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September 20, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Thomas Mifflin Hamilton sends Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania, the same letter he sent to Governor Thomas Sim Lee of Maryland on September 18, 1794. [document not available]
September 20, 1794 Appointing a Surgeon General Alexander James Dallas Alexander Hamilton On behalf of Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania, Alexander Dallas asks if it be appropriate to appoint a Surgeon General for Pennsylvania. Claims that the object is of "considerable importance." Also mentions that he has called on the Master Warden, Nathaniel Falconer, with instructions to send off troops to Fort Mifflin for the purpose of stopping and detaining certain vessels.
September 4, 1794 Communication from Pennsylvania Governor Alexander Hamilton George Washington Secretary Hamilton requests that President Washington send him communication from Thomas Mifflin, governor of Pennsylvania, containing imputations on the conduct of the officers of the United States employed in the western counties against the Whiskey rebels.
March 31, 1794 Pennsylvania troops being raised Henry Knox William Bradford Letter from the Secretary of War to the Attorney General, regarding Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Mifflin raising four companies of troops for the port of Philadelphia and the defense of the frontier.
June 24, 1794 Establishment at Presqu' Isle Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox Letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania to the Secretary of War. In it, Governor Mifflin addresses the establishment of a garrison at Presqu' Isle (now Erie, Pennsylvania), which is hostilely received by the Six Nations. Mifflin mentions that British agents, particularly under the guidance of Lord Dorchester, have "excited that hostile disposition." Mifflin is of the opinion that the settlement...
February 9, 1792 Pennsylvania Governor's Authority Over Soldiers Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Responds to Mifflin's inquiry, saying that as governor of Pennsylvania he has the right to give orders to the scouts employed in the defense of the Pennsylvania frontier; also discusses troop musters and returns.
May 27, 1794 Extract of letter from agent to the Six Nations Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Secretary of War transmits to Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Mifflin the extract of a letter received from General Chapin, agent to the Six Nations.
August 7, 1794 Tents for Troops at Fort Mifflin John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to deliver to the Governor of Pennsylvania [Thomas Mifflin] two horsemen's tents and six common tents for the accomodation of the troops at Fort Mifflin.
August 1795 Erection of Posts at Franklin and Le Boeuf Timothy Pickering Thomas Butler Pickering alerts Colonel Butler that Governor Mifflin has given his approval for the erection of posts at Franklin and Le Boeuf and urges haste in doing so in order to have them completed before winter.
October 6, 1794 Papers regarding the Whiskey Rebellion Alexander James Dallas Alexander Hamilton Transmits, for the perusal of President George Washington, the original papers received by James Lang from the County of Fayette, Pennsylvania, along with a copy of the answer from Governor Thomas Mifflin. Lang was one of the committee of conference appointed by the insurgents of western Pennsylvania during the Whiskey Rebellion to confer with the commissioners of the United States.
January 7, 1793 Public Horse injured or lame Thomas Procter Samuel Hodgdon Proctor expresses dissatisfaction with a horse. Mentions limp and that horse had been foundered or otherwise injured. Mentions Governor Mifflin and the Falls of Schuylkill.
March 20, 1799 Suppressing the Insurrection in Pennsylvania James McHenry Thomas Mifflin To suppress the insurrection now existing in Pennsylvania, the President will deploy a military force composed partly of the state militia of Pennsylvania. Governor Mifflin should hold the militia in a state of preparation to march within the week under the command of General MacPherson.
June 13, 1794 Suspension of Presque Isle is Temporary Thomas Mifflin General William Irvine Governor Mifflin discusses the President's suspension of the establishment of the town at Presque Isle and, in response to the dissatisfaction of frontier inhabitants, assures Irvine that the suspension is only temporary.
October 10, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Thomas Mifflin Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Governor of Pennsylvania.
September 19, 1794 Discharge of worker from Statist expedition Alexander James Dallas Alexander Hamilton Governor Mifflin has directed that, in compliance with Alexander Dallas's request, a workman by the name of Samuel Owner be discharged from the military expedition headed west to respond to the Whiskey Rebellion. Owner was employed by the United States government, but authorities had drafted him after the outbreak of the insurrection.
December 3, 1794 Powder for Governor Mifflin John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Governor Mifflin has applied for a supply of powder intended for a company of artillery who will support the patriotic militia of the city. Powder, standard cartridges, portfires, and other articles of military stores should be transported to Major John Connally who will effect the intentions of the Governor.
July 21, 1794 Regarding Federal-State Relations and the Establishment of a Settlement at Presqu'ile Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Reassures Mifflin that the suspension of establishing a settlement at Presqu'ile is temporary, and was not meant (by the President) to supersede the power of Pennsylvania, but sooth relations with the Six Nations, and the President does not seek to interfere in the rights of the individual states. Hypothesizes when, and under what circumstances, the settlement project can be again undertaken. ...
June 30, 1794 Letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox Letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania to the Secretary of War, regarding the refusal by Indians to acknowledge the validity of certain tracts in western Pennsylvania around Lake Erie.
April 10, 1795 Cited letter or document, Thomas Mifflin to George Washington Thomas Mifflin George Washington Cited in Pickering to Mifflin, 04/23/1795.
September 9, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Thomas Mifflin Secretary Hamilton writes the Governor of Pennsylvania on the latest plans on the progress of the militia in moving to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion.
May 5, 1791 Purchase of a Tract of Land Thomas Mifflin Alexander Hamilton Governor Mifflin, on behalf of his State of Pennsylvania, agrees to purchase a tract of land belonging to the United States for the price of three-fourths of a dollar per acre.
October 1793 Letter from Fort Littleton [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Mentions orders by Governor Mifflin relative to the cavalry. Requests howitzers.
April 3, 1794 Indians on Pennsylvania frontier William Bradford Henry Knox The Attorney General converses with the Secretary of War regarding acts of the Pennsylvania legislature to resist Indians on the western frontiers, and whether or not these acts are constitutional.
June 15, 1792 Order of Arms for Pennsylvania Henry Knox Isaac Craig Secretary Knox requests that Major Craig deliver two hundred stand of arms to Governor Mifflin or to Clement Biddle, the Quartermaster General of Pennsylvania. The arms are for the use of the militia of the western frontier.
December 5, 1794 Gratitude for Assisting in the Suppression of the Insurrection Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Knox extends the President's gratitude to Governor Mifflin and the Militia of Pennsylvania for their support of the General Government's suppression of the recent insurrection.