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May 2, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Joseph Nourse William Simmons Joseph Nourse William Simmons requests that Joseph Nourse provide an extract from the accounts of Major General McDougall
May 19, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Joseph Nourse William Simmons Joseph Nourse William Simmons verifies the military service of Joshua Worsham for Joseph Nourse
November 12, 1792 War Department expenditures for treaties with Indians Joseph Nourse [not available] Account of monies disbursed by Knox for Indian treaties. Certified true copy signed by Register of the Treasury, Joseph Nourse.
September 28, 1795 Letter Citation Joseph Nourse William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Nourse 11/12/1795
November 28, 1785 Certificate of Mr. Nourse; nothing further of Colonel Nicola's business at the Treasur Joseph Howell Colonel Lewis Nicola Encloses written certificate of Mr. Nourse. Nourse says that Howell is not authorized to pay a receipt in favor of the Commonwealth. Has heard nothing further of Colonel Nicola's business at the Treasury.
July 23, 1787 Cited letter or document, Joseph Nourse to Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Nourse 07/24/1787
May 22, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Joseph Nourse William Simmons Joseph Nourse William Simmons informs Joseph Nourse of pay deductions to be taken against Ladok McNew, Indian interpreter.
August 17, 1796 Request for Estimates of Accountant's Office Joseph Nourse William Simmons Nourse instructed by Secretary of Treasury to prepare estimates for upcoming year and needed estimates for expenses of the Accountants Office.
October 3, 1791 Account of Michael Howan [?] Joseph Nourse Joseph Howell Nourse has an application from Michael Howan [?] regarding his account which had not yet been settled due to a lack of vouchers. He has now sent along some vouchers the validity of which has not yet been determined. Howell is asked to comment on whether or not the vouchers are sufficient.
March 10, 1800 Letter from the Register of the Treasury Joseph Nourse William Simmons Letter from Joseph Nourse, Register of the Treasury, to William Simmons, War Department Accountant. Citation only.
October 10, 1794 Estimate of War Dept. Expenses for 1795 Joseph Nourse Joseph Howell In order to develop an estimate of the expenses of the General Government for the coming year, as required by Congress, Nourse wants Howell to provide an estimate of the monies required to defray the expenses of the War Department for the ensuing year.
February 1, 1797 Information on Mr. Pollard Joseph Nourse Samuel Hodgdon Nourse wishes to give the Secretary of the Treasury information realtive to Mr. Pollard prior to any arrangement which might lead to Pollard's introduction to the Treasury Department. Hodgdon is asked to acquire from his late clerk any communications of that gentleman which should be sent in a letter directly to Hodgdon.
September 8, 1796 Expense of the Late Militia Army Joseph Nourse Samuel Hodgdon In response to a resolution of Congress, the Treasury is preparing a statement showing the annual expenditures of the War Department through December 1795 in which the expense of the late Militia Army of the Western Expedition is shown. Nourse wants an account of the articles furnished the Militia by the War Department listed under appropriate headings.
January 7, 1790 Safe Delivery of Pensions Joseph Nourse Benjamin Lincoln Nourse enclosed remittance for payment of pensions owed children of Major General Warren and Richard Gridley, Esq.
February 24, 1788 Joseph Dawson discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell Joseph Dawson Joseph Howell Joseph Dawson asks a question to Joseph Howell regarding the endorsement of certificates.
June 3, 1787 Major Fenner's business and other accounting matters Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Is glad that Major Fenner's business is near completed. Relative to Mr. Pierce, asks that Swan forward Major Eccleston receipts as soon as possible. Discusses certification of papers lodged with Mr. Nourse.
February 4, 1784 Money for clothing allowance Joseph Nourse John Pierce Nourse - Register of the Treasury - says that his office has in its possession money that was provided as a clothing allowance to General Smallwood. Since obviously, this is not the money that was actually provided, he wants to know what he should do with the money he has.
June 2, 1798 Enclosed invoice for the War Department Joseph Nourse William Palfrey Letter enclosing an invoice for 700,000 dollars for use of the war department. States that demands on the Treasury were too pressing to send the money sooner. Nourse was well satisfied with Palfrey's need of the money.
June 2, 1791 Opinion on Warham Strong Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse Howell could not say if Strong was a member of Colonel Wi[ttet]'s regiment, but he noted Strong was of good character and deserving of a commission by Connecticut.
March 7, 1787 Regarding Major Kirkpatrick request for settlement of accounts Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse Howell tells Nourse that Major Kirkpatrick has requested settlement of the accounts of nine soldiers but the orders do not meet the standards established by Mr. Pierce so Howell cannot comply with the request.
March 12, 1790 Nourse gives account of travel expenses to Knox Joseph Nourse Henry Knox Letter, encloses statement of Allowances for travelling expences.
February 25, 1790 Enclosed Return Forwarded Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse Return forwarded is as accurate as the situation of the business will admit.
February 9, 1787 Enclosed returns for stores John Pierce Colonel Walker The Commissioner of Army Accounts encloses to Colonel Walker the returns related to the charges for various stores delivered to Mr. Nourse in 1782.
May 11, 1790 No Image Joseph Nourse Benjamin Lincoln No image available.
March 16, 1795 Information Transmitted to the Comptroller Pro Tem Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse "Having received a letter from the Comptroller Pro Tem of the United States [David Lenox] embracing the same request to you I have this day transmitted him the information required."