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January 23, 1784 Report Desired on the State of an Army Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish Request for an account of the state of the post (military store/magazine) under Captain Irish's direction and a request for an account of his expenditures.
July 5, 1799 Reports Deaths, Presumably Not from Yellow Fever Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Refers to letter from Capt. Irish. Reports that Col. Stevens is not allowed to retire and that negotiations are being made for his salary. Refers to bill for Capt. Lyman and 2 or 3 recent deaths, causing some alarm, although it probably wasn't yellow fever.
May 10, 1785 Contents of the Brigantine Irish Samuel Hodgdon Nicholas Fish Lists the military contents of the Brigantine Irish.
September 15, 1784 Financial matters Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish, deputy commissary of military stores, explains his financial situation and sends a request for money to Samuel Hodgdon.
November 26, 1784 [No Image] Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon No available image.
May 22, 1784 [No Image] Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon No image.
August 16, 1784 [No Image] Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon No available image.
February 17, 1784 Status of Military Stores Nathaniel Irish [not available] A report of the situation of the Military Stores in Virginia the property of the Uinted States.
May 7, 1795 Indian Treaty, British Relations, Deceit Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Noted submission of letters and a treaty which he seemed to meet his approval. President advised that Wayne remain on his guard for a large contingency of Indians Mentioned the treachery of Pontiac towards the British. Discussed providing clothing to Indians, but will not provide Commissions to the Chiefs. Discussed the intervention of Lord Dorchester in controlling the Irish priest E. Burke.
May 17, 1785 Lack of adequate military stores Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish sends to Samuel Hodgdon a letter in which he offers his opinions on the lack of adequate arsenals and magazines for military stores in Virginia.
April 23, 1784 Payment for Army goods Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon Discusses payment for goods ordered for the Army.
July 17, 1797 Sail Cloth for Hammocks on the "Constellation" John Stagg John Harris Harris is directed to deliver to Tench Francis fifty pieces of Irish sail cloth No. 1 to be used for hammocks on board the frigate "Constellation" at Baltimore.
June 1, 1784 Settlement of ration account Jedediah Huntingdon John Pierce Discusses settlement of his ration account with the Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General
February 17, 1784 Officers in Dept. of Military Stores in the South Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Carleton Note covering a list of officers in the Department of Military Stores in the South (the list is not included with the note).
September 13, 1800 Credit to Inventory John Harris Edward Wright Inclosed draft from Col. Hawkins in favor of Wright received, notification of credit to account. List of items in inventory of goods.
March 9, 1784 Account due to officers Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Discusses payment of an account due to officers for provision of wood and forage
November 1792 Presents for the Indians James Seagrove [not available] Seagrove lists the articles he requires as presents to the Indians, Though they want gunpowder and lead, he is reluctant to give it to them.
June 9, 1794 Knox requisitions supplies Henry Knox [not available] Stores, describes goods for treating with Indians; mentions Treaty of 1793.
July 18, 1798 Invoice of sundry merchandise. John Harris [not available] Stores, describes Six Nations annuity goods.
May 1796 Seditous Activities in Western Counties James McHenry Arthur St. Clair Discussed intelligence on people seeking to coerce residents of Western counties to secede from the Union to form a separate foreign power. Gives physical descriptions of each man believed to be involved in seditious activities, advised capture and imprisonment.
March 25, 1800 Timber from Algiers Richard O'Brien Captain Smith A list of items to be provided to the Dey in Algiers in exchange for timber for the United States. 400 yards of cloth are to be handed to Secretary of State Timothy Pickering.
March 25, 1800 Articles for the Dey & Ministery of Algiers Richard O'Brien Timothy Pickering A list of articles wanted for the Dey and Ministry with the commission for timber on the annuity, i.e., to launch and pave the way for said timber to turn out at Algiers to the advantage of the United States. All the listed articles should be directed to O'Brien at Algiers and he warns that these articles should be particularly attended to or he shall have no friends to aid him in the business....
June 1794 Receipt for federal stores returned by Israel Chapin, Jr. [not available] Israel Chapin Jr Isreal Chapin Jr, acting on behalf of his father, returns stores used in trade and diplomacy with the Six Nations
June 24, 1799 Application for captaincy and commentary on the Napoleonic Wars John Dennis James McHenry Congressman Dennis forwards a letter of recommendation from Capt. Newton for a particular individual's application for captaincy, insisting that he is a "good Federalist." Dennis proceeds to discuss events surrounding the Napoleonic Wars, expressing gratitude that the English, Turks, and Germans have united under a coalition to defeat Napoleon and that this will likely free the Dutch, Belgians,...
February 25, 1784 List of warrants drawn by Joseph Carleton Joseph Carleton Mr. Morris List of warrants drawn by Joseph Carleton with names of officers, some listed with their regiments. One officer is a Native American.