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November 23, 1796 Deducting Clothing Expenses from Ragged Soldiers' Pay J. Grimke Samuel Hodgdon Since some of the soldiers at Whetstone Point have nothing but ragged clothing, Grimke wants to know if they could be furnished new unform clothing while having the cost deducted from their pay. He wants a specification of the actual price of uniforms so he can deduct the proper amount.
August 24, 1797 [Uniforms for the United States Navy] James McHenry [not available] [possibly a journal entry] Noted visit of Mary Logan and other visitor. Discussed the "coloured gentry". Attached newspaper article pertaining to riot in town.
March 22, 1790 Concerning pensions and settlements Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton concerning pensions and settlements, offering information from the books of the office.