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May 31, 1796 Proclamation Referencing Treaty of Greeneville James Wilkinson [not available] A proclamation or official document referencing the Treaty of Greeneville concluded by General Wayne in August 1795.
June 26, 1795 Escort for Public Stores Sent to Greeneville John Pierce John Mills Corporal Brown and three men have been sent as guards on one keel boat loaded with public stores intended to be sent to Greeneville.
February 7, 1800 Unlawful Charges by Doctor James McHenry William Simmons The last letter from Simmons instructed Dr. Brown what vouchers were necessary for submitting for reimbursement. Discussed Dr. Brown's request for compensation for services rendered sick Indians in the Western Country and a charge for attending the Indians at the Treaty at Greenville. His charges are above those permitted by law, therefore he needs the approval of the Sec. of War. Elaborated on...
September 28, 1795 Information Regarding the Recent Indian Treaty [Treaty of Greeneville] Timothy Pickering George Washington Forwards to Washington the details of Anthony Wayne's recent treaty with the Indians [the Treaty of Greeneville], noting that he obtained more land by it than had been expected. Lists the chiefs and tribes present at the signing of the treaty.
March 6, 1796 Pay and Forage of the Troops, Etc. Caleb Swan James Wilkinson A statement of the amount of pay and forage of the troops stationed and cantoned at Greeneville and its dependencies, Forts Steuben, Knox, and Mesac for January through September 1795. Included is the amount of pay transmitted to headquarters by the Accountant of the Department of War.
November 15, 1793 New Post, Greeneville, Threatens Indians at Au Glaize; Addresses Supplies and Recruitment Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Notes Legion's position threatening Miami villages and Indian town at Au Glaize, saying this protects frontier and supply convoys by keeping Indians close to protect their homes, rather than venturing further to attack U.S. settlers or Legion supply shipments. Hopes to capture or reduce Au Glaize soon, and build a fort at the place. Expresses opinions on Kentucky mounted volunteers. Notes that...
October 8, 1796 Instructions & Order for Delivery of Uniform Clothing to the Garrisons Anthony Wayne John Wallington Encloses instructions for the immediate selection and delivery of uniform clothing to the garrisons, ordering Wallington to carry them out, as Col. Meigs, the officer to whom the instructions are addressed, remains very ill. Seems to grant Meigs' full authority in this matter to Wallington. Informs Wallington that much clothing should have arrived at Greeneville, he is to forward that supply to...
December 4, 1793 Pleading for Orders, Backpay & New Recruits; Defenses at Greeneville Complete, and Expectations of Indians to Fight or Deal Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Laments lack of word from Knox, which he attributes to an epidemic in Philadelphia; also laments continued unreliability of contractors. Reports defenses at Greeneville complete, and believes Indians will fight or submit to negotiations by Jan. 1. Notes continuing problem of expiring enlistments and efforts to reenlist veterans; pleads for the 7 months' back pay due to the troops. Hopes that...
December 6, 1797 Pay of the Army in the Northwestern Territory Caleb Swan William Simmons Paymaster Caleb Swan presents a statement of the pay of the Army in the Northwestern Territory including the following posts: Detroit, Miami, Defiance, Fort Wayne, Greeneville, Fort Washington, and Fort Knox, Fort Massac. Swan laments the difficulty of making advancements to officers when the law will not define entitlements. Swan can offer no reason why troops are not paid, except that they may...
September 5, 1795 Treaties and Jacobin Opposition Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Enclosed application of Gov. Mifflin, on behalf of W. Brown, is to obtain release of prisoner J. Thompson from Indian possession. If it is too late to have prisoner released, the status of his fate is requested. Mentioned Jacobin newspapers depicting the President as a "haughty tyrant" and that the dissenters were "on the eve of revolution". Jacobins are also gaining support in protesting the...
December 4, 1793 Payment of Officers Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Improper method of payment discussed, request for money, locations and amounts of money required by several paymasters.
January 27, 1796 Names of Sick Officers John Mills Richard Allison Mills sends the names of the officers who reported sick this morning.
July 28, 1796 Transmission of Swan's Account Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan is sending his warrants No. 430 to 477 with complete muster and pay rolls and receipts annexed and an abstract of said payments and of all monies received by him on account and bills of exchange sold by him up to No. 62.
January 31, 1796 Regarding a review of discrepencies in pay estimates Caleb Swan James Wilkinson Refers to report requested by Brigadier General Wilkinson regarding discrepancies in calculations of pay between Simmons and Swan.
April 16, 1795 Receipt of letter and copy of account Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Acknowledges receipt of letter and copy of account.
November 29, 1796 Washington's Speech to the Indians on How to Honor the Treaty of Greeneville George Washington Northwestern Indian Chiefs Address to the [Northwest] Indian Confederacy comprised of the Wyandot, Delaware, Shawnee, Kickapoo, Wea, Ottawa, Chippewa, Putawatomie, Miami, Kaskaskia, Piankeshaw & Eel River tribes. Endeavors to give them advice surrounding the [Treaty of Greeneville], now ratified by the Senate. Explains the provision that the Indians not sell any of their land except to the U.S. Recommends that the Indians...
May 8, 1796 Punctuality Respecting Quarterly Transmissions Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan pledges to be punctual in responding to Simmons' directions respecting the quarterly transmissions of his accounts and vouchers. He would have sent them sooner but the men who ply between Limestone and Gallipolis have the kind of reputation that prevents them from being charged with papers of importance.
August 30, 1796 French movements on the frontier Zebulon M. Pike Thomas Pasteur Concerning French movements on the frontier and their relations with Indians.
March 6, 1795 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig sends to Samuel Hodgdon a general statement of accounts and estimates of expenditures. Craig mentions possibility of treay with hostile Indians being made at Greeneville. Craig also requests crawley steel for nails and white lead and Spanish brown for paint.
February 4, 1796 Clothing Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Clothing stores at Fort Washington accounted for in detail.
April 1, 1796 Return of Clothing from the First Quarter from R.J. Meigs clothier R J Meigs Samuel Hodgdon R.J. Meigs clothier encloses return of clothing for first quarter of 1796.
June 12, 1794 Officer Recommendations & Resignations Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Recommendations for officer promotions, and losses due to resignation (speeded in one case by alcoholism).
December 23, 1794 Reverend Doctor Jones Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter from Major General Wayne to the Secretary of War concerning the Reverend Doctor Jones and Isaac Zane.
February 5, 1794 Accounts of McKinson and Shaumburgh Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Caleb Swan encloses account of Brigadier General James McKinson and Lieutenant Bartholomew Shaumburgh.
March 21, 1795 Exchange of Prisoners for Farmland Anthony Wayne Sachems, Chiefs, & Warriors of the Wyandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatomies, Shawnees, & Miamis Since the Indians have agreed to surrender all their prisoners, Wayne agrees to allow the Delaware Nation to continue to farm the same ground they once occupied.