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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
December 17, 1800 Accounts of James O'Hara William Simmons Samuel Dexter Reports that no accounts have been rendered by James O'Hara.
April 23, 1796 Questions about Assigment of Colonel James and the Department of State Timothy Pickering James McHenry Refers to escort for Colonel James when he was sent by the President to Kentucky. Questions appointment of James, working with Simmons, between the State Department and the War Department.
December 1797 Letter from James McHenry to James Wilkins James McHenry James Wilkins no image
August 29, 1798 Contract Between James O'Hara and James McHenry. James O'Hara James McHenry Articles of agreement between James McHenry, Secretary of War, and James O'Hara of the State of Pennsylvania in which O'Hara agrees to deposit six month's supplies in advance at certain posts and three month's supplies at certain other posts.
December 20, 1796 Letter to James McHenry Joshua Seney James McHenry Joshua Seney returns an unused draft for lodging to James McHenry.
June 3, 1795 Aknowledgement of possession of gunpower at Norfolk Virginia James Grey Samuel Hodgdon James Grey acknowledges possession in the public magazine, of a number of casks of gunpowder, which he will deliver when called for by the proper officer. Signed by James Grey
May 28, 1796 Reimbursement of James Monroe, plenipotentiary to Republic of France William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $466.46 is due James Monroe, plenipotentiary to the Republic of France, to reimburse him for sundry books and mathematical instruments purchased at the direction of the Secretary of War, which sum is payable to James Madison by order of said Monroe, sums paid out of sums appropriated for War Department contingencies.
August 13, 1792 Account of James Simons Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for James Simons, late a lieutenant in Col. Washington's regiment of cavalry.
May 15, 1799 Requests Money to Pay James & William Pack according to the Treaty at Tallico David Henley James McHenry Requests money to pay James and William Pack.
July 13, 1800 Concerning the Resignation of James McHenry John Mackey James McHenry Expresses regret at the resignation of James McHenry from the position of War Secretary, worrying that he was pressured to by the "intolerable abuse of a malignant party".
September 21, 1797 Receipt of Lt. James Sterrett Caleb Swan James McHenry Swan transmits to McHenry a form letter in which he states that he has drawn a duplicate set of bills on McHenry for the sum of one thousand dollars in favor of Lt. James Sterrett for the pay of the Army though September 30th 1797.
December 13, 1800 Receipt of James Baker William Simmons John Kilty Received letter and receipt of James Baker will be entered on books;
January 1, 1799 Certification of payments; Captain James Tripplett, 1st Regiment Artillerists and Engineers William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment to Lieutenant James Tripplett in 1st Regiment Artillerists and Engineers, for pay and subsistence.
July 16, 1793 Account of James Elliott Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for James Elliott, late matross in Harrison's Regiment of Artillery. Elliott is owed 134 dollars.
April 5, 1799 Act to Organize Troops James McHenry James Wilkinson Encloses act for organizing troops, passed 3 March 1799. Requests distribution among commanding officers of nearby posts. Encloses contract with James O'Hara, to be distributed as well.
November 30, 1792 Account of James McElroy Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for James McElroy, late dragoon in the 3rd Virginia Regiment.
January 1798 Response to Wikinson's complaints James McHenry James Wilkinson Candidly addresses various complaints made by General James Wilkinson.
February 11, 1796 Instructions to Pay Captain McRea William Simmons James Reed Informs James Reed - Collector at the port of Wilmington - that the Treasurer will remit him the sum of 350 dollars for the pay of Capt. McRea and his recruits.
September 8, 1798 Certification of payments; compensation of Ensign James Richmond William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $94.52 is due Ensign James Richmond of the 2nd US Regiment, being his pay for June through August 1798 and his subsistence for June and July 1798.
December 19, 1798 Report of payments to Barclay McGhee on account of contract of James O’Hara David Henley James McHenry McGhee receives a second set of bills payable to him on order $1000 on account of contract with James O'Hara.
May 16, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Captain James Sever, USN William Simmons Captain James Sever William Simmons informs Captain James Sever that he is to be paid by Joshua Wentworth.
June 1, 1798 [Unknown; No Document] James Jackson James McHenry No image file
1799 [Unknown; No Document] James Jackson James McHenry No image file
January 24, 1798 [Unknown; No Document] James Jackson James McHenry No image file
February 15, 1798 [Unknown; No Document] James Jackson James McHenry No image file