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May 23, 1796 Freeman's Account Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons CITATION only. Simmons to Freeman 06/08/1796. [Notifies Freeman that his "account current" and vouchers were received, examined, approved, and credited.]
November 2, 1799 We Are in Want of Almost Everything Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon DeBerger is currently in the hospital but probably only has a cold. The clothing will be very acceptable since most of the men are in want. Freeman has recently made a general return of all the ordnance and stores which will assist General Pinckney in his application for supplies. Freeman observes that they are in want of almost everything.
October 22, 1795 Credit to Account Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Money delivered by Samuel Fisher, Fisher paid by Freeman. Freeman described the amounts credited to his account. Corrections to receipt rolls sent to Simmons by Freeman acknowledged and Freeman promised to be more attentive. Request for decision regarding a signed letter authorizing Colonel Tousard to sign the receipt rolls in the absence of Lieut. Geddes.
June 10, 1796 Oaths and Service of "Spies", Etc. Constant Freeman William Simmons CITATION only. Simmons to Freeman 06/17/1796. [Discusses Freeman's muster rolls; lack of funds for Freeman's salary; the muster rolls of Captain Randolph's company of dragoons; and the pay of the regular troops in Georgia.]
July 24, 1798 Request for Credit to Account Constant Freeman William Simmons DUPLICATE: Freeman requested money from rolls submitted by Col. Pope be passed to the credit of Freeman's account. Updates on receipt rolls, Freeman can not pay troops until rolls are received.
April 2, 1796 Request for Exoneration from Charges Standing to Freeman's Debt Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman discussed his request to resign his appointments which he holds in the Staff. Request denied. Freeman also requested to be exonerated from all charges that stand to his debt after the amount was paid.
December 25, 1795 Objections to Deduction in Pay Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman received blank receipt rolls and letters from Simmons. Freeman objected to the deductions in pay of Luke Aisal. The soldier served until late November when he was claimed by his master, his pay was paid up by order of the Commanding officer. Questions regarding a refund of pay, Freeman requested answers from Simmons.
July 1, 1794 Request for Advance in Payment Constant Freeman Joseph Howell PRIVATE(Freeman received word from Capt. Roberts that a soldier and relation of Howell left the country and more information on his well being was unknown.) Freeman requested an advance of salary be sent to his brother in Philadelphia due to Freeman's absence from the fort the upcoming winter.
April 6, 1799 Requests Speedy Resolution of Major Freeman's Accounts James McHenry William Simmons Reports that Major Constant Freeman has had problems settling his account. Deems such inconsistent behavior improper. Requests that Freeman's expenses be adjusted for his activity in Georgia.
April 12, 1796 Request for Absence from Post Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman had business in New England that required three months absence from his post. Colonel Rochefontaine supports Freeman's request, and Commandant promised to grant request. Freeman requested payment to troops be made after his departure due to the degree of intoxication that occurs after they receive their pay. Freeman updated Simmons on account information, pay and subsistance,...
May 3, 1800 Passing Through the Small Pox, Etc. Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Freeman has received the General Orders relative to the clothing. He hopes that Hodgdon's children have passed through the smallpox safely. Freeman's child is not yet born. Freeman and his family are in good health.
December 14, 1797 Publication of Eaton Trial Constant Freeman William Simmons Freeman to leave Pittsburgh post. Letter from Eaton led Freeman to believe he would publish his trial to exculpate himself and injure reputation of officers. Freeman requested that Simmons tell friends the truth if Eaton publishes documents.
January 12, 1796 Receipts of Mr. Freeman and Mr. Fleming Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Colonel Rochefontaine encloses the receipts of Mr. Freeman and Mr. Fleming for which he wishes to be credited.
December 24, 1800 Major Constant Freeman's claims Samuel Dexter Constant Freeman This letter requests a copy of Major Freeman's "claim as a refugee from Canada under the act of 7th April 1798." Major Freeman's original claim was destroyed in the fire that consumed the War Department. Major Freeman's request for double rations was approved.
June 8, 1798 Freeman to Return to Charleston Constant Freeman William Simmons Freeman in Georgia from Pensacola, via Indian County. Will make his way to Charleston as so as he sent letters Northward and rested. Information on bookkeeping and payments due officers.
April 6, 1796 Cited Document William Freeman Nehemiah Freeman CITATION only. Freeman to Simmons, 04/12/1796.
March 21, 1798 Letter Citation Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Freeman, 04/21/1798.Simmons provides Freeman a balance of his account.
June 25, 1794 Advance Pay for Nehemiah Freeman Joseph Howell Nehemiah Freeman Nathaniel Gorham will remit three month's advance pay to Lt. Freeman for which receipts will be required.
January 11, 1796 DUPLICATE:Critique of Capt. Dickenson Constant Freeman William Simmons Freeman recounted the contents of letter to Howell and critiqued Capt. Dickenson's method of account keeping. Freeman offered solutions on accountability for receipts.
October 12, 1796 Freeman's account William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Freeman's account and vouchers have been examined and the amount passed to his credit on the account books of the War Department.
July 5, 1794 Receipt of Letter to Recruiting Officers Nehemiah Freeman Joseph Howell Freeman received letters addressed to recruiting officers, stated he would pay strict attention to the directions contained in them. Freeman advanced money by Supervisor of the Revenue for Massachusetts.
November 7, 1796 No Money to Discharge Debts Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman stated he returned from New York with money owed the Corps. After paying several troops who demanded bounty, Freeman was unable to pay absentees because he had no funds to discharge.
January 22, 1795 Pay of Nehemiah Freeman Joseph Howell Nehemiah Freeman The Treasurer is to remit to Nathaniel Gorham, Supervisor of Massachusetts, a sum to be transmitted to Lieutenant Freeman, being his pay from his date of acceptance through December 1794.
December 15, 1797 Ice and Travel Isaac Craig James McHenry River will be navigable shortly, Major Freeman to travel with his troops tomorrow.
May 9, 1794 Letter Citation Joseph Howell Constant Freeman Cited in Freeman to Howell, 06/30/1794; Howell to Freeman 05/12/1794.