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September 11, 1792 Declaration of War by Cherokees William Blount Henry Knox Just received declaration of war against United States by the five lower towns of the Cherokees. Regiment of Knox County ordered into service for the defense of white settlements. Declaration of war was unexpected, Cherokees claimed violation of treaty of Holstein.
July 28, 1792 Updates on Indian Relations in Southwest Territory Henry Knox George Washington Results of council between friendly Indians and U.S. included protection of U.S. boats and travelers from hostile tribes. Land disputes also addressed at council, hopes that Gov. Blount will devise a just settlement between Creeks and settlers. Hostile acts against U.S. continue.
December 10, 1789 Request for Intelligence from the Secretary at War, Concerning Indians & Indian-Fighting in Tennessee Henry Knox Arthur Campbell Discusses proposed plan of raising a regiment of 560 privates and non-commissioned officers at Holstein Valley, for 3 year's service against Indians. Lists several questions, most concerning relations with the Cherokee and Creek Indians, and the disposal of each to war or alliance with the U.S. Also asks about geography and river routes in Tennessee region, commenting on the "uncertainty of the...
June 15, 1795 Extracts from a Conference Held with the Creeks in Savannah James Seagrove William Blount Lists proceedings of various treaties between Indian tribes and between tribes and United States related to hunting ground rights.
October 9, 1792 Defense of South, Cumberland County Henry Knox Henry Lee Request for opinion on need for additional troops to assist Gov. Blount in defense of frontier.
September 6, 1790 Documents for William Blount Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Enclosed documents for Blount, new governor of territory ceded by North Carolina. Details of location included. Includes proclamations by President Washington concerning Indian treaties.
May 22, 1796 Land speculation and the western frontier Thomas Dillon James McHenry Dillon describes Tennessee and other western lands, while promoting land speculation and the surefire profits that come with speculating. Dillon mentions peace with Indians, but alludes to White encroachment and aggression.
August 15, 1792 Indian Relations Henry Knox William Blount Councils with Choctaws and Chickasaws did not produce any results, parties of Indians from the lower towns to attack boats and party under command of Gov. Blount. Companies of infantry assembled to fight banditti a formidable group, U.S. seeking peace.
September 15, 1792 Information given by Red Bird, a Cherokee, respecting his nation Red Bird [not available] Recounts Cockran's encounter with hostile Indians, their decision to go to war, and J. Watts acquisition of arms and ammunition. Countered claim that the Glass and Bloody Fellow and John Watts stopped the war party, it was in fact Unanecata who stopped the hostile warriors. Red Bird would inform Maj. Craig if the war party intended on moving against the U.S. after corn was harvested. Note by...
September 15, 1792 Letter Citation William Blount Henry Knox Enclosed copies of letters from Esquaka (aka Bloody Fellow) and the Glass sent from Lookout Mountain Town notifying U.S. that they successfully deterred the young warriors from waging war against U.S. Information regarding the shooting of W. Cockran and the deaths of two Gillaspies. Some militia will remain on duty to protect against small groups of hostile Cherokees and Creeks.
August 27, 1790 Instructions to Governor Blount Regarding the Treaty of Holston Henry Knox William Blount Henry Knox instructs Governor Blount on the President's policies on Indian affairs in the territory south of the Ohio River, especially regarding the Cherokee Indians. He also requests that Blount renegotiate the geographical boundaries of the treaty, and provides detailed instructions on the desired results. He tells Blount about the attack on Major Doughty's party by a small band of Indians,...
March 21, 1791 Campaign against Northwest Indians Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox writes St. Clair - Governor of Northwest Territory - regarding the government's Indian policies in the territory northwest of the Ohio River and the forthcoming campaign against the hostile Indian tribes.
May 17, 1793 Obligations of Contractors; Troop & Materiel Deployment Henry Knox Anthony Wayne The issue is discussed as to whether the Contractors are required to supply the army on the march in addition to provisioning the camps and garrisons. The number of troops deployed in garrisons is detailed although final decisions regarding all troop deployments are left up to Wayne. The general mobilization of men and materiel is outlined.
April 17, 1790 Expedition report from Major John Doughty John Doughty Henry Knox Major Doughty reports on his expedition on Ohio, Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers. Lots of ice on Ohio river made it impossible for Doughty to proceed. He sent men forward on land. Details of rowing upriver during spring flooding and residing with Chickasaws and Kickapoos who showed him "great kindness". Discussed various battles between different Indian tribes. Primary objective of Doughty's...
March 14, 1791 [Plan for the Corps of Levies] Henry Knox George Washington Document describes the manner in which two thousand recruits will be raised and arranged into two regiments for the purpose of protecting the frontiers. Provided details of the rank and type of officer or soldier required for each battalion. Assigned posts to specifically named officers.
April 2, 1791 Dealing with Discrepancies in Treaties Signed with the Creeks and Cherokees Henry Knox Ralph Izard Knox thanks Izard for communicating General Pinckney's observations regarding the boundary between the Creeks and the Cherokees. Knox states that from Pinckney's observations it would seem that the treaty gave the Creeks a right to lands which were clearly in the possession of the Cherokees, and that the boundary between the two Indian tribes was clearly established and known. However, the...