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March 2, 1795 Account of Julius Holland Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Julius Holland, late private in the light dragoons.
August 31, 1787 Various Private Inquiries Henry Knox Col. Wadsworth Mentions writing Mrs. Greene, and encloses letter. States "the affairs of Holland...will probably be accommodated by the friendly interposition of New Jersey." Inquires after Wadsworth's family.
November 14, 1794 Difficulties in Obtaining Saltpeter Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Henry Knox Wolcott discusses a letter from the bankers in Holland which describes the unfavorable prospects of obtaining significant quantities of saltpeter in Europe. Information from Hamburg demonstrates that the prices of saltpeter has increased dramatically as a result of the war.
September 22, 1797 Discussion of Affairs in France, Holland William Vans Murray James McHenry Requests meeting with diplomats. Refers to the political state in France. Discussion of foreign affairs. Mentions state of finances in France. Refers to late publication of Mr. Adams's work.
August 30, 1797 Settlement of Accounts, with Reprimand William Simmons Michael Kalteisen Letter sent on August 14th received. Content pertained to the payroll of the Detachment under command of Kalteisen. Pay of Daniel Holland was $1.74 and Jeremiah Daniels paid $4.40. Holland forfeited money by law as consequence of his desertion. Daniels pay was settled at Office due to his death. $716.54 left in account of Kalteisen which will be given in usual manner through Daniel...
April 7, 1796 Request for Tents R. Alden Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig accommodated him with tents. Alden feels obligated to Hodgdon for his kind assistance. Seeks consent for his latest request. Is engaged with public service in the frontier of the state, working with the Holland Company. Requests 20 tents to be delivered to Pittsburgh. Will send money when he returns from New York.
March 10, 1796 Pay of Sundry Soldiers William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $62.64 is due three soldiers from Aug. 1, 1793 and apportioned as follows: John Moore $24.28 to Feb. 2, 1794; John Holland $18.11 to Feb. 1, 1794; and Arthur Conway $20.25 to Feb. 22, 1794.
May 8, 1800 Killing of Indian Horses John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton Rivardi reports that his investigation has uncovered evidence that a discharged soldier was guilty of killing Indian horses and the Tuscaroras who were present at the inquiries seemed pleased with the evidence obtained. Discussed construction of building a road, British involvement, and the Holland Land Company.
December 8, 1790 Loan from Holland; admission of Kentucky; Northwest Indians George Washington Congress of the United States President Washington reports that Holland has provided a loan of three million florins. Kentucky is to become a state. Discusses the frequent incursions made on frontier settlements by certain banditti of Indians from the northwest side of the Ohio River. Relates that a military force consisting of regulars and militia, are making up an offensive expedition against the aggressors. The disturbed...
January 24, 1798 Circular to the Heads of the Departments on Foreign Policy John Adams [not available] Presidents request to Heads of Department for their opinions on foreign policy. Special notice to be given to relations with France which Washington believed are tied to relations with Spain, Great Britain, and Holland. Instructions on how to conduct themselves overseas and questions on how to proceed with alliances along with asserting political, economic, and military power.
January 12, 1790 Evaluating several enclosed accounts Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell Enclosing amount settled by Major John Patten with John Yeates, inlistments for five men, and sundry inlistments for Captain Thomas Holland’s company. Also enclosed is Robert Kirkwood’s affidavit confirming expenditure of 97 pounds, 10 shillings which he received from George Read. McComb requests Howell examine these accounts to ensure the proper credit is admitted to the state and a correct...
February 1, 1790 Walley seeks to determine Knox's interest in buying maps Thomas Walley Henry Knox Letter, advises re map of Nort America coast.
December 13, 1790 Response to President Washington's speech from Speaker of House Congress of the United States George Washington Refers to loan from Holland, Kentucky as a state, and offensive operations against hostile Indians northwest of the Ohio River. Acknowledge need to address issue of protection of maritime trade and state of things in Europe. Will give attention to state of trade in Mediterranean. Mention uniform judicial system, establishment of militia.
January 24, 1798 Questions on State of the Nation and Its Foreign Affairs with European nations James McHenry George Washington The President has directed the Secretaries of State, War, and the Treasury, and the Attorney General to consider the state of the nation and its foreign relations, particularly with France, in addition to England, Spain, Holland, and others. McHenry lists a number of important questions respecting foreign affairs that should be addressed. If envoys extraordinary are refused audience, what will...
January 26, 1792 Letter Citation Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Williams, 01/29/1792.
January 26, 1792 Letter Citation Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Williams, 01/29/1792.
May 18, 1793 Knox discusses French Revolution with Sargent Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses wars of the French Revolution.
January 27, 1791 Montmozin discusses international finance and US debt with Otto M. de Montmozin Louis Otto Letter, discusses United States' debt.
May 21, 1793 Proposed defense of Norfolk, Matters Regarding Foreign Vessels in American Harbors and Waters Thomas Jefferson Henry Lee Jefferson has received the letters from the British Consul at Norfolk and the information of Henry Tucker, and has passed them to the President. The legislature has not considered the idea of putting US harbors on the defensive, which means that there is no money to do so and therefore the President cannot comply with the suggestion. The treaties with France and Holland do not allow them to arm...
December 15, 1784 Discussion of Current European Politics John Adams Henry Knox John Adams sends to Henry Knox a letter in which he discusses European politics.
July 26, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Griffith James McRee Simmons authorizes McRee to make payment to Lt. Harris.
January 26, 1792 Prospects for War & Officer Appointments Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Henry Knox Letter, discusses prospects for war and officer appointments.
October 24, 1797 On peace negotiations between France and Portugal Timothy Pickering James McHenry Pickering writes to McHenry on mistakes made in peace negotiations between France and Portugal, and its relation to American diplomats.
January 31, 1801 Request for Preparation of Documents Recalling John Quincy Adams from Foreign Service John Adams John Marshall Asks the Secretary of State to prepare appropriate letters to the King of Prussia recalling John Quincy Adams as minister to that country and thank him for the kind treatment the younger Adams has received. Asks that several copies be sent through different nations; notes that he would prefer J.Q. Adams to continue as a European minister, but the only acceptable posts (as minister to France or...
December 26, 1799 Discussion of Election and Foreign Affairs William Smith James McHenry Laments the outcome of the Pennsylvania election and the implications for a mission to France. Discusses foreign affairs. Refers to the loss of Pickering and hopes to replace the post with his brother-in-law George Izard.