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October 11, 1800 Annuities for Indians of Indiana Territory John Wilkins, Jr. Israel Whelen Informs Whelan of plans for annuities to Indians of Indiana Territory, and lists the planned presents.
November 29, 1800 Request for Compensation for Stolen Horses Arthur St. Clair Samuel Dexter Arthur St. Clair requests reparation for horses stolen by the Indians. He delineates the problems of providing proof of theft by Indians, and that even those Indians caught generally claim to be from another tribe.
September 29, 1800 Stille's Complaint About the Coats, Etc. Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon The letter to Governor Sargent will be forwarded by the "Indiana." Despite the complaint by Captain Stille respecting the coats, they were of the parcel made by Watsons and Stevens maintains that they are equal in quality to any others that have been issued from that parcel.
September 15, 1800 Receipt for Delivery of Annual Supply of Stationery Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Receipt for delivery of stationary furnished by Secretary of State for North Western or Indianna territory.
November 11, 1800 Memorandum Listing Purchases at the Military Store [not available] Samuel Dexter Memorandum of Order for articles received from Samuel Hodgdon.
November 17, 1797 Response to Inquires to Follow Samuel Henley Samuel Hodgdon Promises answers on inquiries regarding affairs of Ordnance and QM Departments.
February 18, 1798 Certification of payments; Private Jonah Rogers William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $191.47 is due to Private Jonah Rogers, late of Captain John Buell's Company of the 2nd Sub Legion, being the balance of his pay from the date of his enlistment to November 4, 1791, the day he was reported as killed, and for his pay from November 4, the day he was taken prisoner by the Indians, to July 2, 1796, the day he was delivered from captivity at Fort Wayne.
September 12, 1789 Compiled List Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Bulleted list of questions and statements. Mentioned "hawk notes" and the Pioneer Association of Cincinnati, an essay or writing of some type on the Historical Collections of Tuskcarawa Valley, a transcribed letter from Harmar to Knox regarding construction near a river, the proceedings of the Judiciaries of the Reformed Church of America relative to tyranny and personal suffering. Diagram...