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April 5, 1797 Anonymous Letter from a "Brother" Casper Iserloan William Simmons Iserloan has received a letter from someone who identifies himself only as a "brother." The letter warns Iserloan that Hubard is doing all he can to make him appear black and will send him to hell if he can. A comparison of other writings in his possession leads Iserloan to conclude that the letter was sent by Jonathan Schaffer. He asks Simmons to peruse the letter and provide whatever advice he...
September 14, 1793 Request for a safe conveyance Thomas Jefferson Samuel Sterett Thomas Jefferson with compliments to Mr. Sterrett will thank him for giving a safe conveyance to inland, which he prefers making from Baltimore. Mentions bill of exchange, Van Shepherd and Hubard.
[not available] COPY: Deposition to Jury Unknown Author Casper Iserloan Threat to good name and soul if account given to Thomas the Constable is not repeated word for word before the jury.
March 7, 1792 List of Insufficient Vouchers Joseph Howell Richard Harrison List of insufficient vouchers for the account of William Stevens, agent in the 6th Regiment of Artillery.