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December 9, 1791 Twelve Tents John Stagg William Knox Knox is to pack up twelve tents in a bale and forward them to New Brunswick by Lt. Heth who goes off from the Indian Queen at daylight the next day.
September 11, 1798 Mailing Check in Next Post Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon Lewis notifies Hodgdon of impending settlement of bill of exchange. Lewis also requests information regarding the deaths of Fenno, Bache, and Thompson (also known as Indian Queen). Affirmed good health of everyone at the War Department;
April 7, 1795 Missing Claims for Militia of Western Frontier John Steele William Simmons Militia yet to be paid for service on Western frontiers. Letters to governor enclosed.
June 15, 1791 List of 41 Indian Prisoners Josiah Asheton [not available] List of the Indian prisoners taken by the army under the command of Brigadier General Scott, on the Wabash River, at the Ouiatanon town and neighboring villages, June 1st, 1791.
January 6, 1800 Edward Wright to John Harris Edward Wright John Harris invoice for blankets and flints arrive with aforementioned supplies. Enclosed letter to brother who lives in Queen Anne County on Eastern Shore of Maryland. Letter contains bill, request for it to be honored with instructions on proper submission.
February 16, 1798 Concern & Chagrin William Heth William Simmons Heth states his concern and chagrin at having been kept in a state of suspense for ten days merely to ascertain whether or not his charges for compensation are to be admitted.
December 7, 1785 Regarding James Bray's whereabouts during the late war James Bray Joseph Howell Bray outlines his various assignments and whereabouts in the Army during the late war in order to procure over due payment.
February 2, 1798 Major Craig discusses pay and accounting with William Simmons Isaac Craig William Simmons Major Craig discusses the details of pay accounts with William Simmons.
February 15, 1799 Charges Against Major Rivardi, Etc. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton In addition to enclosing the charges against Major Rivardi by fellow officers, McHenry stresses the importance of continuing to work with the current contractor until a new contract can be arranged with another contractor. It is imperative that the flow of supplies to the troops not be interrupted.
November 11, 1799 Appointment regarding McHenry's Official Conduct John Thompson James McHenry Requests that McHenry forward to him an extract of a particular letter. Thompson is making inquiry into the official conduct of McHenry.
December 20, 1796 Letter to James McHenry Joshua Seney James McHenry Joshua Seney returns an unused draft for lodging to James McHenry.
June 9, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Lewis Tousard Simmons provides Tousard with a balance of his account.
August 24, 1786 Claim for commutation John Pierce James Bruff Informs Capt. James Bruff that he has received his claim for commutation and will soon consider it. Bruff will not be able to receive subsistence pay however.
May 8, 1798 Updates on Soldiers Pay Due to Desertion Lewis Tousard William Simmons Soldiers given up or captured as deserters had pay suspended. Parker and Edwards to receive court martial.
October 13, 1796 Regarding an Election William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray writes of the election results for members of Congress, and fears what will happen if the next President is not a Federalist.
August 7, 1786 An Ordinance for the Regulation of Indian Affairs Congress of the United States [not available] Rules governing Indian Department, trade with Indian Nations,
November 25, 1791 Indian Affairs George Clinton Henry Knox Discusses current Indian Affairs [largely illegible burned fragment].
April 16, 1799 Additional Names for Indian Annuities Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Additional names of Nations to receive annuities are listed at bottom of letter.
April 3, 1799 Status of Fortifications, Etc. John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton Along with a detailed report of the status of the fortifications of the United States, Rivardi expresses dismay that the charges against him by Captain Bruff have yet to be investigated. He is certain that once they are fully investigated, he will be completely exonerated.
August 19, 1797 Filling the vacancy of deputy pay master and store keeper James McHenry William Simmons Informs the accountant of Edward Wright's appointment to the office of Deputy Pay Master and Store-keeper in Tennessee, with a salary of $600.
March 4, 1784 Indian Affairs Thomas Jefferson George Rogers Clark Related to Indian affairs.
July 7, 1790 Opinion on Indian Attacks Harry Innes Henry Knox Stated that all warfare has been due to Indian aggression. In an effort to protect and preserve land rights, an expedition of volunteers into Indian territory will commence. Volunteers will not discriminate who they injure or kill.
April 1, 1800 Pay Edward Wright John Harris Bill of exchange drawn on Harris in favor of Nathan Wright. Money is salary of E. Wright for 3 months of service as factor at Creek Factory in Georgia.
May 16, 1790 Results of Indian Attack Henry Lee Harry Innes Details of account of Indian attack on river above Limestone.
May 8, 1798 List of Newly Inlisted Soldiers Lewis Tousard William Simmons Robert Davis, Isaac Pride, William Armstrong, John McKey; James Burtsby, Jerome Hart, George Kinsinger, Charles Queen. William Terkaste, John Thompson, Alexander Caston, Benjamin Campbell, Josiah Miller, Jonathan LeKim, Willaim Cunningham, Richard King Ramsay, Thomas Perry, Isaac Lewis, James Fisher. Richard Proctor and Thomas Smith reinlisted. List of bounty paid enclosed.