson Jr. to Pay Tennessee Army David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Josiah Watson for John Love, to pay the army of Tennessee under Lieutenant Colonel Butler.
May 4, 1786 Request for Increased Salary for Josiah Harmar Henry Knox David Ramsay Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar requests increased salary to compensate for the high expenses at his post. Reminds him that Harmar has no desire to take advantage of public service but seeks only reimbursement.
August 27, 1795 Josiah Fox's request to visit Philadelphia John Stagg Josiah Fox On behalf of Secretary of War, request granted to Josiah Fox to visit Philadelphia. Fox's Pay will be forwarded to Colonel Carrington, supervisor at Richmond.