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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
May 14, 1791 Statement of the Claim of James White Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. The United States in account with James White late a Corporal in the Virginia Line of Colonel Lee's Legion.
March 24, 1796 Regarding White Oak Timbers for Frigate Construction at Baltimore Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Letter, discusses white oak for Frigate at Baltimore.
October 25, 1788 Certificate for Captain White Jonathan Bankson Joseph Howell Asks to render favor to Captain Simon White who bears the letter. Requests certificate for Captain White. Condolences on the loss of Mr. Pierce.
November 2, 1796 Receipt for Shipbuilding Materials for Frigate Colonel James Hackett [not available] Fiscal, receipt for shipbuilding materials; describes materials for Frigate at Portsmouth Navy yard.
September 10, 1784 Settlement of White's account Office of Army Accounts, Paymaster General, Pay Office (1783-1792) Major Joseph Marbury Unknown author [pay office] issues a letter directing Major Joseph Marbury to issue settlement to John White.
June 4, 1797 Menacing Aspect of the Savages James Wilkinson James McHenry General Wilkinson warns that there are unmistakable signs that the Indians are preparing for war, including the murder of two white men on the Ohio.
September 17, 1797 White encroachment on Indian lands James McHenry Thomas Butler Discusses a petition of white settlers demanding the right to settle on Indian lands.
February 28, 1794 Account of Mr. White Joseph Howell John Steel Howell instructs Steel to inform Mr. White that his account is to be settled upon the same terms of the wagons employed by Mr. Allison which it is hoped will be to Mr. White's satisfaction.
May 27, 1793 Orders from Governor Blount and Captain White to Captain Beard James White John Beard These are Gov. Blount's and Captain White's orders to Captain Beard and his company regarding the pursuit of Indians who have committed murders and depredations on the frontier.
December 28, 1796 On obtaining the best price for disposing of white oak [not available] Foreman Cheeseman Regarding the selling of white oak logs intended for frigate construction, with guidance and authority to obtain and sell at the best price.
September 19, 1786 Vouchers of Colonel White John Pierce Walton White Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to Col. Walton White regarding his vouchers.
November 6, 1791 Contemporary Copy of Letter made from Recipient's Files, Joseph Ellicot to Henry Knox Joseph Ellicot Henry Knox Surveyor Joseph Ellicott tells Knox of his contacts with several southern chiefs, each of whom expressed a desire for peace
May 27, 1793 Request for White Wampum Timothy Pickering Henry Knox On behalf of commissioners, Pickering laments that the white wampum has not arrived from New York or Albany. Therefore, ask Major Craig's help in obtaining a quantity, not exceeding 80,000.
September 14, 1785 Concerning letters received John Pierce John White John Pierce notes letters received from John White. Pierce also wishes White well as he struggles with sickness.
April 9, 1800 Refers to Stolen Horse Incident with Cherokees David Henley James McHenry Refers to claims of James Caruthers and Thomas Callan regarding horses stolen by the Cherokees. Agent Robert White will provide testimony, although he went into the Cherokee Nation without proper authority. Robert White should be prosecuted for hiding horses.
April 27, 1786 Concerning the accounts of John White John Pierce John White Acknowledges receipt of letters covering John White's accounts and a settlement estimate. Also discusses White's sending certain papers to Pierce's office.
July 7, 1788 On the memorial on account of Colonel Antony Walton White Joseph Howell Commissioners of Treasury Regarding memorial on account of Colonel Antony Walton White.
June 26, 1794 Announces Engagement of Alex White to Inspect Mines Tench Coxe Henry Knox Announces the intention to engage Alex White to inspect the mines. White will work with Mr. Zane in Winchester.
June 13, 1785 Instructions for closing office John Pierce John White John Pierce sends John White instructions for closing his office. Pierce instructs White to advertise a deadline by which local claims are to be filed with White's office. After this deadline, Pierce desires White's accounts to be closed and his papers to be forwarded to Philadelphia where all subsequent settlements will be made.
June 2, 1793 Instructions Regarding the Pursuit of the Indians James White John Beard White instructs Beard on the best ways to pursue and kill the Indians who have been responsible for murders and depredations on the frontier.
June 22, 1798 Abstract of a speech to Indian Chiefs James Wilkinson [not available] Letter, discusses horse theft; discusses Indians & white settlers.
October 7, 1792 Request to Inform Creeks of Meeting with President James Seagrove Chief White Lieutenant Brought up confusion of Creeks caused by "wicked white men" and Seagrove expressed pleasure that the Creeks held fast to U.S. alliance. Informed White Lieutenant that Seagrove will meet all chiefs of the upper towns at the head of the St. Mary's River. Requests White Lieutenant make offer of friendship known to all chiefs.
June 13, 1799 Certification of payment; John White for apprehending James C. Pound, deserter William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $10 to John White for apprehending James C. Pound, deserter from Fort Mifflin.
November 15, 1786 Recommendation for John White John Pierce John White The Commissioner of Army Accounts informs John White that he can with pleasure recommend him and attest to his good character.
November 19, 1784 Letter from Richmond to John White [not available] John White An unsigned letter sent to John White that is enclosed with another letter from William Shirburne. White is directed to respond to Shirburne.