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December 7, 1797 Estiamte for Supplies to the Marines Samuel Hodgdon Josiah Fox Estimate for supplies to the Marines, sent to Josiah Fox.
June 1, 1785 Monthly returns, request for instructions on discharge and reenlistment of men, and matters of pay Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar submits monthly returns. Requests instructions regarding discharge and reenlistment of men for three years. Reduction in officers pay considered parsimonious. Soldiers pay, provided regular monthly or weekly payments, is sufficient.
March 8, 1784 Bill and Transportation of Flour Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Discusses an (unspecified) bill and arrangements to send flour by vessel as soon as river opens. Water is currently unnavigable. Inquired about "Little Josiah" and Gen. Lincoln.
May 12, 1795 Discussion of U.S. Frigate Construction & Josiah Fox's Performance as Naval Constructor Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox Letter, discusses Frigates under construction in U.S.; discusses Frigate building at Norfolk; describes Josiah Fox's pay rate; discusses Fox's performance as Naval constructor.
July 20, 1785 Report of a Committee to whom was referred a Letter of the 18th, from the Secretary at war. Congress of the United States [not available] Resolution of Congress authorizing Secretary at War to direct Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar to "use his best endeavors" to retain the Pennsylvania troops in service past their enlistments.
October 25, 1796 Draught showing where to place pumps on frigate [not available] Captain Thomas Truxtun Draught is not complete but should be suitable to show where to place the pumps on frigate. When Josiah Fox returns, will submit more suitable draught.
November 1, 1799 Certification of payment; Sergeant Major Josiah Taylor, 1st Regiment of Infantry for sundry articles of clothing William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $25.79 to Sergeant Major Josiah Taylor, 1st Regiment of Infantry for sundry articles of clothing agreeably to certificate of Lieutenant Charles Hyde, paymaster to 1st Regiment.
July 1, 1785 Monthly return of Pennsylvania troops Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Josiah Harmar sends to John Dickinson a monthly return of Pennsylvania troops in the service of the United States.
June 30, 1795 On the assignment of Josiah Fox at Norfolk and decision to direct timbers to Baltimore and Philadelphia ship yards Timothy Pickering John Morgan Pickering informs Morgan that his services in Georgia overseeing procurement of timber are indispensable; therefore Josiah Fox is assigned as temporary assistant naval constructor at Norfolk. Also informs of plan to suspend frigate construction at four ports and throw the full quantity of timber at Baltimore and Philadelphia yards. Norfolk will be the last ship yard to resume operations, so that...
June 22, 1795 Frigate Construction Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering (Enclosed in letter from War Office to Josiah Fox noting Humphrey's opinion on laying the keel for the frigate.) Fox believed no time should be wasted in determining best launching site which would be used for laying keels of frigates. Additional description of launching and building protocol.
1795 Discussion of Cutlery for Navy Yard William Pennock Josiah Fox Letter, discusses knives & forks for Naval yard.
May 26, 1796 Comparison of schooner invoice of frigate timbers requires some alterations Josiah Fox Foreman Cheeseman By order of the Secretary of War, Josiah Fox notes that by comparing the invoice of the cargo of schooner carrying frigate timbers, he must make some alterations
May 14, 1795 Recommendation for Assistant Constructor Timothy Pickering William Pennock Recommendation for Josiah Fox, mentioned his work with Mr. Humphreys building frigates for the Navy Department. Fox will replace Mr. Morgan as Assistant Constructor in the construction of the frigate to be built in Norfolk.
July 21, 1790 Request for Assistance with Supply Contractors Henry Knox Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Henry Knox requests that Otho Williams assist contractors in sending supplies to General Josiah Harmar's army in the Northwest Territory. Harmar writes that he is having to pay out of his own purse for meat, and that some other means will have to be found for supply, if force is employed against the savages.
August 4, 1787 Address to Colonel Josiah Harmar from American Settlers at Post Vincennes American inhabitants at Post Vincennes Josiah Harmar American settlers at Port Vincennes maintain hope that Congress will condescend to look favorably upon their petition, which they have transmitted to Harmar.
May 29, 1797 Discussion of Launching of Frigate United States George Claghorn Josiah Fox Letter, discusses launching Frigate United States.
January 20, 1796 Enclosed Report on Frigates and Cost of Construction Timothy Pickering Josiah Parker Enclosed report on frigates and related expenses. Report to House of Representatives enclosed.
May 31, 1797 Request to procure number of floor fullocks Josiah Fox John Scott Josiah Fox requests that Scott procure number of floor fullocks in anticipation of need to provide information to congress.
February 8, 1785 Regarding returns of Pennsylvania troops and the need to maintain presence at Fort McIntosh Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lt.Colonel Josiah Harmar encloses returns of Pennsylvania troops and reports to Pennsylvania President John Dickenson informing him of the likelihood that, upon abandoning the garrison, Fort McIntosh will be demolished by "Emigrators" to Kentucky.
June 23, 1795 Letter from the War Office on letter from Josiah Fox on laying of keel of frigate at Portsmouth Virginia [not available] Josiah Fox Letter from Fox was forwarded to Joshua Humphreys. His opinion on laying of keel of frigate is expressed in letter of 22 June.
May 7, 1788 Regarding the state quota of troops Charles Biddle Henry Knox Letter, advises Knox re command state quota of troops. Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar and other officers therein named are continued in the command of the state's quota of troops to be raised for the defence of the western frontiers
April 17, 1790 Josiah Harmar Josiah Harmar [not available] no image
November 5, 1790 Concerning Rumors of Alcoholism Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Josiah Harmar thanks Knox for his letter, and expresses distress that the president believes that "the bottle" incapacitates him. He defended his conduct and expressed firm belief that he acted as a soldier should.
April 13, 1790 Reiteration of a Call for the Militia to the Northwest Territory Henry Knox Josiah Harmar The Secretary of War, Henry Knox, reiterates to Brigadier General Josiah Harmar previously sent instructions for calling up the militia to defend the frontier against Indian hostilities and states that Harry Innes, Esq, District Judge of Kentucky, is also vested with this power.
October 6, 1797 Regarding the pace of David Stodder's work on the frigate Constellation [not available] Captain Thomas Truxtun Encloses a letter from the War Office (likely Josiah Fox) to David Stodder. Letter is dated 6 October 1797. The subject matter is the unsatisfactory pace of Stodder's work in completing the frigate Constellation.