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March 16, 1784 Cited letter or document, Philip Audebert to John S. Dart Philip Audebert John S. Dart CITATION Only. Cited in Dart to Audibert 04/06/1784.
September 18, 1784 Letter Citation Philip Audebert John S. Dart CITATION Only. Cited in Dart to Audibert 04/06/1784.
September 16, 1784 Accounting matters John Pierce John S. Dart John Pierce sends to John Dart a letter discussing accounting matters and enclosed with a payment.
March 26, 1800 Refusal of Recommended Furlough; Rule on Communication Between Sec. of War and Subordinate Officers James McHenry Andrew Ellicot Rejects Ellicot's request that a Captain Bowyer be given furlough, recommending that Bowyer address the issue through normal channels to General Hamilton. Refers to correspondence between Ellicot, the Sec. of State, a Dr. Dart, and the Sec. of War concerning Dart's worth as an agent of the government; informs Ellicot that it is improper for the Sec. of War to communicate directly with subordinate...
October 11, 1784 Settlement commissioner John S. Dart John Pierce John Dart sends to John Pierce a request to appoint a settlement commissioner in South Carolina.
1787 Andrew Dunscomb discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell Andrew Dunscomb asks Joseph Howell to check the accounts of Mr. Dart for monies owed to him.
April 6, 1784 Bills that were lost John S. Dart Philip Audebert Sending copies of bills that were lost when the ship carrying them foundered at sea.
October 7, 1798 Expresses Concerns about Elections John Adams James McHenry Concerns about local elections; mentions Smith's interests and opposition. Refers to election of Craik and Dart. Expresses concern about elections in Maryland but has high hopes for elections in Virginia. Discusses campaign funds and concerns about Smith and Winchester. Speaks of Buchanan's intention for the Legislature. Mentions tension with Hearth.
August 17, 1784 Pay and subsistence money James Cole Montflorence Office of Army Accounts, Paymaster General, Pay Office (1783-1792) Request concerning the method of obtaining pay and subsistence money owed to officers of the North Carolina Line in the Southern Army for service in the Revolutionary War
December 8, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Andrew Dunscomb Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell informs Andrew Dunscomb that the clothing received by Lieutenant John Scott has not been accounted for in his subsistence records.
March 17, 1784 Concerning De Brahm's account John Pierce Major De Brahm The Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General discusses the account of De Brahm.
November 6, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce Joseph Howell encloses to John Pierce the charges of clothing and cash received by Captain Edmonds, Lieutenant Hackley, and Major Carrington.
September 16, 1784 Transmission of Certificate Paper John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White additional certificate paper. Pierce also discusses recordkeeping practices with White.
May 14, 1791 Statement of the Claim of James White Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. The United States in account with James White late a Corporal in the Virginia Line of Colonel Lee's Legion.
September 29, 1786 Settlement made by Andrew Dunscomb John Pierce Nathaniel Pendleton The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses the settlement made between Andrew Dunscomb and the recipient of the letter, Major Nathaniel Pendleton.
February 18, 1784 Settlement of pay accounts F. De Brahm John Pierce De Brahm discusses the settlement of his pay account with the Paymaster General and Commissioner of Army Accounts.
March 6, 1787 Discrepancies in accounts John Pierce Andrew Dunscomb The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses various concerns including discrepancies in the accounts of William Stevenson and Francis Miller.
March 15, 1786 Reply on an Account Settlement Joseph Howell William Gordon Reply to Gordon's request for information regarding the settlement an officer's account
August 11, 1784 Account settlement Edward Carrington John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account.
July 20, 1784 Accounts of the Southern Army John S. Dart John Pierce His account and some accounts of the Southern Army have been forwarded. Encloses a bill of exchange.
May 23, 1787 Regarding stoppages of deserters John Pierce Joseph Howell Stoppages from deserters if found on the nature of the case: a general order was issued and countenanced by Resolutions of Congress. All absentees' money should be retained in hands of public. Mentions case of Lieutenant Jonathan Sullivan. Asks that Howell inform the Board the amount of money thus stopped.
November 19, 1787 John Pierce discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce discusses with Howell various charges against Carrington and Edmonds.
March 3, 1786 Pay for an Officer's Widow William Gordon Joseph Howell The author (William Gordon) married the widow of Colonel John White of Georgia and wants to gain possession of Col. White's papers so as to assess the payments owed to Mrs. Gordon. The papers were in the hands of the Southern Auditor who passed them on to the board of Treasury for payment and were last believed to be in the hands of the delegates from Georgia.
1796 List of the Officers in the U.S. Army; Regulations for Recruitment War Department [not available] A copy of the roster of all U.S. Army officers, divided into categories of general officers, dragoons, artillerists & engineers, 4 regiments of infantry, and unattached surgeons' mates. Followed by a form & regulation sheet concerning rules for the recruiting service -- describing how men may be recruited, specifications for recruits, oath to be sworn, payment, etc.
March 7, 1800 [John Starr Depostion fav.r of John McGowan] John Starr [not available] Certified residency of John McGowan and his service with American troops in fighting against British during American Revolution. His subsequent losses described.