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May 8, 1800 Officer Recommendation for Mr. Martin, & Comments on His Non-Appointment as a Slight to the President William Grove James McHenry Grove, of North Carolina, returns a list of officer nominations, and professes his belief that the omission of a Mr. Martin's name from the list was not meant by McHenry or anyone else as a slight to Martin, to Grove, or to the president. He gives his recommendation of Martin, and supposes that his name might have been transposed to a list of officers for the provisional army.
August 15, 1791 Visit to Pine Grove Furnace, Etc. Richard Parker William Knox Parker notes that he has visited Pine Grove Furnace and has not found one single [?] of any dimension. Thornburgh, Arthur & Co. only agreed to make them if they had a specific order from the War Department that would pay them 45-50 pounds [currency] each. If Knox agrees to these terms, Parker can have wagons sent on directly to transport them.
June 7, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Robert Rowan Simmons informs Rowan that a warrant for his pay was issued to W. B. Grove. Simmons directs Rowan to submit an account current.
June 15, 1791 List of 41 Indian Prisoners Josiah Asheton [not available] List of the Indian prisoners taken by the army under the command of Brigadier General Scott, on the Wabash River, at the Ouiatanon town and neighboring villages, June 1st, 1791.
May 31, 1800 Correspondence with President Adams on the Eve of McHenry Resignation James McHenry John Adams Transmits to President Adams his recollections of the conversation which passed between them the evening before his resignation. Also transmits copies of letters from Mr. Grove, Governor Davies, Major Stagg, and General Darke.
April 30, 1800 Notification of Payment William Simmons James Carraway Accounts for supplies furnished to the 6th Reg. of Infantry at Avery's borough North Carolina were submitted by William Barry Grove, Esq. Upon examination of the receipts, Simmons found Carraway shortchanged himself, changes made to account to be reimbursed. Sum paid to William B. Grove, attorney for Carraway. Future receipts to be directly submitted to Office and payment to Carraway to be...
February 26, 1795 Transportation of Clothing and Arms Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering notes that the clothing may be sent to New York from which place vessels frequently sail to Wilmington. The arms may be sent down the river to Reedy Island where they will be loaded on a vessel sailing to Europe.
May 3, 1792 Directions for travel Joseph G Chambers Henry Knox Letter to the Secretary of War, offering directions for travel as he needs to meet with Secretary Hamilton.
August 28, 1799 Recommendation of Doctor for 6th Regiment William Grove James McHenry Recommendation of Dr. Rover Cutler for the post as surgeon of the 6th Regiment, based on his experience and his education at Edinburgh
May 26, 1796 Request of Colonel Dekeyser William Simmons William Grove Discusses the request of a Colonel Dekeyser for accounting information and his reasons for denying the Colonel's request.
October 14, 1795 Confirms receipt of letter William Simmons Thomas Overton Confirms receipt of letter containing receipts of Captain Griffith McRee.
July 26, 1791 My Independence & Happiness Depend on Congress Catharine Greene Alexander Hamilton Mrs. Greene asks for Hamilton's assistance as she petitions Congress for reimbursement of the personal funds spent by her husband in payment for supplies needed by the army during the War for Independence,.
November 20, 1800 Exchange, David Anderson, Wilmington, North Carolina Daniel Wheaton Samuel Dexter Wheaton paid $832.70 to David Anderson.
September 7, 1789 Knox informs Rodney of his recommendations to the President Henry Knox Thomas Rodney Letter, discusses recommendations to Washington.
May 14, 1799 Encloses List of Potential Officers; Outlines Reimbursement Procedure James McHenry Richard Dobbs Spaight In preparation for officer appointments, has written to Governor Davis with a list of potential names, included here. Questions if it was proper to include Spaight's name. Makes it clear that if officers are approved, they will not receive reimbursement until they raise troops.
May 8, 1800 List of officers for the Provisional Army William Grove James McHenry Concerning a list of officers for the Provisional Army, particularly the omission of Mr. Martin which he discusses in detail.
January 26, 1795 Account of Isaac Boan Joseph Howell Mr. Grove Discusses the claim of Isaac Boan, late private in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
July 9, 1789 Assurances of President's Impartiality Henry Knox Thomas Rodney Acknowledged President's receipt of letter regarding Judge McKean and Colonel John Parks. Knox assured Rodney of the President's knowledge of the men's character.
June 14, 1787 Request for bill of exchange Caleb Swan John Pierce Discusses Colonel William Blount's request for a bill of exchange he believed to have been deposited in the pay office
December 27, 1798 Certification of payments; Lieutenant Robert Rowan, 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $190 pay to Lieutenant Robert Rowan, 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers
April 7, 1791 St. Clair Detained by the Gout, Etc. Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair The recruiting of regular troops and levies appears to be successful. The friendly Indians should be conciliated following the murder by whites of several members of their tribe. St. Clair is currently hobbled by the gout. General Butler is going to Maryland and Virginia to supervise the raising of two battalions.
August 20, 1798 Reports Activity of Provisional Army in Pennsylvania and Delaware William Grove James McHenry Speaks of [illegible name] who serves the government, particularly in South Carolina, with an appointment in the provisional army. Left Philadelphia to discuss matters with generals in the Pennsylvania Army. Refers to David Knowles and the Cherokees. Details communications and plans with various officers. Mentions infantry uniforms and arms for various companies. Lists Wilmington District names...
February 15, 1799 Certification of payments; Lieutenant Robert Rowan, 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $147.40 Lieutenant Robert Rowan, 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers, for subsistence.
April 14, 1796 Pay of Private Angus McPhail, Deceased, of Captain Griffith McRee's Company of Artillerists and Engineers William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $11.93 is due Angus McPhail, late a private in Captain Griffith McRee's Company of Artillerists and Engineers, being his pay from Oct. 17, 1794 to Feb. 4, 1795, the date of his death.
May 14, 1799 Sundry Deployments of Officers, Etc. James McHenry William Grove McHenry discusses sundry officer deployments. It seems likely that Mr. Love, who belongs to the 4th Regiment, will be attached to the officer who has been ordered by Colonel Hamilton to Salisbury in Carolina. Lieutenant Rowan has been assigned to a southern garrison but his eventual employment will depend on Major General Pinckney. McHenry stresses, however, that officers will not receive pay or...