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April 26, 1797 Account of Colonel Robert Hayes with the United States David Henley [not available] Discusses accounting procedures and monies advanced to Colonel Hayes as muster master. Laments that some are not acquainted with accounts; Henley having been called upon active business has prevented inspection. Includes Hayes accounts.
April 27, 1797 [Inclosing Statement Estimate of Services Account of monies advanced to Colo. Hayes Muster Master] David Henley William Simmons Details pertaining to accounting process, forwarded accounts, and payment of militia under Col. Hayes.
November 12, 1800 Colonel Hayes Accounts David Henley William Simmons Reasons for Colonel Hayes not settling accounts with Henley as Muster Master. Henley thinks Hayes has been overpaid for that work.
November 7, 1795 Hayes Account and Payment for People of Cumberland David Henley Joseph Howell Enclosed account of Robert Hayes. Difficulties for people of Cumberland obtaining payments and payment of Kerrs of Salisbury, NC noted.
September 12, 1789 Cited letter or document, Moses Hays to Henry Knox Moses Hays Henry Knox Letter, Citation only Cited in Knox to Hayes, 09/20/1789.
October 4, 1791 Letter Citation William Hayes Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Hayes, 10/13/1791.
September 12, 1789 Hayes solicits Knox's recommendation for appointment Moses Hays Henry Knox Moses Hayes solicites Henry Knox's recommendation for his son's appointment as Collector of the port of Newport, RI.
October 13, 1791 Knox sends a sea letter to Hayes Henry Knox Moses Hays Letter, encloses sea letter for the ship Jefferson.
September 4, 1787 Estimate of Wood for Six Months William Price Henry Knox Price encloses an estimate of the wood wanting for the garrison for six months, November 1787 to April 1788. Fifty of the non-commissioned officers and privates included in the estimate are from Captain Burcbeks' company, the other fourteen are from Ensign Luse's. The stationed guards at Fort Putnam and the Island have only been estimated for half allowances of wood. Isaac Garrison is the only...
October 11, 1784 Settlement commissioner John S. Dart John Pierce John Dart sends to John Pierce a request to appoint a settlement commissioner in South Carolina.
October 22, 1799 The Best Route to South Carolina, Etc. James Miller Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a letter from Mr. Crafts with instructions for disposing the clothes upon their arrival. Miller asserts that the best route for sending the clothes to South Carolina is probably through New York since there was great difficulty in finding a route from Philadelphia. He has no information regarding the articles for Captain Hayes.
March 31, 1792 Payments Made by the Treasurer for the Use of the War Department, 3 March 1791 to 31 March 1792 Treasurer of the United States [not available] Lists payments to various individuals by name, date, and amount; summarizes totals to each contractor and overall total at end of document. Concludes by stating that advances were made "by the Bank of North America for the use of the Department of War."
June 14, 1786 Certificates of John Roberts Moses White John Pierce Forwards a receipt of two certificates for John Roberts to the Commissioner of Army Accounts.
May 20, 1793 Murders Committed by Indians in Mero District, William Blount [not available] List of murders committed by Indians in Mero District since the 20th of May, 1793.
January 9, 1795 Peace with Cherokees, Problems with Creeks William Blount Timothy Pickering Meeting at Tellico Blockhouse with Cherokees regarding prisoner exchange resulting in prospects of peace. Mentioned killing and scalping of several men by Creek Indians. Noted that the "superanuated Chiefs" paid no attention to treaty.
October 2, 1794 Indian conflict in Tennessee William Blount Henry Knox Letter from the Governor of Southwest Territory, enclosing a copy of a report of Major Ore of the destruction of the towns of Running Water and Nickajack, "two of the most hostile of the Lower Cherokee towns." Accuses the Indians of "depredations" in the district of Mero.
June 5, 1794 Enclosed Muster, Inspection, and Provisions Information William Rickard David Henley Supplies yet to arrive, lists required items, and action taken to acquire goods.
December 23, 1796 Pay Matters William Simmons David Henley Settlement of accounts. The claim of Major Farragut presented by Congressman Jackson. A deed for land at location of a barracks. Mentions Indians being advanced money at his office. Account of Captain Chisholm for expenses of conducting Indians
September 13, 1789 Jackson recommends Moses Hayes to Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, recommends M.M. Hays for Revenue service.
May 22, 1784 Meeting at Niagara [not available] [not available] Minutes of a meeting, held at Niagara, between officers of the 8th and 34th Regiments and the Chiefs and warriors of the Mississaga Indians.
June 5, 1794 [PRIVATE] Request for Instructions William Rickard David Henley Need guidance on how to file muster rolls. Additionally, mutineers now detained in irons, threatened the life of two men and gave goods to Indians.
February 21, 1790 Jackson recommends Moses Hayes to Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, recommends Hays for Collectorship.
August 9, 1797 Enclosed Copy of Waste Book of the Agent for the Dept of War Stephen Hillis William Simmons Hillis encloses a copy of the records of the Agent of the War Department of payments made in July 1797. Items include payments for goods and services as well as salary payments.
July 9, 1791 Narrative of Colonel Thomas Procter. Thomas Procter [not available] This is Thomas Procter's detailed diary for the period from March 11th to May 21st, 1791 during which he travelled among several Indian nations inhabiting the waters near Lake Erie, the Miamis, and the Wabash. His mission was to establish friendly relations between these nations and the United States.
April 26, 1795 Muster master for the Washington District George Farragut David Allison From Knoxville, copy of letter to Secretary of War discussing the services and duties of the muster master. David Henley agent for War Department has complained of George Farragut's work and inaccuracies as muster master.