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July 1, 1796 Notification of Office of Acting Deputy Quartermaster General for Pittsburgh John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Directs that the estimates of Major Isaac Craig, Acting Deputy Quartermaster General for Pittsburgh, be honored.
March 31, 1796 Commends Work of Isaac Craig; Stipulations as Deputy Quartermaster General Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Commends Isaac Craig as commissary of military stores in Pittsburgh for 8 months in 1792. Lists money due. Col. Pickering requests that before money is paid, that Craig be informed of the stipulations now that he is Deputy Quartermaster General.
March 27, 1798 Certification of payments; account of Isaac Craig William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $797.98 is due Major Isaac Craig, Deputy Quartermaster General at Pittsburgh, being the balance of payments made by him to the troops stationed at the upper posts of the Ohio and his compensation for paying said troops.
December 9, 1794 Articles Needed for the Army Hospital Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Isaac Craig lists the numerous articles received from George Balfour, Purveyor of the hospital for the Militia Army. Craig provides this list to Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores. List includes rice, molasses, brandy, wine, sugar, tea, etc.
April 12, 1796 Discussiof of Compensation for Isaac Craig for Various Duties Timothy Pickering James McHenry Major Isaac Craig, deputy quartermaster general in Pittsburgh, wishes to discuss his compensation at that post. He has also acted as Commissary of Military Stores and clothier for the upper posts and the Ohio. Such duties require the use of a horse. From January 1795, he will be compensated as Commissary of Provisions. Lists compensations.
June 15, 1792 Craig's Compensation Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox notes that Craig's conduct has been subject to the strictest examination and he is convinced that the compensation stipulated for Craig's services is inadequate. Knox will endeavor to see that satisfactory compensation is provided and will contact Samuel Hodgdon regarding past compensation. Present compensation will be as Deputy Quartermaster General.
April 28, 1795 Payment to Major Isaac Craig Deputy Quartermaster General Bezaleel Howe William Simmons Howe requests payment of $122 to Major Isaac Craig on account of pay and subsistence of [blank].
February 16, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Isaac Craig William Simmons Isaac Craig William Simmons informs Major Craig that his receipts are received.
February 24, 1800 Col. Ogden for Deputy Quartermaster General James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Assures Hamilton that the appointment of Col. Ogden to the post of Deputy Quartermaster General is judicious but it should be noted that if the Quartermaster is competent, the appointment of a deputy may not be necessary.
September 9, 1796 Return of Quartermaster Stores. Etc. John Steele Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a general return of Quartermaster, Ordnance, and Hospital stores, with clothing and Indian goods received, issued, forwarded, and on hand at Pittsburgh from April 1795 to through March 1796, under the care of Isaac Craig, Deputy Quartermaster General.
November 29, 1794 Requesting Reply on Acceptance of Promotion to Commissary General Henry Knox Isaac Craig Asks for decision on Commissary General offer with orders to appoint deputy at Fort Pitt. Extracts of letters copied by Craig's son in 1828.
August 11, 1797 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Isaac Craig Simmons discusses Lt. Lukens' expenses with Isaac Craig. Lukens traveled to Presque Isle.
October 10, 1794 Contract to supply provisions to the Western Army for 1795 John Stagg Isaac Craig John Stagg sends true copy of a formal agreement for rations to Major Isaac Craig, Deputy Quartermaster General. The agreement is between Tench Coxe and two contractors. List of rations with amounts.
June 29, 1792 Quarter Master Responsibilities Henry Knox James O'Hara Secretary Knox is replying to a letter from James O'Hara, and is pleased to hear that he will be able to perform the duties of Quartermaster. He believes Major Craig should have appropriate pay to the duties of a Deputy Quartermaster General. He advises him on engaging mechanics, and is pleased that he has not yet purchased horses. He also discusses the return of tents and equipage.
January 27, 1792 Enclosed Post Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Per orders of Secretary of War, Howell enclosed $500.00 of post notes for the Quartermaster's Department. Request receipt.
January 25, 1793 Returns of Ordnance and Military Stores; the Matter of Craig's Compensation Henry Knox Isaac Craig Received returns of ordnance and military stores. Asks for monthly returns. Addresses Craig's rate of compensation. Does not believe Craig entitled to separate compensation for erection of block houses at Pittsburg. Notes that a public officer should have a fixed and known compensation.
September 21, 1793 Estimate of Money and Statement of Account James O'Hara Henry Knox Encloses estimate of money and statements of accounts needed for the present campaign.
June 1, 1791 Letter to the Quartermaster General Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Letter from Major Isaac Craig to the Quartermaster General. Image not available.
June 15, 1791 Letter to the Quartermaster General Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Letter from Major Isaac Craig to the Quartermaster General. Image not available.
September 7, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Isaac Craig Simmons informs Craig that Samuel Lewis was issued funds for payment to Dr. Hugh Scott.
June 1, 1798 Receipt for painting services by Williams and Coates Williams and Coates John Wilkins, Jr. Received from John Wilkins Jr. Quarter Master General, by Isaac Craig, $127.93 for paining done to Commander's quarters at Fort Fayette.
May 24, 1793 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon of problems maintaining sufficient funds to keep supply accounts open with the Quartermaster department. Craig indicates that he has contacted the Secretary at War on the same matter.
August 3, 1792 On the receipt of vouchers, mistake by Mr Colesworthy, schedule of charges made against the Quartermaster Department Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Isaac Craig has not received vouchers; refers to mistake made by Mr Colesworthy. Awaits a remittance in order to discharge whole of his engagements. New Quartermaster General has directed him not to apply monies received.
September 19, 1799 The Business of Paying the Troops Caleb Swan Alexander Hamilton Swan discusses his proposals for improving the process of paying the troops. The appointment of deputy paymasters to the various regions would help immensely as would the addition of regimental paymasters.
May 26, 1795 Receipt of compensation intended for family of an Indian killed by garrison of Fort Franklin Lt. Col. Thomas Butler [not available] Dated 20 May 1795, and signed by Lieutenant Colonel Butler. Butler reported that he received of Isaac Craig, Deputy Quartermaster General, $100.00, which was to be intended for the family of an Indian killed by the garrison at Fort Franklin.