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January 14, 1795 Pay of Ensign Jonathan Remington Joseph Howell Jonathan Remington Ensign Remington is informed that Nathaniel Gorham will transmit to him his pay from the date of his acceptance through December 1794.
June 21, 1792 Balance Due the Late Oliver Remington John P. Mumford & Company Alexander Hamilton Captain Benjamin Remington requests the balance due for his late son's services during the late war when he was lost at sea while serving on board the frigate "Trumbull."
November 7, 1795 Order and Receipts for Ensign Remington Held for Bail William Eaton William Simmons Eaton notifies Simmons that he is holding Ensign Remington's receipt for pay as bail in a special action.
February 18, 1794 Account of Jabez Fitch Joseph Howell Jabez Fitch Summary of the Account of Jabez Fitch of the old 17th Regiment Massachusetts with a balance of $320.
January 14, 1795 Pay of Ensign Jonathan Remington Joseph Howell Nathaniel Gorham The Treasurer will remit to Gorham a sum to be paid or transmitted to Ensign Jonathan Remington for his pay during the latter part of the year 1794.
September 8, 1795 Integrity of Ensign Remington Discussed William Eaton William Simmons Remington put under civil arrest by creditors for debts, and Eaton had the ensign in close confinement. Man who arrested the ensign deserve no thanks from his country due to the debauchery and dissipation that tainted his personal record.
May 15, 1795 Pay of Captain Eaton, Ensign Rand & Ensign Remington, and Recruits William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $210.38 is due Captain William Eaton, Ensign Benjamin Rand and Ensign Jonathan Remington, and their recruits for their pay for the month of March 1795.
May 23, 1793 The United States account with Jabez Campfield Surgeon 2nd Regiment of Dragoons Joseph Howell Auditor of Treasury Settlement of account with Jabez Campfield, Surgeon 2nd Regiment of Dragoons.
November 1, 1795 Enclosed Muster Rolls William Eaton William Simmons Muster and receipt rolls enclosed. Side note on Remington's resignation.
September 21, 1795 Pay of Captain Eaton, Ensign Remington, Ensign Thompson, & Recruits William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $69.62 is due Captain William Eaton for his pay from April through August 1795 and $479.76 pay for Ensigns Jonathan Remington and John Thompson and the recruits commanded by Captain Eaton through August 1795.
April 2, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Jabez Bowen Simmons makes inquiry to Jabez Bown regarding the account of Captain John Pierce.
July 17, 1792 Power of Attorney to Moses Mortain John Winter [not available] Power of Attorney granted to Moses Martain by John Winter, specifically to secure arrears of pension owed Winter, who was wounded in the war. Witnessed by Ebenezer Farnham and John Remington
February 5, 1795 List of receipts Nathaniel Gorham Joseph Howell Cover letter for receipts from Ensign Remington, Captain Frye, and Lieut. Freeman in the amounts listed
November 30, 1799 Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers Alexander Hamilton Jabez Huntington Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers.
May 16, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with John Chester William Simmons John Chester William Simmons informs John Chester that he has been remitted money to be paid to Captain Eaton and Ensigns Remington and Rand.
May 31, 1797 Bounty and lands William Simmons Edward Miller Discusses disposition of Miller's receipts for bounty and the entitlement of two discharged soldiers for land
March 29, 1799 Announces Discussion on Military Bill; Requests Names James McHenry Uriah Tracy Reports that the House reopened discussion on the military bill. Requests additional names to add. Lists names.
September 21, 1795 Instructions to pay Captain Eaton William Simmons John Chester Directs John Chester to pay Capt. William Eaton at Springfield.
September 21, 1795 Forwards blank pay rolls William Simmons William Eaton Forwards blank pay rolls and informs Capt. Eaton that John Chester will pay him.
December 1, 1787 Claim Against the U.S. Regarding Cannon Henry Knox Jabez Bowen Letter, discusses claim against United States regarding cannon.
January 26, 1801 Payments for Invalid Pensioners [not available] [not available] Directs payment to the Commissioners of Loans of various states so that the listed invalid pensioners can be paid the money owed them.
March 9, 1784 Account due to officers Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Discusses payment of an account due to officers for provision of wood and forage
March 16, 1798 Orders to prepare the frigate USS Constellation James McHenry Captain Thomas Truxtun Orders by President Washington to load the USS Constellation with supplies, warrants for officers issued. Regulations to govern ship included.
February 23, 1797 Credit to Kalteisen's account William Simmons Michael Kalteisen Acknowledges receipt of receipt roll that will be credited on the books of the War Department accountant’s office. Acknowledges receipt of pay roll for Kalteisen's detachment at Fort Johnson, South Carolina. Money for the pay will be forwarded by Daniel Stephens, federal revenue supervisor at Charleston.
March 4, 1790 Return of Invalids of Rhode Island Paid Their Annual Pension Jeremiah Olney [not available] Return of Invalids of Rhode Island paid.