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April 28, 1791 A Subject of Considerable Import Henry Knox George Clinton Having received no response to an earlier letter of considerable import, Knox assumes that it was miscarried and sends now a copy and requests an answer from Governor Clinton as soon as possible.
January 12, 1784 Letter from the Governor of New York George Clinton John Pierce Letter to the Paymaster General from the Governor of New York.
July 24, 1792 Politics, appointments, and Indian wars Henry Knox Edward Carrington Secretary Knox acknowledges Carrington's recommendations for appointments into the army and shares his personal views on politics and Indian wars. Asks about the state of the government in Virginia (where Carrington resides) and briefly mentions Governor George Clinton of New York.
October 15, 1785 Cited letter or document, John Pierce to George Clinton John Pierce George Clinton cite only Cited in Clinton to Curtenius, 11/23/1785.
September 1795 Indian Speech to U.S. Commissioner at Fort George in Fall 1795 Anusene [?] [not available] Disputes U.S. statement that the Americans had no knowledge of prior Indian arrangements with "Governor Clinton" [presumably former Governor George Clinton of New York]. Refers to previous, intra-Indian land disputes which preceded the current negotiations. Rails against some third party for inciting war and bloodshed, but reaffirms that the Iroquois tribes have not made war on the United...
April 27, 1790 Burned Document George Clinton Henry Knox This document is a surviving fragment of the George Clinton Papers, which suffered extensive damage in a 1911 fire at the State Capitol in Albany, NY.
November 23, 1785 Appointment of New York Auditor for certificates George Clinton Peter Curtenius Governor George Clinton of New York informs Peter Curtenius, Auditor of New York, that he will be responsible for handling business from John Pierce concerning certificates.
February 10, 1784 Concerning financial issues and the Treasury Thomas Tillotson John Pierce Discusses financial issues and prospects for money coming into the Treasury. Mentions money provided by George Clinton to General Washington.
June 17, 1793 Seizure of a French Vessel Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Citizen Genet has written the Secretary of State on the subject of the seizure of a French vessel by the Governor of New York (George Clinton) because it was armed and manned and prepared to prey on the enemies of France. It is Secretary Knox's opinion that French privateers should be required to depart to the dominions of their own sovereign. Document is highly illegible.
October 15, 1785 Congressional Resolution regarding certificates President of Congress Unknown Recipient A copy of a Congressional Resolution pertaining to the issuance of certificates to veterans of the Continental Army. This copy was enclosed in letter from George Clinton, Governor of New York, to Peter Curtenius, Auditor of New York, on 23 November 1785. Clinton received this copy from John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts. Pierce's letter to Clinton is dated 15 November 1785.
June 19, 1792 Letter Citation George Clinton Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Clinton, 06/27/1792.
April 27, 1791 Letter Citation Henry Knox George Clinton Cited in Clinton to Knox, 04/27/1791.
July 26, 1798 Powder Magazine at Fort Clinton James McHenry William Simmons George Fleming has been directed to purchase materials and employ workmen to rebuild the wall of the powder magazine in Old Fort Clinton at West Point. Fleming should be given whatever instructions are necessary for his government of the premises.
August 28, 1793 Prizes Henry Knox George Clinton Discusses the issue of prizes, governor of "this state" acted in accordance with Neutrality Act.
September 28, 1787 On general measures to preserve the peace between the states Arthur St. Clair Benjamin Franklin Governor Clinton is well disposed to concur in any general measure that may preserve peace of the two states, but perceives no danger from most of the persons mentioned in papers, particularly Ar. Moodrey. General Irwin and Mr. Bingham are going to Philadelphia and they can provide more information. As to Jenkins and Franklin, suggests that they be apprehended.
April 27, 1791 Treating with the Six Nations George Clinton Henry Knox Clinton discusses the State governments, treating with the Indians, and the state of Indian politics.
October 26, 1798 The Powder Magazine at Old Fort Clinton George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Fleming is forwarding to the Secretary of War a sketch of the rebuilt north wall of the powder magazine in old Fort Clinton. After having viewed the side wall taken down and the ends of the timber of the bomb proof, he believes that with some small repairs, it should last 12 or 15 more years. It would be expensive to build a new magazine of masonry large enough to contain the amount of powder now...
July 28, 1794 Order to Deliver 1,000 Muskets, Bayonets and Cartridge Boxes to the Gov. of New York Henry Knox Michael G. Houdin Letter, directs delivery of arms to governor of New York.
April 12, 1791 Indian Wars Henry Knox George Clinton Knox informs Governor Clinton that it seems likely that the Indian tribes northwest of the Ohio will unite against the United States. The President wants to avoid a war with the Indians, and the Government is trying to find ways to prevent full war. One step is to meet with the Six Nations, who might easily become enemies. Colonel Pickering has been requested to invite the Six Nations to a...
June 12, 1793 Measures to Be Taken Relative to a Sloop Fitted Out as a Privateer Thomas Jefferson [not available] The three cabinet members respond to the request of the President regarding the disposition of the sloop "Polly" taken by the State of New York. They advise that the vessel should be turned over to the civil power until it is determined, by legal proceedings or otherwise, that if she is to be used for hostile purposes, she should be seized by the Governor of New York pending further advice of the...
April 11, 1793 Report of Indian tribe Land Deeds in New York and Pennsylvania George Clinton [not available] From the Governor of New York, report of Indian tribe Land Deeds, New York and Pennsylvania.
June 27, 1792 Ticklish About the Reservation Henry Knox George Clinton Captain Brandt wants his friend the Fish Carrier to be satisfied with the Cayugas' reservation.
March 7, 1792 Account of Captain Stevens Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account current of Capt. William Stevens, agent of the late 2nd Regiment of Artillery
November 15, 1793 French Prize Ships Henry Knox George Clinton Discusses French prize ships.
September 7, 1786 Enclosed receipts to various governors John Pierce John Sullivan Encloses to various northern governors copies of the receipts of the agents of the Line in that governor's particular state, for the certificates issued by the Office. This is in light of the recent theft of certificate paper, which the office is worried will lead to much counterfeiting.