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October 10, 1793 Funeral of Governor Hancock Samuel Adams Henry Knox Letter, asks the Secretary of War to attend the funeral of Governor Hancock of Massachusetts.
May 10, 1793 Governor Blount's Letters in Hand Henry Knox Tobias Lear "Mr. Allison has just arrived from Governor Blount with the enclosed letters. He says he thinks the Governor may be here in about three weeks."
October 4, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Virginia Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee Letter to the Governor of Virginia regarding concerns he has about General Samuel Smith, who Governor Lee believes is mistaken regarding various issues surrounding the infantry.
August 29, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Maryland Alexander Hamilton Thomas Sim Lee Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Governor of Virginia.
December 20, 1790 Information on Lost Letters Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Letter packet to William Blount miscarried, Knox requested route the letters traveled prior to their miscarriage. Lieutenant Governor Wood currently had the letters in his possession and would distribute them accordingly.
September 9, 1796 No Certain Intelligence from the Governor, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon He has had no news from the Governor, only a rumor that he is very sick. Sargent is at Fort Miami, near Detroit. Updates Hodgdon on the prices of goods in the vicinity.
June 25, 1787 Letter to the Governor of Virginia John Pierce Edmund Randolph Letter to the Governor of Virginia; encloses the copy of a paper lodged by Mr. Pollard; mentions provisions.
February 9, 1793 Letter to Governor Blount Tobias Lear Henry Knox The President has inspected the letter to Governor Blount and it meets his approval but he would like to have the enclosed included in a postscript or in the main body of the letter.
December 1796 Osborne departs for Governor's Island Samuel Osborne Nathan Jones The letter informs Jones that Osborne is setting off this day for Governorís Island.
May 25, 1799 Writes about Garrison on Governor Island James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Writes about garrison on Governor Island and court martial.
December 8, 1798 Warrants for Pay James McHenry James Wood Claims and Warrants for pay due soldiers in Virginia as issued by Governor Brooke discussed.
February 22, 1799 Supplies at the Governor's Island fortifications Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Statement by the New York Agent of the War Department on the supplies at the fortification at Governor's Island. Mentions muskets and bayonets.
April 3, 1793 Indian Hostilities Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Edward Telfair describes Indian violence to the Secretary at War. The Governor mentions the murders of Daniel Moffett and John Herring.
April 29, 1799 Request for Issue of Tents to Governor's Island James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of tents to men at fortifications on Governor's Island, NY.
September 9, 1790 Request to Forward Letter Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Request to forward enclosed letter to Governor Blount.
September 8, 1795 Copy of Statement of Facts Not Found Timothy Pickering Phineas Bond No document from Moore to Governor Fenner found, inclosed extract of letter from Moore to Governor.
February 9, 1793 Proposed Letter to Governor Blount Henry Knox Tobias Lear "Please submit to the President of the United States the enclosed proposed draft of a letter to Governor Blount."
September 18, 1794 On the Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton Thomas Sim Lee Secretary Hamilton writes Governor Thomas Sim Lee of Maryland. Hamilton informs the governor that intelligence has reported that while "a great proportion of the inhabitants" are non-violent and wish to avoid the insurgency, "there is a large and violent party which can only be controuled by the application of Force."
December 21, 1795 Authorization for Governor to Transmit Papers to Secretary of War Isaac Shelby Timothy Pickering Authorizes the Governor of Kentucky to contact the Secretary of War directly for assistance in instances where no provision has been made for the defense of the state's frontier.
July 28, 1794 Order to Deliver 1,000 Muskets, Bayonets and Cartridge Boxes to the Gov. of New York Henry Knox Michael G. Houdin Letter, directs delivery of arms to governor of New York.
August 13, 1793 Governor of Georgia writes to Secretary at War regarding Indian hostilities Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Telfair forwards a transcription of his council of war to Secretary Knox. The Governor asks to have this document presented to the President. The council of war was held on 8 August 1793.
May 18, 1793 Letters from Blount, Shelby, and Wilkinson Henry Knox Tobias Lear "Please to submit to the President of the United States the enclosed letters from Governor Blount of the 18th, 20th, and two of the 25 ultimo, also one from Governor Shelby of the 18 ultimo and two from Brigadier General Wilkinson, one dated the 31 of March and the other the 10 of April."
September 20, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Thomas Mifflin Hamilton sends Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania, the same letter he sent to Governor Thomas Sim Lee of Maryland on September 18, 1794. [document not available]
November 9, 1793 Letter Citation Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Cited in St. Clair to Knox, 99/99/1793. Copy of letter from Knox to governor of Northwestern Territory enclosed, President requested St. Clair follow instructions to governor of Kentucky as if it was written to himself. Advises military force against French.
March 26, 1794 Embargo Henry Knox Henry Lee Letter from Secretary of War, Henry Knox, which instructs the Governor of Virginia that Congress has just passed an embrago on all ships entering from foreign ports for the next thirty days. Knox hopes that the Governor will enforce this embargo fully and promptly.