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April 22, 1790 Account of Captain Bliss Joseph Howell Henry Knox Letter to the Secretary at War, pertaining to the account of Capt. Theodore Bliss.
April 22, 1790 Pay of Captain Bliss Henry Knox Joseph Howell The Secretary at War asks whether Capt. Theodore Bliss has received all of his pay, particularly his commutation.
March 10, 1790 Back pay for Lieutenant Pillaster Joseph Bliss under Major Bauman in 1784 Joseph Howell Henry Knox Back pay for Lieutenant Pillaster Joseph Bliss under Major Bauman in 1784 in the Corps of Artillerists.
February 17, 1794 Payment to Moses Bliss from John Bryant addressed to Nathaniel Gorham Moses Bliss Nathaniel Gorham Bryant requests payment of $1000 to Moses Bliss.
March 20, 1790 Letter Citation Theodore Bliss Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Bliss, 04/28/1790.
March 4, 1790 Settling of accounts with Corps of Artillery in 1784 Joseph Howell Henry Knox Mr. Bliss is attending to settlement of accounts of Corps of Artillery [under] Major Bauman 1784.
February 16, 1795 Captain Eaton request to Gorham to pay William Phillips of Springfield William Eaton Nathaniel Gorham Eaton requests that Gorham pay William Phillips Junior $2050.
April 17, 1790 Examining various claims William Knox Joseph Howell William Knox, clerk, asks the Commissioner of Army Accounts to examine the claims of Colonel Harrison, Nathaniel Smith, and Captain Theodore Bliss.
April 20, 1790 Report on the claims of various officers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Report by the Commissioner of Army Accounts on the claims of Major Nathaniel Smith and Captain Theodore Bliss; mentions certificates.
April 28, 1790 Knox informs Bliss of the status of his account Henry Knox Theodore Bliss Letter, advises re state of army account.
November 3, 1800 Trial of the Superintendent and Storekeeper Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Respecting the trial of the Superintendent and Storekeeper , the court appointed an attorney to prosecute on behalf of the United States and the Superintendent has two able counsel to defend him. The trial lasted five days but there are still things to clear up. The Court has appointed George Bliss, Ames' attorney, to prosecute Williams. It will not, however, be within the power of the Court to...
January 1, 1794 Pay Rolls and Muster Roll John Bryant Joseph Howell Updates on accounts kept by Bryant for Company in Springfield, location of accounts in military stores.
August 30, 1786 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts S. Jackson John Pierce Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts concerning Captain Phelon; discusses his various travels in pursuing Phelon.
September 27, 1794 Extract of a speech to the Wayandols at Sandusky. John Foster Williams [not available] J. Williams called for peace and justice to be administered by the United States against those guilty of prolonging the war.
September 22, 1786 Mr. Phelon returns John Pierce Robert Treat Paine The former confidential clerk of the Office of Army Accounts, John Phelon, has returned from Canada and found in Boston. Phelon allegedly stole certificate paper for the purposes of producing counterfeit certificates. His guilt or innocence is not known at the present.
September 27, 1794 Plea for Peace John Williams Anthony Wayne This is a plea for peace after five years of war. It has been the misfortune of the peaceful Wyandots to have been displaced from their land during this period. This has left many of John Williams' countrymen in a state of despair and he will do all in his power to gain peace.
August 30, 1786 Failed effort to catch suspected counterfeiter Simon Jackson John Pierce Capt. Simon Jackson writes John Pierce, describing his efforts to catch Capt. John Phelon before he flees to Canada. Phelon was Pierce's confidential clerk at the Office of Army Accounts and is suspected of having stolen certificate paper in order to counterfeit. Jackson was unable to find Phelon, who has most likely reached Quebec.
March 30, 1795 [DUPLICATE] Allegations of Unlawful Seizure Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Referred to international relations with British. Noted complicated demands made regarding Capt. Home's reassignment due to his "unlawful" detention of a vessel. Enclosed documents that supported the acts of Capt. Home and the seamen were within the jurisdiction of the U.S.
June 21, 1784 West Point Officers' Statement to Congress on Extralegal Financial Matters Officers of Garrison at West Point Congress of the United States A signed statement from the officers of the garrison of West Point who were being discharged from the army as to their reasons for appropriating, without legal authorization, monies intended for the subsistence of the garrison's remaining officers.
May 4, 1800 Power of Attorney for James Byers Jr. James Byers, Jr. [not available] Byers of Springfield in the County of Hampshire in the State of Massachusetts appoints Samuel Hodgdon of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania his true and lawful attorney to act in his behalf respecting such sums of money due him according to a contract with the Secretary of War James McHenry for providing wood and rations to the armorers at Springfield.
February 24, 1788 Joseph Dawson discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell Joseph Dawson Joseph Howell Joseph Dawson asks a question to Joseph Howell regarding the endorsement of certificates.
December 13, 1787 Joseph King discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell Joseph King Joseph Howell Joseph King explains to Joseph Howell what he wants from Mr. Phillips.
March 25, 1795 Pay of Joseph Warren Joseph Howell Joseph Warren John Chester, Supervisor of the Revenue at Weathersfield, will deliver a sum to Joseph Warren, being his pay as an Engineer at New London, Connecticut.
January 28, 1788 Joseph King discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell Joseph King Joseph Howell Joseph King request a certificate from Joseph Howell.
January 23, 1794 Account of Joseph Smith Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Joseph Smith, late private in the 13th Massachusetts Regiment.