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March 30, 1799 Request for Issue of Weapons, Tools & Equipment for Montgomery Cavalry James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of weapons, tools & equipment for the "Montgomery troop of Horse."
August 28, 1796 Request for Pay Alexander Gibson William Simmons Requested payment of Montgomery & Newbold who are occasionally requested to credit Gibson money.
August 26, 1788 Claim of Eleanor Montgomery Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Eleanor Montgomery claim for half pay. Asks for a speedy answer as the poor woman is in distress and has several children to maintain
June 21, 1791 Enclosed Letter from Lieutenant in Kingston Regiment John Burgoyne Henry Knox Request for verification.
August 28, 1788 Claim of Eleanor Montgomery Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Eleanor Montgomery is not on the list of pensioners in Pennsylvania. Half pay is granted to widows and children of non commissioned officer only in the Federal Army whose husbands were killed or died in service.
April 5, 1787 Money charged by Captain Montgomery Joseph Howell Alexander Parker Mentions stoppages which were made because recipient received monies from Colonel Grier for the raising of Parker's company.
April 22, 1796 Power of Attorney Michael Montgomery James Humphreys Power of attorney for Michael Montgomery, late a soldier in General Hazen's Regiment, to James Humphreys of the city of Philadelphia.
September 8, 1800 Certification of payment; Lieutenant John Montgomery, 11th Regiment of Infantry for traveling expenses while recruiting, including postage William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $66.84 to Lieutenant John Montgomery, 11th Regiment of Infantry for traveling expenses while recruiting, including postage.
September 8, 1800 Certification of payment; Lieutenant John Montgomery, 11th Regiment of Infantry for traveling expenses while recruiting, including postage William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $66.84 to Lieutenant John Montgomery, 11th Regiment of Infantry for traveling expenses while recruiting, including postage.
July 31, 1788 Half pay for widows Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Writes on the subject of half pay to make provisions to widows of soldiers who died or were killed, as is recommended by Act of Congress 17 August, 1779.
September 1, 1798 Two Drafts for $500 Each Montgomery & Newbold Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are two drafts for five hundred dollars each drawn by Isaac Craig on Hodgdon. They were sent to Trenton for acceptance with the understanding that Hodgdon had relocated there. Montgomery & Newbold await Hodgdon's check.
September 18, 1798 Deposit Enclosed Money William Montgomery Samuel Hodgdon Requests Hodgdon deposit enclosed money to the credit of Montgomery in the United States Bank. Montgomery wishes Hodgdon good health.
August 30, 1797 Status of Sgt. Major Montgomery Andrew Shanklin William Simmons It is surprising that evidence of William Montgomery has not been found since he has been in the Army since 1795 as a regimental Sergeant Major and has always been mustered in the staff rolls. He left Cincinnati on the 22nd so it is requested that the muster rolls be reexamined in an effort to locate his name.
May 3, 1799 Trial of the Insurgent, Etc. William Montgomery Samuel Hodgdon Montgomery reports that two days have been taken up in examining the withesses in the trial of the insurgent and the jury is not allowed to go home. He complains that the business of the Grand Jury has prevented him from going anywhere.
May 23, 1799 Seeks to Settle Accounts with Mr. McLean Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Refers to Mr. McLean's receipts. Questions Montgomery's deductions and whether they need to be paid by the public. Requests Stevens to persuade McLean that he has been paid in full.
June 30, 1791 Request for unserviceable iron ordnance or cannon ball to be used as ballast aboard Captain Montgomery's revenue cutter John Stagg William Knox Stagg relays Secretary of War Henry Knox's request for unserviceable iron ordnance or cannon ball, 8 or 10 tons, to be used as ballast in Revenue Cutter commanded by Captain Montgomery.
August 17, 1787 Opposition to Execution of Law by People at Hudson Charles Biddle Timothy Pickering Biddle responds to Pickering's letter of the 13th, assuring him that commissions have been sent to Montgomery care of Balliot. There have been reports that some people at Hudson are determined to oppose execution of the law. Biddle hopes that there is no foundation, since government is doing everything it can to satisfy the settlers, but he warns Pickering to be on his guard just in case.
October 28, 1799 Request for musket stocks Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Letter, asks for delivery of one thousand seasoned black walnut musket stocks to be delivered to Frederick Falley, contractor for fabricating muskets for the United States at Montgomery, Massachusetts.
November 27, 1792 Clothing, shoes, blankets to be forwarded John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War requests that Hodgdon ship 60 suits of rifle clothing to Richmond Virginia for Captain William Preston's company. Also 30 pairs of shoes and blankets for recruits of Captain Howel Lewis' company under Lieutenant John Bowyer. Notes that Preston's rendezvous is at Montgomery Court House and Bowyer's at Charlotte County Virginia. Address clothing to Captain John Heth, recruiting at...
April 7, 1799 Warrants received from the Marshal at Bethlehem [not available] William MacPherson Warrants issued for treason and misdemeanors relating the rebellion of John Fries.
January 22, 1793 Requests Delivery of Arms, Accoutrements, and Ammunition to Edward Carrington for William Preston's Recruits John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests that arms, accoutrements, and ammunition be sent to Col. Edward Carrington in Richmond for the recruits of Captain William Preston. Carrington will provide transportation from Richmond to Montgomery Courthouse.
February 6, 1792 Memorandum of discharges for 1792 in the Hands of Robert Smith Lieutenant Smith [not available] List of officers and soldiers discharged for services in the Western Territories.
April 22, 1799 Desires to Rectify Accounts for Arms Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Refers to previous accounts of muskets, cases, gunworms, and proving wires received from James & Ebenezer Watson. Expresses concern that one record does not match up the other; anxious to rectify accounts. Seeks advice on a reputable boarding house in York run by Mrs. Montgomery.
July 30, 1799 Appointments to Fill Vacancies in the Sixth Regiment James McHenry [not available] Lists officer names and positions.
April 30, 1787 Discussion of Iron, Stone Supply & Frigates William Price Henry Knox Discusses pig iron available for frigates; also discusses availability of stone. Two vessels drifted down river and were damaged or destroyed near Fort Montgomery.