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October 6, 1800 Letter from Mr. Newman Jonathan Newman Unknown Recipient Letter from Jonathan Newman to an unknown recipient. Citation only.
September 16, 1800 Warrrant Issued for the Armory at Springfield. Etc. Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary is still indisposed so Newman must acknowledge receipt of Hodgdon's letters. A warrant has been issued for the estimate sent to Hodgdon by Mr. Williams for the expense of the Armory at Springfield. Newman will hand the draft of the copper rolling machine to the Secretary of the Navy.
September 6, 1789 Knox speaks to Williams regarding Captain Newman Henry Knox Jonathan Williams Letter, discusses case of Capt. Newman.
March 4, 1787 Postponed settlement John Pierce Office of Army Accounts Postpones settlement of the account of Captain Newman until differences between Newman's petition and the account of Colonel Antill can be resolved.
July 10, 1800 Regarding Samuel Dexter Jonathan Newman James McHenry Mr. Newman writes the former Secretary at War concerning Samuel Dexter transition into his old position.
February 11, 1801 Certification of payment; Doctor Jonathan Newman, Salisbury North Carolina for attendance and medicine administered to recruits of Captain Birdís and Gaithersí recruits William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $86.74 to Doctor Jonathan Newman, Salisbury North Carolina for attendance and medicine administered to recruits of Captain Bird and Captain Gaither.
October 29, 1800 Simmons Writes Newman to Notify Him of Remuneration for Administration of Medicine William Simmons Jonathan Newman Dr. Newman will receive $86.74 as remuneration for attending to and administering medicine to Captain Bird and Captain Gaither's Recruits in Salisbury, North Carolina from May 16th 1799 to August 1800.
June 1, 1798 Recommendation of Daniel Newman Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Mr. Steele has recommended Daniel Newman for an appointment. Wolcott does not know Newman personally but trusts Steele's judgement.
October 4, 1794 [No. 34] Apprehension of Man Under O'Hara's Employ John Stagg Isaac Craig Enclosed in confidence, an extract of a letter from Gen. Wayne regarding Robert Newman of Kentucky. Newman stated to Col. Hamilton that he was captured by Indians near Niagara, but allowed to return home by Gov. Simcoe by way of Philadelphia. Hodgdon advanced Newman $20. By order of the President, Newman is to be apprehended and put under guard at Fort Washington. The government hoped to...
November 24, 1800 Requests Warrant for John Newman for War Office Expenses Samuel Dexter Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Requests warrant drawn upon John Newman for War Office costs.
August 17, 1789 Williams recommends Newman to Knox Jonathan Williams Henry Knox Letter, recommends Samuel Newman.
July 22, 1791 Supplies for Captain Newman Henry Knox William Knox Orders supplies to be given to Capt. Newman upon his arrival at Fort Pitt.
September 15, 1800 Articles for the Defense of Sundry Forts Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are three returns respecting articles needed at Detroit, Niagara, and Michilimackinac. The articles listed therein should be delivered to the Quartermaster General for transportation. General Wilkinson sent a cartridge box as a model but Newman does not know how to send it. The Secretary is still exceedingly indisposed.
October 21, 1794 [No. 40] Transportation of Deserter Henry Knox Isaac Craig Orders to transport R Newman, captured deserter, down river at the first opportunity to Fort Washington. From the post he will be escorted to Head Quarters by Anthony Wayne.
July 5, 1800 Authorizing John Newman to Give Receipt on Whelen's Behalf Israel Whelen Samuel Dexter Whelen, purveyor of public supplies, in extract requests that letter be considered as authority from Whelen to John Newman to give receipt on Whelen's behalf to the accountant.
September 1, 1791 Late Arrival of Newman, Recommendation of Nephew Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Requests from last letter to be attended to by Knox, submission of nephew's name to List for consideration.
July 6, 1791 Supply Order for Captain Newman William Knox William Young Requests that he be sent a company book and orderly book, with supplies to be charged to Samuel Hodgdon's account. The supplies are for Captain Newman.
March 22, 1796 Pay of Sergeant Kenneth Eldkerkin, Deceased, of Captain Samuel Newman's Company, 2nd Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $18 is due Kenneth Elderkin, Sergeant in Captain Samuel Newman's Company 2nd Regiment, being the balance of his pay to November 4, 1791, the day he was killed.
September 11, 1800 Conspiracy to Effect an Insurrection of the Blacks in Henrico County, Virginia Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon Newman warns of a possible conspiracy by slaves to foment a rebellion in Henrico County, Virginia. He urges that Virginia's arms and equipage be moved to Harpers Ferry to keep them from being seized by the conspirators.
August 12, 1800 Pay for Doctors Muirhead and Kerr Jonathan Newman John Jacob Rivardi Directs Rivardi to pay Dr. Muirhead and Dr. Kerr as assistants or surgeon's mates if they will accept it.
October 21, 1800 $4500 Remitted for the Springfield Factory Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War has issued a warrant in Hodgdon's favor for $4500 to be remitted to him by the Treasurer for the use of the Springfield Factory. Enclosed is a copy of the return of arms and accountrements in possession of Captain Valentine Brother of the late 9th Regiment at Frederick Town, Maryland.
January 7, 1801 Removal of Mr. Dexter to the Office of the Treasury, Etc. Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon Newman wonders who will become Secretary of War after Samuel Dexter's departure from that position to become Secretary of the Treasury.
June 5, 1800 Exract: Surgeons at Niagara Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert Extracts from a letter from Hamilton to the Secretary of War regarding the surgeons at the garrison of Niagara.
November 17, 1800 Delivery of Mathematical Instruments for Use of War Office Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of mathematical instruments for use of War Office.
July 29, 1800 Discharge of Edward Pearson for infirmity Jonathan Cass War Department With regard to Edward Pearson, he is too old and inform to perform duty as a soldier, particularly on frontier. Asks therefore that he be permitted to report the War Office. He has served in the late revolutionary war.