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March 21, 1791 Campaign against Northwest Indians Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox writes St. Clair - Governor of Northwest Territory - regarding the government's Indian policies in the territory northwest of the Ohio River and the forthcoming campaign against the hostile Indian tribes.
February 9, 1798 Muster Roll of Officers & Men on the Frigate "United States" Captain John Barry [not available] Muster Roll of the Officers, Petty Officers, Seaman, Ordinary Seaman, and Marines on board the Frigate "United States" under the command of Captain John Barry in the service of the United States from the 8th of January 1798, the time they were last mustered, to the 9th of February 1798.
July 28, 1794 Mail Robbery Isaac Craig Henry Knox Package from Head Quarters delivered by boatman, now sent forward in the care of Ensign Sample under safe guard due to robbing of mail at Pittsburgh recently. Craig enclosed duplicates of letter, returns, and abstracts that were lost in robbery.
July 14, 1798 Officers Suggested for Appointments James McHenry George Washington McHenry lists the candidates for appointments in the augmented army including those he considers the most intelligent and active officers in the American army.
November 24, 1792 Necessity of Troop Readiness and Adequate Stores; Concern for Pay of Troops Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox warns Wayne not to construct anything that is not absolutely necessary to the comfort of the troops who should be instantly ready to march should the military necessity arise. All steps are being taken to ensure that the necessary stores are available to the Legion and that local citizens are adequately protected so that calling out State militias will not be necessary. Payment of the troops...
November 25, 1793 Too Late to Begin Offensive Operations; State of Payment & Recruitment Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Because the peace negotiations consumed so much time, it is too late in the year to begin offensive operations. The choice of location for winter quarters is left to Wayne. Not more that 400 recruits can be expected before May 1794. $100,000 have been advanced by the Treasury for the pay of the troops and the Quartermaster General has requested $57,140 for his department.
July 23, 1792 Knox expresses regret to Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses non acceptance of appointment to Adjutant and Inspector General; mentions casualties; alludes to St. Clair's campaign and events in France.
December 19, 1794 Forwarded Money, Delivery of Supplies Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Packet of letters and money to QMG O'Hara forwarded via Lieut. Bissel. General return of stores for militia army sent to Secretary of War, Craig requested Howell make a copy for his use as Craig was too busy to make a copy. Noted various deliveries made by John Black a.k.a. Schwartz, requested money to pay for goods.
January 1, 1800 Balances Due the United States, 1st of January 1800 Unknown Author [not available] This is a 37 page list of those who have balances owed to the United States.