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September 26, 1797 Request for Vouchers Regarding Payment of A. Kirkpatrick William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Kirkpatrick owes United States $2,000.00 according the Books of the War Department. Kirkpatrick claimed he settled account with Hodgdon. Simmons requests account information and necessary vouchers from Hodgdon so Kirkpatrick may receive appropriate credit to his account .
December 27, 1794 Regarding Major Kirkpatrick appointment as commissary Henry Knox Isaac Craig Original lost, contents believed to mention appointment of Kirkpatrick.
January 9, 1795 Instructions for Kirkpatrick Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering requests instructions for Kirkpatrick.
June 12, 1798 Closing Abraham Kirkpatrick's Account Samuel Hodgdon John Steele Hodgdon informs Steele that he has closed Abraham Kirkpatrick's account with the War Department.
April 18, 1798 Balance Due Abraham Kirkpatrick Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon requests a warrant to discharge the balance due Abraham Kirkpatrick, formerly the Commissary of provisions for the Army.
April 2, 1798 Kirkpatrick's Cash Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Richard Harrison Hodgdon's accounts contain Kirkpatrick's cash accounts;
January 1795 Papers and Money for Kirkpatrick Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering wants the papers for Kirkpatrick to be included in today's post to Pittsburgh. The $2000 for him should also be sent.
February 14, 1795 Pickering discusses military stores and shipment with Major Kirkpatrick Timothy Pickering Abraham Kirkpatrick Pickering stipulates to Kirkpatrick that only methods specified contractually can be employed in determining measures of beef, fallows, and hides. Pickering also discusses military rations and the establishment of tanning yards.
September 29, 1797 Request for Certificate William Simmons Abraham Kirkpatrick Simmons requested certificate from Samuel Hodgdon for affirmation Kirkpatrick produced admissible vouchers for expenditure of $2,000.00 for issuing provisions to troops. $2,000.00 amount of Warrant No. 41 transmitted by Hodgdon to Kirkpatrick never settled, Simmons holds Kirkpatrick accountable until suitable vouchers are produced.
January 30, 1795 Letter Citation Abraham Kirkpatrick Timothy Pickering Cited in Pickering to Kirkpatrick, 02/07/1795; Pickering to Kirkpatrick, 02/14/1795.
January 22, 1795 Letter Citation Abraham Kirkpatrick Timothy Pickering Cited in Pickering to Kirkpatrick, 02/07/1795; Pickering to Kirkpatrick, 02/14/1795.
September 26, 1797 Account of Mr. Kirkpatrick, Late Commissary at Pittsburgh William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Kirkpatrick, late Commissary of Pittsburgh, stands charged on Simmons' books with the sum of two thousand dollars. Kirkpatrick claims that he accounted with Hodgdon for that amount by producing the necessary vouchers. If Hodgdon confirms his claim, then his account will be credited accordingly.
September 24, 1797 Cited letter or document, Abraham Kirkpatrick to William Simmons Abraham Kirkpatrick William Simmons Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Kirkpatrick, 09/29/1797.
March 7, 1787 Regarding Major Kirkpatrick request for settlement of accounts Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse Howell tells Nourse that Major Kirkpatrick has requested settlement of the accounts of nine soldiers but the orders do not meet the standards established by Mr. Pierce so Howell cannot comply with the request.
December 26, 1794 Appointment, Readiness of Kirkpatrick Isaac Craig Henry Knox Mentions Kirkpatrick appointment, pleasantries.
May 10, 1796 Bills Drawn by Abraham Kirkpatrick & Daniel Haragan James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon McHenry instructs Hodgdon to pay bills due to Kirkpatrick and Haragan, and to tell them any further bills should be drawn on the Secretary of War.
May 7, 1798 Balance Due Abraham Kirkpatrick, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses the balance due Abraham Kirkpatrick, late Commissary of Provisions, and the advance to the ship carpenters gone to Pittsburgh.
December 26, 1794 Apppointment of Kirkpatrick, Movement of Troops Isaac Craig Henry Knox Copy, discusses movement of two detachments, mentions appointment of Kirkpatrick.
July 24, 1787 Condition of Mrs Howell; additional clerks John Pierce Joseph Howell Is unhappy to find that Howell's lady continues so unwell. The disorder cannot be judged with certainty and many persons have recovered. Does not know of any additional clerks needed. Has no objections to Kirkpatrick.
December 26, 1794 Extract of Letter [not available] [not available] Extract Letter, discusses movement of two detachments, mentions appointment of Kirkpatrick.
January 8, 1796 Cited Document Samuel Hodgdon A. Kirkpatrick Cited in Kirkpatrick to Hodgdon, 05/19/1796.
December 13, 1794 Regarding Rejection of Appointment to Commissary General John Stagg Isaac Craig Recommendation of Kirkpatrick appreciated, but Sec. of Treasury had a second choice for position of Commissary General if Craig declined appointment.
February 22, 1798 Debt to Accounts John Steele William Simmons Exonerates Caleb Swan from debts of Abraham Kirkpatrick, authorizes debt to be applied to Kirkpatricks accounts.
January 11, 1798 Drawing on the Secretary of War for $5000, Etc. Abraham Kirkpatrick Samuel Hodgdon Kirkpatrick is bringing his vouchers to Philadelphia which will enable him to make a final settlement of the comany's business. Provisions have been purchased for the troops by order of the Commander in Chief of the Army, He has found it necessary to draw on the Secretary of War for five thousand dollars.
December 5, 1795 Account of James Kirkpatrick William Simmons Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for James Kirkpatrick, late private in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment