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September 24, 1790 Warren writes to Knox Major General Warren Henry Knox Letter, Warren asks for favor of a reply from Knox.
March 5, 1798 Knox defends the integrity of Henry Jackson Henry Knox Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Knox cautions Wolcott to refrain from calling into question the integrity of Henry Jackson for accounting irregularities.
November 28, 1796 Letter from Henry Knox Henry Knox Rufus Davenport In this letter Henry Knox orders provisions from Boston to be shipped to Thomaston, Maine for his workmen.
May 24, 1792 Memo containing information from the Auditor on the accounts of Knox William Simmons [not available] Memorandum re settlement of Henry Knox's account.
March 17, 1785 Regarding Henry Knox acceptance of position of Secretary of War and anticipated date for assuming duties Henry Knox Charles Thomson Henry Knox sends to Charles Thomson a letter notifying him of his acceptance of the position of Secretary of War and makes known his anticipated date for assuming the duties of the office.
February 25, 1791 Knox submits report on Henry Laurens' petition to Congress Henry Knox Congress of the United States Knox transmits his report on Henry Laurens's petition to Congress. Laurens is seeking payment for rice provided to troops during the Revolutionary War.
September 11, 1790 Knox directs Martin to comply with the investigation Henry Knox Joseph Martin Knox informs Martin that the investigation by the state of North Carolina will require him to put his conduct in writing.
September 30, 1791 Account of Henry Knox Edward Nixon Henry Knox States the salaries of Knox and his employees for the third quarter of 1791.
July 2, 1794 Letter Citation Henry Lee Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Lee, 07/25/1794.
November 3, 1788 Official expenses of Secretary at War Knox Henry Knox [not available] Account of Henry Knox.
January 2, 1790 Henry Knox writes to William Duer Henry Knox William Duer Letter, illegible.
April 12, 1792 Letter Citation Henry Lee Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Lee, 04/24/1792.
April 7, 1792 Letter Citation Henry Knox Henry Lee Cited in Lee to Knox, 04/19/1792.
May 29, 1792 Desire to Relinquish Participation in Last Purchase Henry Knox [not available] Knox expresses desire to relinquish participation in last purchase. As for other purchases, has made arrangements for his proportion of the advances. He will endeavor to go to New York on Saturday; President Washington has returned. He hope that his wife has complied with his instructions about his son Henry going to school
September 12, 1789 Hayes solicits Knox's recommendation for appointment Moses Hays Henry Knox Moses Hayes solicites Henry Knox's recommendation for his son's appointment as Collector of the port of Newport, RI.
July 17, 1793 Conducting the Security of the Frontier Henry Knox Henry Gaither Secretary Knox informs Major Gaither that Captain Freeman will be the federal agent to the troops in Georgia. Knox implores economy in every aspect of Gaither's conduct.
October 30, 1788 Cited letter or document, Henry Knox to William Knox Henry Knox William Knox Cited in Knox to Knox, 11/12/1788.
February 3, 1794 Conference between Knox and Humphreys Henry Knox Joshua Humphreys Confirmation of meeting between Henry Knox and Joshua Humphreys at the War Office at any time before three o'clock 4 February 1794 if convenient to Joshua Humphreys.
April 29, 1791 Letter from the Secretary at War Henry Knox [not available] Henry Knox informs an unidentified recipient that veteran officers have preference in selections for military appointment.
June 27, 1794 Letter from Henry Knox to Andrew Pickens on peace with the Cherokee Henry Knox Andrew Pickens Knox expresses satisfaction at the peace that has been established with the Cherokee, but is also concerned that "lawless whites" might ruin the peace with "mischief on the frontiers". Knox asks Pickens to inspire confidence among the Cherokee that they will receive protection from the United States.
July 4, 1789 Lewis Gray requests that Knox forward this letter to Henry Jackson Lewis Gray Henry Knox Letter, encloses letter to Henry Jackson.
December 4, 1791 Auditor's report to the Comptroller regarding the account of Henry Knox Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Richard Harrison Report, Auditor's report re account of Henry Knox with subsequent endorsements from the Comptroller and the Register of the Treasury.
April 28, 1792 Knox cautions Chapin regarding interpreters Henry Knox [not available] Knox sends a trusted interpreter to Chapin. Knox also requests that he be informed of when the tribes of the Five Nations go into Council.
September 6, 1794 Letter from Andrew Pickens to Henry Knox on the troops and militia Andrew Pickens Henry Knox Letter from Major General Andrew Pickens to Secretary of War Henry Knox on the concentration of troops and the militia on the southern frontier.
January 31, 1789 William Knox informs of Henry Knox's illness; report on arrival of Lieutenant Beatty in company with Captain Ferguson William Knox Josiah Harmar William Knox writes on behalf of his brother, Secretary of War, informing that he is sick with rheumatic fever and is unable to write. Reports on arrival of Lieutenant Beatty in company with Captain Ferguson. Mentions Mr. Vigo's account.