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October 1784 References Indian Treaty, Concern for Nearby Garrisons, Orders for Hostages Oliver Wolcott, Jr. [not available] Honorably transmits articles of treaty with 6 Nations. Questions what to do with Indian hostages. Requests fresh information from Congress, orders to remain at this place to guard hostages and take care of prisoners to be delivered up, ready to take possession of Oswego. Questions need to rebuild church burned down during the war. Concerns about treaty and advise for British garrisons in area....
September 5, 1796 Enclosed Letters from Winston and Quartermaster General on Expenses Anthony Wayne James McHenry Expenses related to readying dragoons, and "wretched state" of cavalry detailed. Indian goods to be received which will hopefully assuage the "red Children".
December 20, 1789 Request for wages and commutation John Stevens Joseph Howell Requests wages and commutation due, as one of the Cedar Hostages in Canada
May 12, 1786 Orders for the Troops on the Ohio River to Prevent Indian Attack Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Reports hostility of Indians towards the Miami and the escape of the hostages. The Shawnee tribe is not responsible for the depredations. Requests distractions for predatory Cherokees. Refers to embarrassing state of public finances. Expresses fear of Indian war, but claims it shall be a war of justice. Promises protection of local inhabitants. Fear that British Agents will instill hostility...
December 28, 1788 Speech Regarding Land Disputes Major General Richard Butler [not available] Butlers speech addressed Indians of North Western territory regarding land disputes and settlement of boundary between the U.S. and the Six Nations. Recounted past treaties. Butler notified the Six Nations that they would have to settle their disputes with the Governor because his term as Superintendent of Indian Affairs expired.
March 9, 1792 Authorization of President for Expedition to Frontier Henry Knox Charles Scott Request for adequate assistance to those on the frontier for protection against hostile Indians laid before Congress. AUTHORIZATION OF PRESIDENT for expedition to ascertain environment and possibility of capturing Indians from settlements on the Wabash River. Conditions for expedition laid out in detail.
October 3, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, to Georgia Governor Telfair on efforts by Georgia militia to prevent Seagrove from meeting with Creek Chiefs James Seagrove Governor Edward Telfair Addressed to Georgia Governor and Commander in Chief of State of Georgia Edward Telfair, Seagrove implies that Telfair has been disingenuous with Seagrove. Seagrove recounts instances whereby Georgia Militia attempted to intervene and prevent Seagrove from meeting with the Creek leadership. Seagrove is dismayed that, after meeting with Telfair, and explaining President of United States General...
June 1, 1785 Reports Activity of Wyandot, Delaware, Shawnee, and Cherokee; British Attempts to Promote Subversion Josiah Harmar Henry Knox The Wyandot and Delaware have brought in their prisoners and released them. The Shawnees profess peace, but the Cherokees remain hostile and have killed and scalped 7 people recently. Includes an intelligence estimate of the Indian nations and an account of British efforts to foment anti-American sentiment among the Indians. Identifies a British agent of influence on the American frontier.
June 26, 1786 Report on the Service of Captain Stevens Joseph Howell Charles Thomson Report on the service of Captain John Stevens, formerly of the Connecticut regiment and prisoner of the British during the Revolutionary War.
October 2, 1793 Letter Citation Constant Freeman Henry Knox Cited in Freeman to Simmons, 02/13/1799. Freeman reports that James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent is being prevented from going over to meet the Creeks by Georgia militia. The Cherokee have invited the Creeks to go to war against Cumberland. Reports on Georgia Governor Telfair's conditions for peace. Gives an account of the horse militia going after Indian horse thieves and the subsequent...
September 26, 1793 Letter from W Urquhart on behalf of Georgia Governor Telfair to James Seagrove on conditions for peace with Creek Indians W. Urquhart James Seagrove From the Georgia Statehouse in Augusta, Urquhart relays Governor of Georgia Telfair's requirements on the part of the state of Georgia for peace with the Creek Indians. Captured property and contracts restored; prisoners returned; perpetrators of murders (13) be surrendered; requires 10 headmen of the lower Creek Towns as hostages until requirements fulfilled. State of Georgia will not recognize...
May 22, 1792 Instructions to Brig. Gen. Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Rufus Putnam The Secretary at War instructs General Rufus Putnam as follows: "Your first great object upon meeting the Indians will be to convince them that the United States requires none of their lands." Knox authorizes Putnam to allow the Indians to keep U.S. Army officers as hostages in order to secure the agreement of the Chiefs to travel to Philadelphia.
August 7, 1786 An Ordinance for the Regulation of Indian Affairs Congress of the United States [not available] Rules governing Indian Department, trade with Indian Nations,
November 25, 1791 Indian Affairs George Clinton Henry Knox Discusses current Indian Affairs [largely illegible burned fragment].
July 6, 1789 Hostilities still rage between Georgia and the Creek Indians. Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs the President of the state of Georgia's war with the Creeks. He includes a biographical description of Creek chief Alexander McGillivray and why he believes McGillivray distrusts Georgia. He describes three treaties Georgia entered into with the Creek Nation. This document (6 July) is the second part of the original report on Indian Affairs that Knox sent to the President on 15 June...
April 16, 1799 Additional Names for Indian Annuities Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Additional names of Nations to receive annuities are listed at bottom of letter.
April 30, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, to Henry Knox Secretary at War regards aftermath of robber and murder at Traders Hill on St Marys James Seagrove Henry Knox Seagrove reports that he has received notification that Chiefs of Creek Nation will comply with demands to hand over the perpetrators and hostages. Seagrove is embarrassed by the lack of a secure jail facility; and Fort St. Tammany [on the St. Mary river] is no more secure. Previous Indian captives have escaped. Reports that interpreter Mr. Bryant has returned from a visit with the Simonolas...
March 4, 1784 Indian Affairs Thomas Jefferson George Rogers Clark Related to Indian affairs.
July 7, 1790 Opinion on Indian Attacks Harry Innes Henry Knox Stated that all warfare has been due to Indian aggression. In an effort to protect and preserve land rights, an expedition of volunteers into Indian territory will commence. Volunteers will not discriminate who they injure or kill.
May 16, 1790 Results of Indian Attack Henry Lee Harry Innes Details of account of Indian attack on river above Limestone.
October 29, 1794 [Answer to question regarding the Indian War] Unknown Author [not available] Gave reasoning for pursuing the present Indian War. Discussed the preservation of society. Details on how society has united to provide cohesive, supportive environment and western settlers are protecting their land and themselves. Open force is the only method to oppose the "barbarous savages".
March 9, 1798 Transportation of Indian Goods Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Glad to hear Hamilton arrived safely with Indian goods and that the General doesn't require payment for broken glasses. Articles Craig requested will be forwarded shortly.
November 25, 1796 Shipment of Indian Goods Isaac Craig James McHenry Invoice of Indian goods arrived from Hodgdon with expectation that they will be forwarded to Fort Washington. Notification that Craig will not send goods forward until General arrives.
January 26, 1790 Indian Attacks Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox By note received from Louisville, details of Indian attacks of settlements located on Russell Creek, and Danville.
October 28, 1797 Indian Deed Delivery Jeremiah Wadsworth James McHenry Delivery of Indian deed and journal. Journal contains some details, but omits Indian speeches which Wadsworth deemed unimportant.