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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
March 6, 1790 Power of Attorney for John Nicholson Jonathan Nicholson Unknown Recipient Power of Attorney of John Nicholson, sergeant of the late first Pennsylvania regiment from the Revolutionary War, granted to William Irving, specifically to pursue legal action to obtain the lands to which Nicholson and others are entitled as veterans.
July 8, 1794 Account of John Scarbrough Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for John Scarbrough, late private in the 1st Regiment of Light Dragoons.
December 1796 Deposition of John Shannon John Shannon [not available] Testament of illegal impersonation of soldiers by John Hindman and John Connor.
July 19, 1785 Forwarding monies John Pierce John White John Pierce sends John White monies and a request to reconcile accounts.
December 6, 1786 Whether John Christman was of a Pennsylvania Company Jonathan Nicholson John Pierce Asks that Howell examine rolls of German Regiment and see if John Christman was of one of the Pennsylvania Companies.
September 22, 1785 Administrative Matters John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White a letter praising the close scrutiny of accounts. However, Pierce adds that White not let his meticulous accounting practices delay the payments to the line. Pierce says he wants the money off his hands.
July 20, 1799 Certificate of John Dyer Mercier John Halsted [not available] Certificate respecting John D. Mercier, formerly of Canada, asserting that he was a successful merchant in Canada before siding with the Americans during the revolution.
June 6, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce John White Pierce encloses the account of the state of Maryland against Lt. Baker to John White.
August 9, 1799 Receipt for delivery of fire engine to Harper’s Ferry [not available] [not available] Glendening received fire engine from John Wilkins Jr., Quarter Master General per agent James Miller. Glendening promises to deliver a carriage to John Mackey at Harpers Ferry.
February 20, 1795 Pay of John L. Boss Joseph Howell John Dexter The Treasurer will remit to Dexter a sum to be transmitted to John L. Boss, being his pay as Superintendent of Fortifications at New Port.
November 23, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with John Habersham William Simmons John Habersham William Simmons directs John Habersham to pay Capt. John Webb and Lt. Howell Cobb.
July 10, 1795 Certification for the Death of John Due Nathan Hill William Simmons Hill certifies that a soldier named John Due died on the 2nd of June of dysentery.
January 29, 1788 William Imlay discusses army accounts with John Pierce William Imlay John Pierce William Imlay brings an error in the register to the attention of John Pierce.
March 14, 1791 Power of Attorney for Various Soldiers Ephraim Steel Unknown Recipient Power of attorney for various soldiers and officers.
July 18, 1798 Soldiers Ordered to Join Their Company in New York Samuel Hodgdon Proprietors of the Bordenton Stage Boat Hodgdon provides a list of soldiers who are ordered to join their company in New York. Their passage money will be five dollars for each man and will be paid by Capt. John Henry in York.
January 6, 1797 Regarding the Pay of John Lane Captain Freeman William Wilson Freeman discusses the pay of John Lane, Wilson's servant; for April and May. He suggests a way for Lane to receive the pay.
January 23, 1793 Account of John McChesney Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Payment of $16.66 to John McChesney private in Colonel Thompson's Rifle Regiment.
December 21, 1792 Account of John Davis Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for John Davis, late surgeon in Colonel Patton's Regiment. Davis is owed 144 dollars.
July 5, 1799 Petition of John Sylvester for a Pardon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott transmits a letter to the President relative to the petition of John Sylvester for a pardon. He has written his report on the merits of the case and requests the signatures and comments of the heads of the other departments.
May 18, 1798 Payment to John Wrenshall John Lovell [not available] Payment of $10.82 to John Wrenshall for calico and black silk gloves for Little Turtle's wife.
September 6, 1797 Requests Recommendation for John Caldwell as Treasurer of the Mint James McHenry Thomas Pickering Reports death of Dr. Way leaves the office of treasurer of the mint vacant. Asks that he recommend John Caldwell to the President.
July 17, 1793 Account of John Mason Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for John Mason, late mattross in the Virginia Artillery.
November 19, 1784 Rations for the Southern Army John Pierce John White John Pierce encloses a letter to John Whitediscussing rations for the Southern Army.
June 4, 1794 Certification of John Sullivan John Sullivan Joseph Howell [Letter is mostly illegible] Enclosure certifies that Ensign John Sullivan did the duty as Quartermaster at Fort Franklin for six months in 1792.
February 1, 1796 John L. Hinecker Not Mentioned on the Pay Roll Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Dayton has not included John L. Hinecker in the transmitted pay roll because he is unsure of the amount of time he had already been enlisted.