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June 12, 1798 Delivery for the Ship of War Ganges Secretary of War John Harris Harris is to deliver to Josiah Fox a French Jack, ensign, and pendant
May 21, 1785 Retention of Militia Jonathan Dickinson Henry Knox John Dickinson sends to Henry Knox a letter informing him that, in the interests of the state of Pennsylvania, LtCol Harmar should retain the troops in service past the expiration of their enlistments if authorized replacements are not received before hand.
September 22, 1795 Concerning certificates owed to John Young William Simmons Unknown Recipient Certifies that Josiah Tannehill, agent to Colonel John Gibson of the Virginia line, is accountable for the certificates owed to John Young.
December 5, 1797 Request for information on expenditures for frigates Constitution, Constellation and United States [not available] [not available] Josiah Fox, Navy Constructor, requests to know what sum of $60,000 was spent on the frigates Constitution, Constellation and United States.
March 26, 1792 Immediate Settlement of the Balance Due Me Josiah Harmar Henry Knox General Josiah Harmar requests that Knox arrange to send the money still owed Harmar by the United States.
July 8, 1794 Request for inquiry regarding availability of cannon for Algerine frigate Josiah Fox Tench Francis Josiah Fox conveys Secretary of War James McHenry request as to whether any ships guns, 26 nine pounders and 12 six pounders, can be purchased for the Algerine frigate, and their price.
December 22, 1796 Offer of position of naval superintendent at Portsmouth New Hampshire Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Josiah Fox offers Captain Thompson the position of superintendent at Portsmouth New Hampshire for $1300. If he accepts the terms, is to write to Secretary of War James McHenry.
October 14, 1784 Type Undetermined, Joseph Carleton to Josiah Harmar Joseph Carleton Josiah Harmar No available image.
July 25, 1796 Compensation for the sorting, security and transportation of frigate timber to Corlear's Hook in New York Harbor James McHenry Foreman Cheeseman Discusses compensation of accounting, provide security, and transporting timbers to another location, Corlear's Hook, in New York Harbor. Allowance is $400. Instructions will be furnished by Josiah Fox.
April 1785 Type Undetermined, John Armstrong to Josiah Harmar John Armstrong Josiah Harmar Image not available.
April 3, 1785 Type Undetermined, Josiah Harmar to Joseph Carleton Josiah Harmar Joseph Carleton Image not available.
March 15, 1796 Discussion of Treaty & Tensions With Barbary States William Pennock Josiah Fox Discusses the Algerine treaty and the fact that they will only respect strength.
December 11, 1797 Regarding the payroll from Captain John Barry and Lieutenant McRae of the Marines [not available] William Simmons Regarding Navy and Marine Pay, Simmons is advised that the payroll he received, signed by Captain Barry and Lieutenant McRea of the Marines, is sufficient; the pay has been fixed on, and no other information is required.
July 12, 1796 Orders to examine and arrange ship yards and materials for frigate construction James McHenry Josiah Fox This letter dispatches Josiah Fox to New York, Portsmouth, NH, and Boston with orders to examine and report on the construction of frigates. Is ordered to determine terms and time line for building 36 gun frigates. Is to determine materials available at ship yards. Given instructions on how to order and arrange types of wood.
November 12, 1792 Account of monies owed by Knox to the United States Joseph Nourse [not available] Account of Henry Knox includes warrants, contingencies, Indian Department, and General Josiah Harmar.
November 4, 1790 [Unknown; No Document] Josiah Harmar Arthur St. Clair No image files
March 31, 1797 Estimate of building a Frigate of thirty-two guns. Josiah Fox [not available] Oversized - could not be copied.
May 24, 1785 Regarding the resolution of Congress respecting a new arrangement of the Corps Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Josiah Harmar acknowledges receipt of a resolution of Congress forwarded by President John Dickinson. This Congressional resolution pertains to the new structure of the 1st American Regiment. Harmar recommends that officers be retained on the basis of seniority and he expresses the officer's umbrage at having their pay reduced.
October 6, 1796 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury regarding provision of iron and iron work for frigate constructed at Portsmouth New Hampshire [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Discusses letter from Josiah Fox and proposal by Elisha and James Hill to provide iron and iron works for frigate construction at Portsmouth New Hampshire. If no better terms can be found, asks for completion of contract.
January 15, 1785 Report from Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar to Jonathan Dickinson on status of troops, equipment and fort, and relations with Indians Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lt.Col Josiah Harmar reports to President John Dickinson on his utilization of Pennsylvania Troops at Fort McIntosh as well as the Indian reaction to the recently commenced United States treaty with Great Britain. Reports that Indians look to lands as their own, whereas Commissioners state that, having adhered to the King of Britain during Revolutionary War, Indians are a conquered people.
July 14, 1796 Orders to locate articles related to frigate construction [not available] Josiah Fox Orders to Josiah Fox to locate certain articles, to include masts, spars, pine planks, white oak planks, pine scantling
November 6, 1797 Cited letter or document, Josiah Fox to Joseph Sterrett Josiah Fox Joseph Sterrett Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in Samuel and Joseph Sterrett to Fox, 12/08/1797.
August 8, 1797 Regarding the cast heads and cast faces being done in Baltimore and gaining assistance in cutting the pieces Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox informs of Secretary of War James McHenry's approval that supporters of cast heads and cast faces be done in Baltimore. Discusses matter of gaining local assistance in cutting the pieces
December 18, 1794 Regarding Captain Thomas Truxton's draft for 44 gun frigates and plates for publication of nautical book Henry Knox Captain Thomas Truxtun Knox informs Captain Truxton [Truxtun] that he will direct the drafts of 44 gun ships, with masts and yards drawn by Josiah Fox, to be engraved at public expense. He will also loan plates for Truxton's nautical book. Knox estimates that Truxton's work will be a valuable acquisition to the United States.
October 20, 1790 Expedition against hostile Indians Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Extract of a letter from Henry Knox concerning the particulars of General Josiah Harmar's expedition against hostile Indians, specifically the Shawnee. Contains general orders. Largely illegible.