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December 2, 1794 Pay for Troops at Headquarters and the Lower Part of the Ohio Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Samuel Fisher is charged with $54,690, being for the pay, subsistence, and forage of the troops at Headquarters and the lower part of the Ohio.
December 5, 1796 Account of Ensign Meriwether Lewis William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $20.56 is due Ensign Meriwether Lewis, being the balance of his account of the expenses for himself, a Dragoon, and a Servant from the Headquarters of the Army with dispatches from the Commander in Chief to this city.
September 20, 1793 Extract from General Orders [not available] [not available] Extract from General Orders issued at Headquarters relating to complains about late pay.
April 9, 1796 Army Pay and Accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Discusses a deficiency in the estimates for Army pay. Accounts and vouchers. Asks Swan to forward his accounts quarterly.
March 31, 1794 Musket & Rifle Powder John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Sixty barrels of musket powder and forty barrels of rifle powder forwarded to Pittsburgh are to be considered part of the estimate of the ordnance of the present year.
February 22, 1799 Divsion of New Hampshire into Recruiting Districts Samuel Livermore Alexander Hamilton Livermore provides his opinion as to how New Hampshire should be divided into recruiting districts with each county comprising a district and a town within each county as the district headquarters.
September 12, 1789 Major Doughty Suggests Spot for Headquarters on the Big Miami Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Received notice that Major Doughty arrived at Little Miami and will go to Big Miami. Suggests location for headquarters opposite Vicking River with never failing springs.
October 10, 1795 Remitting funds for troop payment William Simmons Caleb Swan Informs Caleb Swann that Major Haskell will remit funds to him for payment to the troops at headquarters, Forts Knox and Steuben.
July 20, 1798 Certification of payments; compensation of John M. Scott William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $41.06 is due John M. Scott, late Surgeon of the Army of the United States, for his expenses transporting public money from Philadelphia to the Headquarters of the Army in July 1793.
October 18, 1796 Pay advance to Captain Britt William Simmons Caleb Swan Informs Swan, the paymaster at Army headquarters, of an advance of pay and subsistence that he has made to Captain Daniel Britt
April 24, 1794 Orders to take charge of deserters John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Detachment under Ensign McClean, marching to Headquarters, to take charge of seven deserters in jail. McClean waits on Hodgdon for some iron handcuffs to secure the deserters.
November 2, 1791 Purchase of 200 Horses, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr has noted the time the agent agreed to purchase 200 horses. After six days Barr is certain that no more than twenty horses have been purchased and that it will be from twenty to thirty days before they are delivered to the headquarters at Fort Washington.
September 8, 1791 Transportation to Head Quarters, Indian Activity Isaac Craig Henry Knox Troops to descend Ohio River for Headquarters shortly. Indians are quiet, some are confirmed to "be in the neighborhood."
June 8, 1795 Pay and Forage of Major John H. Buell, 2d Sub Legion William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $161.85 is due Major John H. Buell of the 2nd Sub Legion, being the balance of his account of pay and forage for the first five months of 1795, and subsisting his servant from Headquarters to Philadelphia.
April 17, 1800 Certification of payment; Sergeant William Carter, 11th Regiment of Infantry for expenses marching recruits from Philadelphia to Headquarters on the Scotch Plains William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $4.75 to Sergeant William Carter, 11th Regiment of Infantry for expenses marching recruits from Philadelphia to Headquarters on the Scotch Plains.
April 20, 1799 Request to meet with General Macpherson James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. Request to have an express in readiness to proceed from War Office to Headquarters of General McPherson Monday morning 10 o'clock.
May 24, 1792 Return of Military Stores Requested John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War requests a return of ordnance, arms, and military stores for the campaign, including those sent on to Pittsburgh. They are for General Wayne who is setting out for headquarters.
July 24, 1799 General Orders will put almost an entire stop to recruiting in Pennsylvania... Thomas Lloyd Moore Alexander Hamilton " ...I made a trip to the Westward some time ago in order to visit some of my recruiting posts and am happy to inform you that the officers conduct themselves with great propriety and they have met with considerable sucess but all agree in opinion that the late General Orders will put almost an entire stop to the recruiting business in Pennsylvania...I can inform you that I have 200 to 250...
May 5, 1796 Expenses of Captain Jonathan Taylor William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $64 is due Captain Jonathan Taylor for his expenses bringing public dispatches from the Headquarters of the Army to the Secretary of War.
January 7, 1784 Settlement of Pay Account James Fairlie John Pierce Discusses settlement of accounts. requests advance of notes to the amount of his commutation per resolution of Congress.
February 29, 1796 Requests Delivery of Parcels to Headquarters for General Wilkinson and Lieutenant John Wade Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon Clerk Samuel Lewis asks that one parcel be conveyed to General Wilkinson and other to Lieutenant John Wade, 1st U.S. Regiment.
April 4, 1794 Reams of muster an payroll for Swan & Craig Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon Howell is sending five reams of muster and payrolls and four reams of blank additions to Caleb Swan, Paymaster to the troops at headquarters, and one ream of muster and payrolls for Isaac Craig at Pittsburgh.
April 19, 1794 Request for Boat for Lieutenant Campbell Smith Henry Knox Isaac Craig Requests that Craig furnish boat for Lieutenant Campbell Smith to convey him to Headquarters. Captain Crawford will furnish escort.
September 2, 1790 Matters of pay; government removal to Philadelphia; pay reductions; the lottery Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell From Headquarters Fort Washington, Harmar mentions that punctual payments always ensure discipline. Is happy that Congress had determined to remove to Philadelphia. Will discontinue forwarded subscription of Tenno's paper as he will send a copy directly to Harmar in the future. Reductions of officer's pay is a very hard case indeed, does not think much about the soldiers. Harmar himself subjected...
October 4, 1794 Report of Deserter Claiming to Have Been Captured By Indians & Escaped John Stagg Anthony Wayne An alleged deserter claims that he was captured by Indians and later released. If he appears in Pittsburgh, he is to be apprehended and sent to Fort Washington and on to Legion headquarters.