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June 21, 1793 Morrow's Misfortune John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Includes a copy of a letter from Clement Biddle and Thomas L. Moore describing the misfortune of Abraham Morrow who has suffered a great loss by fire. Morrow desires an advance of $250 and Biddle and Moore will engage him for work if that amount is advanced. Stagg adds that the Secretary of War directs Hodgdon to advance Morrow the $250.
June 3, 1799 Accounts, Credits, and Debits for Mr. Morrow Samuel Hodgdon Elias Langham Reports receipt of Mr. Morrow's account for advances; has credited the account and placed it in Langham's debit. If there are any other claims, please make them now.
May 19, 1792 Purchase from James Morrow John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War requests that Knox purchase from James Morrow any of his armorer's tools that might be fit for service. They are to be appraised by an impartial man previous to payment.
August 12, 1793 Advance for Abraham Morrow John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Abraham Morrow, employed at present in repairing public arms, has applied for a further advance of $300. Although this application does not comport with general arrangements, considering Morrow's misfortunes by fire and that he has accounted for his former advance, the Secretary of War advises Hodgdon to furnish him with this sum.
March 12, 1787 Information of Axe Delivery William Price Henry Knox Per Knox's instructions, Price contracted with Morrow for 128 new axes. Morrow has completed the work and is owed 61 pounds 5 shillings New York currency.
October 5, 1792 Articles Wanted by Mr. Morrow Henry Knox Isaac Craig Articles wanted by Mr. Morrow shall be immediately attended to.
March 12, 1787 Contract to Clean French Carbines William Price Henry Knox Price certifies for Knox that James Morrow has cleaned 480 French carbines at a total cost of $75.
October 19, 1792 Pay of Morrow & His Men James Morrow Samuel Hodgdon Morrow inquires about the pay of himself and his men. He had asked Capt. O'Hara about same but O'Hara had nothing for him because there is something in the articles that he does not understand. Morrow therefore asks Hodgdon because winter is coming and the men are much in need of their pay, rations, and provisions.
March 26, 1789 Payment for Arms Cleaned and Repaired William Price Henry Knox Following instructions from Knox from June 1788, Price delivered 500 stands of Hessian arms to James Morrow for repair. Morrow has completed the work and is owed 93 pounds 15 shillings. Per that same letter, Price paid Morrow the equivalent of 86 pounds 4 shillings in old arms, old iron, and blankets, which leaves the balance due Morrow 7 pounds 11 shillings. There are four hundred more damaged...
October 17, 1792 Letter Citation Samuel Hodgdon James Morrow Cited in Morrow to Hodgdon, 11/30/1792.
November 30, 1792 Letter from James Morrow to Samuel Hodgdon on provisions and pay James Morrow Samuel Hodgdon Morrow laments the lack of pay and provisions. Says he was informed that Captain O'Hara was to provide pay.
April 16, 1790 Morrow's Account and Wolfe's Demands William Price Henry Knox James Morrow has submitted the enclosed account for repairing the carriages and camp kettles. The invalid soldier called Christian Wolfe, who departed earlier without permission, has returned claiming that he is owed provisions and clothing.
March 11, 1793 Account of John Morrow Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for John Morrow, late private in the 4th South Carolina Regt.
May 3, 1788 Provisions Sold to Mr. Morrow William Price Henry Knox Agreeable to Knox's request, Price has sold 228 of stores to James Morrow. Encloses two accounts of the articles sold to him. Discusses the state of the powder and need for new casks. Encloses returns.
August 17, 1795 Sum Justly Due to Abraham Morrow John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants Hodgdon to examine the account of Abraham Morrow and report as to what sum is justly due him.
June 4, 1788 Enclosed Returns and Receipts, Order in Favor of James Morrow, Account of Captain Molly William Price Henry Knox Encloses returns of ordnance and quartermasters stores. Also sends duplicate receipts for the $146 for the transportation of men and stores from New York to Pennsylvania. Price has drawn an order on Knox in favor of James Morrow for $65. Also included is an account for the maintenance of Captain Molly for forty-eight weeks, to be presented by Mrs. Randal who is currently taking care of her.
April 8, 1790 Forwarding Returns of Ordnance and Stores William Price Henry Knox Forwards the returns of ordnance and quartermaster stores for the month of March. Mentions that he had to have Mr. Morrow work on the carriages. Doctor Adams was not available so Price sent for Doctor Cooper of Peekskill.
April 30, 1794 Instructions from Tench Francis on Purchasing Tench Coxe Henry Knox Refers to a note from Tench Francis, requesting his attention to any purchases. Wishes to do no injury to Mr. Morrow.
May 25, 1799 Public Stores Passed to John Mackey John Morrow Samuel Hodgdon The public stores at Shepherds Town have been passed to John Mackey in compliance with Hodgdon's order. Major Langham is expected shortly. In his absence, Morrow has advanced some money on the public account as is evident from the enclosed receipts. He has altered the account and given George Freeman an order for the same.
February 3, 1790 Regarding Camp Kettles and Other Supplies William Price Henry Knox Informs the Secretary at War that he has tried the tin intended to make camp kettles and that he has contracted with Mr. Morrow to make 40 of them. Tells Knox that if he believes that more than 40 camp kettles are required, this can be done. Also mentions that he has straw and bowls for the troops. Finally he forwards the Returns of Ordnance and Quartermaster Stores for the month of January.
September 28, 1792 Report on State of Shot and Shell and Stores Not Yet Received Isaac Craig Henry Knox Discusses inventory of shells and shot. Mr. Campbell has sent a man to clean and trim the shot. Mr. Morrow, the armorer, complains about not receiving a barrel of oil. Craig lists a number of articles that have not been received. Also encloses list of damaged goods.
June 18, 1788 Provisions and Supplies William Price Henry Knox Discusses various provisions and supplies with the Secretary at War. Acknowledges that he has received his previous letter enclosing the invoice for 134 suits of clothes. Old carriages are being burnt and the iron stored. Mr. Morrow wishes to purchase some of the old cartridge boxes.
May 4, 1789 Morrow's Account Closed, Cost of Transporting Troops and Stores to Reading, Pennsylvania William Price Henry Knox Having received Knox's letter of April 1, Price has closed Morrow's account for repairing and cleaning stands of arms, and he encloses a duplicate receipt for the same. Price forwards by Ketchum some stores that Knox requested. He encloses an account of the money received and expended in transporting stores and men from New York and West Point to Reading, Pennsylvania, with receipts from Captain...
February 8, 1787 Ordnance & Stores William Price Henry Knox Informs Knox of the state of his quartermaster stores and ordnance, along with the various orders he has placed with contractors to replace items that are in short supply.
April 2, 1787 Details of New Arms Cleaning Contract William Price Henry Knox Discusses new contract struck with James Morrow for the cleaning of 1000 stand of arms.