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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
August 13, 1790 Longman acknowledges receipt of power of attorney from Knox Thomas Longman Henry Knox Letter, discusses demand on Mrs. Harwood's property.
March 9, 1785 Rolls of Rawling's Regiment; account of Captain Harwood Joseph Howell John White Rolls of Rawling's Regiment were taken by Mr. Dunscomb with those of Virginia Line. Mentions account of Captain Harwood and recruiting service;
March 31, 1790 Warrant number 133 for two thousand dollars Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton Joseph Howell encloses warrant to Alexander Hamilton drawn by late commissioners of Treasury on Thomas Harwood. Money will be used to pay troops in installments.
December 10, 1791 Certificates of John Bennett and John Strahan Joseph Howell Robert Denny The certificates issued for John Bennett and John Strahan of Lee's Legion and issued to Mr. White are found to have been cancelled by the Treasury but it is not evident who funded them or who disposed of them. Richmond is of the opinion that Mr. White lodged all the certificates remaining in his hands with Mr. Harwood or Mr. Johnston. Denny is asked to examine all the receipts lodged by Mr. White...
October 15, 1800 Letter Signed, James Wilkinson to Samuel Dexter James Wilkinson Samuel Dexter Letter, encloses testimonials re lieutenancy candidates.
November 19, 1797 Money Charged for Cannons and Carriages Never Expended John Randall William Simmons Randall received money sent to him for mounting cannons and carriages received by equipment never came to hand. Randall prepared to refund money to Mr. Harwood, Commissioner of Loans.
May 24, 1790 Warrants number 440 and 441 Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton Howell encloses warrants drawn by late commissioners of Treasury on Thomas Harwood.
May 18, 1787 Maryland paper money John Pierce Thomas Harwood Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts expressing concern about the use of paper money emitted by Maryland and in the hands of Thomas Commander Russell.
November 28, 1788 Artillery men entitled to lands Joseph Howell C. Richmond Notes that Richmond will be called upon for a return of artillery men entitled to lands.
January 26, 1800 Request for payment of invalid pensioners Samuel Dexter [not available] Request to furnish money to Commissioners of Loans of various states for purpose of paying invalid pensioners.
January 26, 1801 Payments for Invalid Pensioners [not available] [not available] Directs payment to the Commissioners of Loans of various states so that the listed invalid pensioners can be paid the money owed them.
October 1, 1788 Continuation of register of certificates Joseph Howell Nathaniel Gilman Continuation of register of certificates issued by John Pierce.
September 24, 1789 General Account of Anticipations from Register's Office, Treasury of United States Joseph Nourse [not available] No. 1 is amount of orders drawn by late superintendent of finance. No. 2 is amount of warrants drawn by late board of treasury, remaining unpaid.