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September 5, 1798 Explaining Mr. Shute's Account Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon expresses his confusion regarding Mr. Shute's account and asks Smith to provide clarification.
October 29, 1800 Simmons Explains Shute's Stoppage of Pay to Him William Simmons William Shute Simmons received Shute's letter of October 16th. Simmons states that Shute apparently misunderstands the reason for why his pay was halted. He improperly drew pay for forage from the contractor, even though the paymaster was authorized to lawfully issue pay.
February 1, 1790 Concerning the account of Daniel Shute I. Burnside Joseph Howell Auditor's Office requests information from the Commissioner of Army Accounts on whether or not the state of Massachusetts charged anything on the account of Daniel Shute in 1781, then a mate at the General Hospital.
July 16, 1799 Shute's Response to McHenry's Circular of 7/13/1779 William Shute James McHenry This is Shute's response to McHenry's Circular of 7/13/1799 in which he asked for the details of each officer's military service which would be used in settling their relative rank.
July 25, 1799 Exposing a deceptive contractor Anonymous James McHenry Because next year's contracts will be signed soon, an anonymous author writes McHenry regarding the present contractor at Elizabethtown. Says that the contractor is not who he says he is, but William Shute - the Major of the Battalion.
March 13, 1800 Supervisor of the State of New Jersey William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith recommends Maj. William Shute of the 11th as a candidate for the office of Supervisor of the State of New Jersey.
October 16, 1800 Letter to the Accountant of the War Department William Shute William Simmons Letter from William Shute to William Simmons, War Department Accountant. Citation only.
May 30, 1788 Settlement of account Thomas Shute Joseph Howell Discussion of account of Burrall of New York.
June 22, 1799 RE Recommendations for Army and Navy Appointments John Shute Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence recommending individuals for Army and Navy appointments.
May 14, 1799 RE Applications for Army and Navy Appointments John Shute Alexander Hamilton Routine applications for Army appointments and promotions.
July 25, 1788 Regarding issue of certificates and possibility of fraud Joseph Howell Thomas Shute Reports on his examination of certificates. Suggests there may be some fraud committed somewhere based on evidence showing a duplicate on file.
March 5, 1800 Cited Document John Adlum William S. Smith Cited letter or document; cited in Smith to Hamilton, 05/01/1800.
January 21, 1800 Citation Only William Carson William Shute Cited in Smith to Hamilton.
January 21, 1800 Cited letter or document, William Shute to William S. Smith William Shute William S. Smith Letter, Citation only
March 19, 1799 Repair Without Delay to the Seat of Insurrection Samuel H. Stackhouse Alexander Hamilton "We beg leave in behalf of ourselves and sixty more young men to offer our services & to engage to repair without delay to the seat of insurrection in Northampton County, Pennsylvania."
October 21, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John King Simmons provides an account balance to King. Simmons informs King to expect payment from the Secretary of the Treasury.
October 30, 1799 Lists of Ensigns Elected, 17 June 1780 R. D. Howell [not available] Copy of a minutes from a council and assembly meeting,17 June 1780. Lists ensigns elected.
October 8, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Southwest Territory General James Robertson William Blount General James Robertson writes the Governor of Southwest Territory, William Blount. Robertson encloses a copy of his order to Major Ore, and offers details about relations with the Creek, Cherokee, and Chickasaw Indians.
September 13, 1798 Musket Stocks to the Public Works at Springfield Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon discusses the urgency of getting the shipment of 3000 musket stocks to the Public Works at Springfield.
July 13, 1799 Circular to the Field Officers of the Twelve Additional Regiments James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Circular to the field Officers of the twelve additional regiments. In this circular, McHenry asked for the details of each officer's military service, which be used in settling their relative rank;
September 15, 1799 A List of Lieutenant Colonels and Majors, Ranked George Washington [not available] A list of Lieutenant Colonels and Majors ranked agreeably to the documents from the War Office and in conformity with the rules adopted by the President of the United States relative to rank and promotion in the Army.
June 16, 1794 Fortifications in South Carolina Paul H. Perrault Henry Knox Letter to the Secretary of War regarding fortifications in Charleston, South Carolina. The places designed to be fortified are Sullivan's Island, Fort Johnston, and one battery on a wharf. Praises the "patriotism and zealous endeavors of the citizens of Charleston."
December 5, 1794 Abstract of services perfomed in the Indian Department David Henley Unknown Recipient Abstract of payments made by David Henley, agent for the Department of War in the state of Tennessee, on account of services performed and for other contingent expenses in the Indian Department from October 21 to December 5, 1794.
April 23, 1799 Bill of lading for pieces of kentledge Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon Encloses a bill of lading of seventeen pieces of kentledge shipped on board Capt. Jackson's schooner "Weymouth" in the harbor of New York and bound for Philadelphia.
January 20, 1795 How to Handle Murder of Creeks by Colbert and His Party William Blount General James Robertson Blount expressed pleasure in the murder of 5 Creeks by Chickasaws, but believed if the U.S. did not support the Chickasaws in their inevitable war with the Creeks, the U.S. would lose friendship with Chickasaws. Believed war between nations may be delayed due to season, and the type of deliberations that happen before Indian Nations go to war. Request guidance on how to instruct Colbert and his...