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September 1, 1800 Suspicions Regarding a Gentleman High in Rank Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams urges Hodgdon to investigate charges against an unnamed gentleman of high rank.
September 10, 1797 Regarding effect of high tides and launching of frigate Constitution [not available] George Claghorn Discusses the timing of the launching and the tides of October. They may not be reliable enough. High tides of present month are better. However, consider that work could be done most cheaply on the stocks and venture a delay until October if it will save expenses.
July 4, 1791 Two Horses Stephen Bayard Samuel Hodgdon Bayard has purchased for Hodgdon two horses which he views as both good and cheap. The first, a dark Bay nearly fifteen hands high, cost fifty dollars and will be delivered by Mr. McCord. The other, a Chestnut brown nearly fifteen hands high and six years old, cost forty dollars and may be delivered in a Kentucky boat.
July 27, 1797 Recommendations for Coppering of Frigate Constitution James McHenry George Claghorn Expressed necessity for the ship Constitution to be "coopered on the stocks before she is launched". Orders to cooper the ship to the "high water mark" as soon as the bottom of the boat has been prepared.
November 14, 1792 The Contract with Mr. Duer Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Hamilton discusses the conditionsof the contract with Mr. Duer whose high credit appears to eliminate the need to require sureties.
January 10, 1800 Superintendent's Estimate is Too High Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams contends that the Superintendent's estimate of tools and utensils is too high by several thousand dollars. He bases his contention on documents he has on hand and he has asked [Ames] to dissect his rough estimate and assess the value of each article. [Ames] has refused saying that the Secretary of War has no objections to the estimate he submitted.
July 16, 1798 Appointment as Inspector General Timothy Pickering Alexander Hamilton Pickering discusses the implications of Hamilton being appointed Inspector General which would place him in a position senior to General PInckney.
May 9, 1794 Indian nations in Georgia Constant Freeman Henry Knox Letter from Constant Freemn, agent for the Department of War in Georgia, regarding various Indian nations in that reason.
January 27, 1796 McHenry Should Accept the Nomination William Murray James McHenry Murray informs McHenry that the Senate has unanimously concurred in the President's nomination of McHenry as the next Secretary of War. Murray urges him to accept the nomination.
May 22, 1798 Orders for Captain Richard Dale War Department Captain Richard Dale Dale to be governed by certain instructions which relate to the prevention of violations of jurisdictional rights and to self defense. Describes the range of jurisdiction of United States coast; what action to take if attacked on the high seas; cruising ground; circumstances for receiving additional orders; engaging of a pilot and requirement to maintain a journal of proceedings.
December 26, 1793 Correspondence for General Wayne and Officers; Ohio River Ice; Buildings at Wheeling Isaac Craig Henry Knox Will forward letters for Commander in Chief General Wayne and officers. At present Ohio River obstructed by ice. Captain Cook not yet arrived; expected soon. Regarding buildings at Wheeling, provides requested dimensions.
December 18, 1796 Movement of Commissioners, Troops and Equipment following Treaty of Madrid Charles D. de Lassus Jonathan Taylor From the port of New Madrid, DeLassus, referring to Treaty of Madrid between United States and Spain, requests that movement of commissioners, troops and equipment be delayed until high waters arrive .
October 22, 1786 Possibility of Indian War, Promotions, and Goods in Shipment Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Mentions high probability of an Indian War; discusses promotion for a mutual acquaintance, Wyllis, and some of Wadsworth's goods which are in shipment.
August 30, 1798 Seeks Harmony among US Relations Marquis de Lafayette James McHenry Reports health of family, details of journey to France with a high probability of combat. Speaks of harmony between the two nations. Mentions systems of operations and friends of the US.
June 27, 1797 Discusses Travel and High Expenses Edward Price James McHenry Discusses travel and expenses.
November 26, 1796 Description of Horse Offered for Sale Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner describes the horse he is selling for $150 as follows: he is a Chestnut Sorrell, about seven years old and fifteen hands high. He is from the Army and, according to Major Peters, performed well during a journey of 1100 miles through the wilderness.
September 23, 1793 Death or Glory, Etc. Joseph Shaylor Samuel Hodgdon The army moves within two days for God knows where toward the Miami in high spirits. Whether for death of glory will be known in two months. Shaylor asks Hodgdon to forward in a safe way his letter, which contains some money, to the gentleman to whom the enclosed is directed.
September 27, 1794 Regimental Returns, Etc. Joseph Bloomfield Henry Knox The regimental returns show that there are 504 non-commissioned officers, privates, and officers at Trenton including 178 in the artillery.
January 1, 1799 Worthiness of Captain Robinson Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton Stoddert seeks Hamilton's assessment of Capt. Robinson as a potential commander in the Navy.
February 16, 1798 Seeking a Refund for the Loss of Horses Maria Butler Samuel Hodgdon Butler has been told that she should apply for the price of the horses that were lost in 1797. Even though the value of the two horses is not high, she still wants to have the money refunded and asks Hodgdon about the proper procedure for obtaining the money.
May 9, 1793 Legion Has Arrived Near Cincinnati; Supplies Low, But Readiness High Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne announces the safe arrival of the Legion at a place he has called "Hobson's Choice" near the village of Cincinnati. He bemoans the lack of stores and clothing for his troops and urges that they be sent immediately because of the precarious depth of the Ohio River. Despite the lack of adequate provisions, the state of military readiness is high though only in battle will the men be genuinely...
August 27, 1794 The Cost of Military Supplies in New Jersey Alexander Hamilton Abraham Hunt Hamilton argues that superintendance is required of the business of supplying the militia during their march through New Jersey in order to ensure that the public is not charged unreasonable prices. For example, the current price for rations at Trenton is too high.
October 10, 1798 Autograph Letter Signed, Samuel Hodgdon to Jonathan Williams Samuel Hodgdon Jonathan Williams Letter, dis receipt of Wilkinson's goods.
September 21, 1796 Cost of Cleaning French Arms with Sand William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to examine the account of Joseph Cranch and ascertain whether or not it is agreeable to the terms of his contract relative to his charge for cleaning French arms with sand.
October 4, 1799 Punishment for Desertion Josias Carvel Hall Alexander Hamilton Hall ruminates on the possible punishments for desertion. He argues that death is too harsh for simple desertion and should be reserved for deserting one's post in the face of the enemy.