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July 5, 1793 The Indians Killed at Spanish Creek James Seagrove Alexander Cornell Seagrove reports that white Scouts and Indians mistakenly fell in with one another, resulting in death of four Indians, including interpreter David Cornell, cousin of Alexander Cornell. Seagrove laments the deaths of friends caused by friends. Blames McDonald, who Seagrove is holding as a prisoner. Seagrove assures Cornell that full satisfaction will be made under terms of Treaty of New York. He...
June 15, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Staats Morris Simmons provides a balance of Morris' accounts.
August 2, 1798 Bill of Exchange in Favor of Alexander McDonald Caleb Swan James McHenry Swan has drawn Bill of Exchange No. 262 on McHenry in favor of Alexander MacDonald for the sum of $284 on account of the pay of the Army for 1798.
February 6, 1792 Memorandum of discharges for 1792 in the Hands of Robert Smith Lieutenant Smith [not available] List of officers and soldiers discharged for services in the Western Territories.
February 9, 1798 Muster Roll of Officers & Men on the Frigate "United States" Captain John Barry [not available] Muster Roll of the Officers, Petty Officers, Seaman, Ordinary Seaman, and Marines on board the Frigate "United States" under the command of Captain John Barry in the service of the United States from the 8th of January 1798, the time they were last mustered, to the 9th of February 1798.
November 13, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Virginia Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee Letter to the Governor of Virginia, regarding articles for troops, including arms, ammunition, tents, knapsacks, camp kettles, canteens, axes, tools, and clothing. Discusses other supplies.
May 15, 1793 Cherokees Will Not Join in the War William Blount Henry Knox Although a few young Cherokee warriors may join the Creeks, Blount believes the Cherokee tribe in general will not join the war. He has increased the reward for the three deserters because if they succeed in escaping to the Indians other soldiers may be encouraged to do likewise.
June 23, 1786 Circular to the Auditors of the Several States Unknown Author Multiple Recipients Return of monies received by the officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of the late Corps of Invalids commanded by Capt. Lt. James McLane from and after the time of final settlement with the United States.
July 24, 1797 Mistaken discharges William Simmons Solomon Van Rensselaer Advises Captain Van Rennselaer that two soldiers of his troop were mistakenly discharged by another officer and have arrears of pay due to them. Mentions that his brother, Stephen G. Simmons, has been appointed a Lieutenant of Light Dragoons and assigned to Van Rennselaer's troop along with Cornet William Sharp
March 7, 1792 List of Insufficient Vouchers Joseph Howell Richard Harrison List of insufficient vouchers for the account of William Stevens, agent in the 6th Regiment of Artillery.
October 17, 1797 Request for Account Information or Refund to Treasurer of United States William Simmons Angus McDonald Simmons urgently requests account details regarding monies advanced to MacDonald by Presley Neville for pay of militia to suppress an insurrection in Pennsylvania. Money was advanced to MacDonald by warrants, MacDonald then paid Col. Swearingen's Regiment from Virginia. Simmons gave specific details on the appropriate manner to file account.
April 19, 1793 Letter from Timothy Bernard to James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent reporting on events in aftermath of robbery and murder at Traders Hill St Marys Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Addressed from Flint River Georgia, Bernard reports that Seagrove's demands for the murderers at Traders Hill have been communicated to the Indians. Kinnard has told Bernard to leave this business to him. Bernard in more danger because he is white. Reports that Galphin is trying to set the Chehaws on him. He blames all the mischief of late on Galphin and his ilk. Upper Creeks willing to comply...
July 5, 1793 Killing of Creek Indians at Spanish Creek & Detention of Indians at Seagrove's Home James Seagrove Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Seagrove recounts the incident whereby Creek Indians were reportedly mistakenly killed by whites at Spanish Creek. Points out that David Cornell was killed by same man whose brother Cornell killed past winter on frontier of Cumberland. Expresses hope that matter can still be settled peacefully. Seagrove then reports on detention of Indians at his house, including the incident whereby one Indian...
March 20, 1793 Information Respecting the Intentions of the Southern Indians James Carey William Blount Carey responds to Governor Blount's inquiries regarding the violence of the southern Indians against American settlers and the possibility of an alliance between the southern and northern tribes in a general war against the United States.
July 29, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove to Charles Weatherford on death of David Cornell, Spaniards, planned meeting on 10 September James Seagrove Charles Weatherford Seagrove, writing from Savannah to Weatherford, laments the death of David Cornell and refers to the stupidity of McDaniel [presumably McDonald] for letting it happen. Spanish have been a thorn in side. Refers to meeting in September as ordered by President of United States General George Washington. Anticipates danger but believes the meeting will be worthwhile.
October 11, 1792 [Deposition of Private William May.] Border Disputes William May [not available] details of May's capture, imprisonment, work on a schooner transporting rations; and going to war with Indians. Details of battle. May met the Indians who scalped Maj. Trueman and his travel companions and was related the story of how he was scalped. War with Indians was inevitable if Ohio river was not declared the boundary line. Discussed Indians plans for war.
June 20, 1793 Report on Events in Aftermath of Robbery & Murder at Traders Hill St. Marys Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove From Flint River Georgia, Bernard report to Seagrove that he has been to Cussetah Towns with David Cornell, head warrior of Tuchabachees. Conclusion was to give satisfaction for robbery and murders at Traders Hill. Men were sent by Cussetahs to kill the perpetrators. Daniel Dourouzeaux, villain who turned Spaniard, at behest of Panton, interfered with the business. Nevertheless, both upper and...
November 3, 1792 Information Given Governor Blount by James Carey James Carey William Blount Minutes of information given Governor Blount by James Carey, one of the interpreters of the United States, in the Cherokee Nation.
July 7, 1793 Prospects for Peace Following the Killing of Indians and David Cornell Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Henry Gaither Bernard gives an account of the killing of Indians vicinity of Spanish Creek and Colerain Station. David Cornell, headman of Tuckabachees was conducting business for James Seagrove, Creek Indian Agent. Bernard's account points out that Cornell was unarmed when he was stopped and murderded. Suggests that the culprits were enemies of James Seagrove or rascals trying to bring on a general Indian...
1798 Cash Advanced to Recruits for the Frigate "Constitution" John B. Cordis [not available] Cash advanced sundry seamen recruited for the United States Frigate "Constitution."
March 7, 1800 [John Starr Depostion fav.r of John McGowan] John Starr [not available] Certified residency of John McGowan and his service with American troops in fighting against British during American Revolution. His subsequent losses described.
October 2, 1795 Instructions to pay John Vermonnet William Simmons John Kilty Directs John Kilty to pay John Vermonnet at Georgetown.
April 3, 1799 Advantageous Placement of John Perkins, Etc. John Mackey Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of other matters, Mackey observes that Mr. Perkins, with a solicitude peculiar to all parents, wants to ensure the future independence and happiness of his son John. He wants John placed under the supervision of an able merchant and good citizen and asks for Hodgdon's assistance in seeing that John is advantageously placed.
July 13, 1799 Certification of Payment Due Captain John Bishop and John Dickens William Simmons James McHenry Certifies that $76.06 is due Captain John Bishop for subsistence and pay of John Dickens.
January 24, 1787 Irregularities in accounts John Pierce Andrew Dunscomb The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses with Dunscomb the accounts of Col. Harrison, Col. Cropper, John Trotter, John Reasoner, and John McDowell, each of which have irregularities that must be resolved.