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August 15, 1798 Stewart to Heed Directions Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Asks that directions be forwarded to Mr. Stewart in the Accountant's Office.
January 29, 1794 Account of Alexander Stewart Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account statement of Alexander Stewart, late a soldier in the 2nd New Jersey Regiment.
July 13, 1788 Regarding Colonel Stewart's pay Jonathan Bankson Joseph Howell Encloses certificate and receipt for Colonel W. Stewart's pay
June 1, 1792 Account of Archibald Stewart Accountants Office, War Department Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service of Archibald Stewart, late of the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
October 22, 1798 Certification of payments; Lieutenant Philip Stewart of 2d Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $91 pay to Lieutenant Philip Stewart of 2d Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers.
November 13, 1795 Request for vouchers William Simmons John Betson Requests from John Betson that he quickly forward vouchers for the 422 dollars in pay he received for Capt. Stewart and the Delaware militia.
February 19, 1787 Lieutenant Boyd's Pay Joseph Howell Alexander Benstead Howell assures Benstead that Lieutenant Boyd seems to have received all the pay that was due him and indeed is charged with the sum of $60 paid him by Colonel Walter Stewart.
June 30, 1790 Knox introduces his brother to Walter Stewart Henry Knox Walter Stewart Letter, recommends brother.
April 10, 1798 12 Round Shot for the Frigate "United States" James McHenry John Harris "Be pleased to deliver to Lieutenant Charles Stewart 12 round shot [for] 12 pounders for the Frigate United States."
June 4, 1795 Ninety-Five Cents Due from the Paymaster James Stewart United States Senate Stewart, McKown, and Burns have submitted to Cornet James Bale their request for ninety-five cents each full balance due them from the Paymaster to the Cavalry.
April 10, 1798 12 Round Shot for the Frigate "United States" James McHenry John Harris "Be pleased to deliver to Lieutenant Charles Stewart 12 round shot [for] 12 pounders for the Frigate United States."
June 10, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons William R. Boote Simmons informs Boote to expect pay from Lieutenant Meminger.
December 15, 1800 Certification of payment; William A. Rind and John Stewart, for printing blank contracts for War Office William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $40.34 to William A. Rind and John Stewart, for printing blank contracts for War Office.
September 21, 1798 Warrant in favor of Joseph Anthony [not available] [not available] Warrant in favor of Joseph Anthony for $4000
October 14, 1797 Transportation of Cannon, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Tench Francis Mr. O'Brian has reported on the state of Hughes' furnace and maintains that an 80-ton vessel cannot come within five miles of the works so another mode of transportation must be found. He says that there are vessels at Baltimore that might be available for shipping the cannon. Mr. Stewart should be asked about the price he would require for his schooners to provide this service.
April 19, 1791 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Encloses a statement on a particular account; mentions vouchers, bounties, pay, and subsistence. Colonel Stewart's vouchers for recruiting were lost or destroyed.
March 22, 1800 Remit Sum by Treasurer William Simmons Nicholas Fish Treasurer of United States will remit sum to Fish who should use monies to pay Mr. William Allison Stewart of the New York Hospital. Reimbursement was for board, medicine, and attendants for funeral expenses of Private James Cullen (in Capt. Frederick Frye's Company).
October 4, 1786 Claim of Promotion John Pierce Unknown Recipient Report on a claim of promotion by virtue of vacancies by William Stewart and Palman Cadey
March 31, 1800 Letter to the President of the United States James McHenry John Adams Letter to the President of the United States concerning the case of Captain Levin Jones, formerly of the brig David Stewart, against whom a bill has been found by a Grand Jury for murder.
April 24, 1786 Request that certificate be mailed Stewart Herbert Joseph Howell The author had received a Certificate related to his indebtedness to the United States but, after delivering it to John Pierce, was unable to obtain it from the recipient because he had to march westward the next day. He requests, therefore, that the Certificate be mailed to him.
January 8, 1801 Simmons Informing Baldwin of the Posession of Particular Pay and Muster Rolls as well as the Allowance Given to Scouts in Georgia William Simmons Abraham Baldwin Simmons writes Mr. Baldwin to inform him that the pay and muster rolls for certain claims for militia services that are generally deemed "unauthorized" are on file in Simmons' office, and specifically the pay rolls of Captain Abraham Heard, Robert Milton and Allen Stewart of the cavalry are among them. Simmons goes on to inform Baldwin that there is a 5/6ths of a dollar per diem allowance for...
May 11, 1787 Enclosed certificates; the matter of General Muhlenberg's certificates Joseph Howell Matthew McConnell Encloses certificates of Captain Nie, Captain Mackay, Lieutenant Hughes, Doctor Bond, and Major Franks. Certificate for Lieutenant Stewart of General Hazen's Regiment has been deissued. Asks if it is consistent with the rules of general society to grant General Muhlenberg's certificate to that of Pennsylvania, when he was considered belonging to Virginia.
May 8, 1786 Certificate to Herbert Joseph Howell Stewart Herbert The author is prepared to issue the Certificate for the recipient as soon as he receives the appropriate orders. If friends are not available to pick it up for him, he may direct the request to John Pierce and the Certificate will be forwarded in whatever manner the recipient prefers.
November 22, 1793 General Stewart declines appointments; brigs Cunningham and Pilgrim Henry Knox Thomas Jefferson General Stewart declines acceptance of appointment as inspector of the Philadelphia port and naval office. He made the application at insistence of father in law, who is now convinced that office will hurt commercial pursuits. Encloses letter from Governor of Maryland regarding capture of brigs Cunningham and Pilgrim.
January 20, 1799 Encloses Information about Appointments James McHenry Robert Oliver Encloses information about an appointment.