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March 28, 1791 Letter from the Governor of Connecticut Samuel Huntington Henry Knox This letter from the Governor of Connecticut confirms receipt of the federal levy for 152 soldiers.
March 26, 1794 Request to forward letter Henry Knox Collector Port of New Haven Connecticut Knox encloses letter to Governor of Connecticut. Because it is probable Governor may be at Norwich, asks that letter be delivered to senior officer of militia of New Haven.
December 16, 1800 Officers in Connecticut Samuel Dexter Ebenezer Huntington Mentions officers in Connecticut.
September 9, 1793 Capture of the Brig "Nancy" Henry Knox Thomas Jefferson Jefferson is asked to inform the British minister that two French privateers have captured the brig "Nancy" of Jamaica and taken her to New London. The Governor of Connecticut has captured this brig with a party of militia and will deliver her up to her master or owner but so far no such persons have appeared.
November 25, 1787 State of Connecticut's Officers, Appointment of John Palsgrace Wyllys Samuel Huntington James McHenry The governor of Connecticut informs the War Department of his appoint of John Palsgrave Wyllys to the head of the Connecticut troops on the Western Frontier. He also asks for a count of how many Connecticut officers are now serving, and states that many of them are unfit for further duty.
September 14, 1793 Government to Pay for Expenses of Returning Confiscated Ship & of Connecticut Militia Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Responds to a request for procedure regarding the return of a captured Brig, Nancy, to her owners, after being confiscated by two illicit privateers, Petite Democrat and Caramagnole. Knox says that the cost of seizing and returning the ship will be paid by the federal government, rather than her owners, though if the ship's cargo is to be sold in its current port it still must pay the usual...
June 12, 1799 Findings of Land Survey for Connecticut Fortifications James McHenry Jonathan Trumbull Connecticut is preparing to cede land to the U.S. for the construction of two forts, Trumbull & Griswold. McHenry transmits the findings of a survey of the land in question, by Captain Decius Wadsworth. The report gives a precise qualitative description of the boundaries of each site; McHenry asks that the land cession now be put in motion.
September 7, 1793 Further Explanation of Federal Policy on the Return of Ships Captured by Illicit French Privateers; Regarding Funds for Connecticut Militia Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Knox further explains the president's decision that American shipowners seeking to have remanded to them ships captured by the "illicit" French privateers [those outfitted in American ports, to the violation of American neutrality] do so in the courts. He also explains that preparations for the payment of the expenses of the Connecticut militia are underway.
March 19, 1798 Request for frigate cannon from War Office to Governor John Jay of New York [not available] John Jay Iron for 24 pounder cannon for frigate United States found unfit. Request for loan of cannon procured by New York from foundry in Connecticut.
May 5, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Edward Miller Simmons informs Miller to expect payment from John Chester.
October 21, 1786 Instructions for Governor Samuel Huntington Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Instructions enclosed, troop rendez-vous discussed.
August 20, 1793 Regarding American Citizens in Affairs of Prizes Taken by Illegally Equipped French Privateers Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Referring to his contemporaneous letter concerning the return to their owners of ships captured by certain French privateers, Knox transmits Washington's order that any American or neutral citizens caught up in such affairs be referred to American courts, though no such incidents have yet occurred.
May 19, 1794 Knox forwards federal militia regulations to state authorities Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Knox forwards the federal requirements to raise, arm, and equip militia to the Governor of Connecticut, Samuel Huntington.
August 12, 1796 Notification of Pay Forwarded to Connecticut Supervisor Donald G. Mitchell William Simmons Mitchell arranged to have his pay for August through November forwarded to Connecticut; he now requests to have July's pay forwarded as well.
January 27, 1784 Pay of Connecticut Continentals Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Pierce Wolcott is requesting that Pierce inform him of the amounts that were provided by the Continental Army to pay the short term enlistees in the Connecticut militia. Since Connecticut had already provided for the pay of these men, it was not necessary for them to also be paid by the Army. He requests that receipts be provided so that Connecticut will know how much was provided.
December 30, 1793 Account of Caleb Trowbridge Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Caleb Trowbridge, late Captain in the Connecticut Line. Trowbridge was a prisoner during the Revolutionary War.
August 18, 1794 Illicit French Privateers Flouting U.S. Authority to Be Stripped of Military Equipment If Entering U.S. Ports Again Alexander Hamilton Samuel Huntington Explains that the government has suffered much embarrassment from illicit French privateers running from one American port to the next, effectively getting the asylum that was to be denied to them because of their illegality. Transmits the president's new order, that all these privateers be informed that if they enter American ports again they will be stripped of all their military equipment;...
March 11, 1799 Certification of payments; sundry men stationed at Middletown Connecticut William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $52.45 pay to sundry men stationed at Middletown, Connecticut.
October 14, 1788 Ruling of Connecticut Committee on Settling Accounts Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Detailed description of process for settlement of accounts as voted on by elected committee for Connecticut army.
August 7, 1793 Notification of Agreement Between U.S. & France Concerning French Ships in U.S. Ports Henry Knox Samuel Huntington Informs Huntington of a recent agreement between the U.S. and the French minister regarding the rights of French ships in neutral U.S. ports.
May 30, 1791 Supplying the Troops of Connecticut Joseph Howell Chauncey Whittlesay Howell has enclosed to Whistlesea a bill drawn for $400 on William Seaton, cashier for the Bank of New York, for the purpose of supplying the troops to be raised in Connecticut. A receipt for this sum will be required.
February 1, 1793 List of invalid pensioners from Connecticut Henry Knox William Imlay Imlay transmits list of invalid pensioners from Connecticut.
February 17, 1784 Agent for the Connecticut Line Herman Swift John Pierce Appointment of an agent to distribute the certificates for the Connecticut line. Payment of money due the 2nd Connecticut Regiment.
April 18, 1794 Embargo upon vessels bound to foreign ports Henry Knox Samuel Huntington President Washington has directed Secretary Knox to inform Governor Samuel Huntington of Connecticut of the continuance of an embargo upon vessels bound for any foreign port. Requests cooperation of militia.
June 22, 1790 Enclosed Certificates Ralph Pomeroy Henry Knox Certificates, papers of Gov. Trumbull mentioned.