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June 14, 1795 Transmission of Reed's Papers Philip Reed Timothy Pickering Reed assumes, since Pickering has not acknowledged receipt of Reed's papers detailing his account, that he has not received them.
July 11, 1792 Request for money from John Reed, veteran of St. Clair expedition John Reed Joseph Howell Reed laments that from the fate of 4 November 1791 [St Clair defeat], he has lost his clothing and was wounded. He is in a strange country, with no settlements and no friends to help. Mr Hunt has given some assistance. Reed asks for money. He is at a loss whether the drafts given him will exceed the pay due for his service while in the levies.
May 17, 1796 Reed's Receipt James Reed William Simmons CITATION only. Simmons to Reed in 06/03/1796. [Notifies Reed that a receipt will be placed to his credit.]
September 19, 1800 Simmons Refuses to Pay a Sum Already Settled by Captain Reed William Simmons James Reed Simmons informs Captain Reed of his receipt of Reed’s account and sundry papers. Simmons returns the papers to Reed in this letter, remarking that Reed settled his accounts in Philadelphia on the 21st of April. However, Simmons makes note that Reed has made further charges—for contingencies and amounting to $350.71—that date to before he settled his accounts. Simmons feels that the vouchers...
November 19, 1784 Payment for Doctor Reed John Pierce Philip Audebert John Pierce sends to Philip Audibert a letter offering to make payment for Doctor Reed.
June 19, 1799 Reports Payment of Draft from Mr. Hole to Mr. Reed Samuel Hodgdon Edward Carrington Refers to draft from Mr. Hole to pay Mr. Reed. Hodgdon has paid the amount to the Treasurer. Sends receipts.
May 16, 1795 Account of Philip Reed Philip Reed Timothy Pickering Reed discusses his account with Pickering.
February 26, 1793 Pay for James M. Reed express rider John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Request for pay of James M. Reed, express rider, who carried dispatches from Niagara.
September 19, 1800 Letter Citation James Reed William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Reed, 09/19/1800.
June 1, 1795 Letter Citation Timothy Pickering Philip Reed Cited in Reed to Pickering, 06/14/1795.
August 24, 1792 Accounts and the strain of the job Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Account balances, bills and vouchers to be paid and discussed. Mr. Reed is unhappy with his pay. Craig laments that his duty is exceedingly heavy. Prays for an end to the war. Asks if Mr. Reed may receive pay raise.
August 30, 1799 Overpayment of Elisha Reed's Pension James McHenry Thomas Perkins Since it appears that Elisha Reed's pension exceeds what he is due, Perkins is directed to stop payment on his pension for the period from March through September 1799. This will cover most of what he has been overpaid.
June 27, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Philip Reed William Simmons Philip Reed William Simmons informs Philip Reed of Chestertown that George Gale of Baltimore will pay him for the hire of expresses, purchase of provisions, and advertising deserters.
February 6, 1798 Certification of payments; pay of Sergeant Josiah Reed William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $3.99 is due Sergeant Josiah Reed for the balance of his pay in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers from January 1 to February 6, 1798, the day of his discharge.
June 14, 1784 Letter Citation Joseph Howell John Boreman Cited in Boreman to Howell 07/09/1784. Appears to have concerned accounts due from Mr. Reed to Mr. Howell
August 20, 1795 Concerning future pay Peter Hagner Griffith James McRee Informs Capt. Griffith McRee that James Reed will pay him.
August 20, 1795 Instructions to pay Captain McRee Peter Hagner James Reed Directs James Reed to pay Capt. Griffith McRee.
April 24, 1795 Pay of Officers Who Fought in the Late Insurgency Philip Reed Timothy Pickering Reed discusses the pay of the officers of the regiment who fought in the late insurgency.;
May 23, 1791 Pension Due James Reed Henry Knox [not available] It appears from the returns of invalid pensioners living in New Hampshire that James Reed, late a Major General in the service of the United States, is entitled to a pension arrearage of $2243.88.
December 5, 1795 Regarding Legality of Colonel Reed Selling Liquor to Captain Bissell's troops William Rawle Timothy Pickering Rawle outlines what legal proceedings may be taken against Colonel Reed for selling liquor to Captain Bissell's troops at Presque Isle. The action does not seem to be covered by Section 13, Article 23, of the Articles of War. However, Reed is liable on a number of points: violating an act of the Pennsylvania assembly regarding the sale of rum and spirits; he violating an Act of Congress...
November 23, 1792 Reed's & Finley's Account, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig is sorry that Reed's and Finley's accounts did not reach Hodgdon but feels confident that no pains will be necessary to reach a final settlement of all the charges against the Quartermaster General's department during Hodgon's administration.
June 3, 1796 Credit on the accountant's books William Simmons James Reed Notifies Reed that a receipt will be placed to his credit.
July 3, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Doctor John Cooper Simmons informs Dr. Cooper that the bill for medical services was received and that Capt. James Reed was directed to pay it.
November 2, 1795 Pay of Private Peter Forbes, Captain John Reed's Company 3rd Sub Legion Peter Hagner Timothy Pickering Hagner certifies that $14 is due Peter Forbes, private in Captain John Reed's Company 3rd Sub Legion, being his pay from June 1st until September 15th 1795, the day of his discharge.
December 5, 1795 On the legality of Colonel Reed selling liquor to troops Timothy Pickering William Rawle On behalf of Captain Bissell, commander at Presque Isle, Pickering requests legal opinion from the US District Attorney on what legal measures can be taken against Colonel Reed, who is selling liquor to the troops.