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January 28, 1794 Dispatches of Gouverneur Morris Alexander Hamilton Unknown Recipient Cabinet meeting concerning the resolution of the Senate calling for the correspondences between Gouveneur Morris and Edmund Randolph. Morris was U.S. ambassador to France and Randolph was Secretary of State. Knox intimated that no part of the correspondence should be sent to the Senate; Randolph intimated that parts of the correspondence which President Washington thinks "improper" should not be...
December 26, 1799 Ceremony of Remembrance for George Washington Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Mentions plans for a ceremony of remembrance of George Washington; Gouverneur Morris will be one of the speakers. Also gives Hodgdon the compliments of the season.
December 7, 1788 Knox writes to Morris Henry Knox Gouverneur Morris Letter, mentions Morris' departure for Europe.
January 25, 1787 Suppression of Insurgents Henry Knox Gouverneur Morris Knox tells Morris of the actions of General Sheppard and General Lincoln's forces as they sought to confront the insurgents during Shays' Rebellion.
January 19, 1794 Recall of Citizen Genet Cabinet Unknown Recipient Cabinet meeting concerning a Presidential message to Congress on the recall of Edmond Charles Genet - "Citizen Genet" - French minister to the United States. The cabinet declares Genet's conduct to have been unequivocally disapproved.
December 23, 1799 Response of the Cincinnati to the Death of Washington William North Alexander Hamilton William North discusses the arrangements made by the Society of Cincinnati regarding the pageantry surrounding the death of George Washington.
July 31, 1786 Accounts of Major Morris Jonathan Ford Morris Joseph Howell Discusses pay matters and a lost certificate and other documentation related to his father, Major Morris. These accounts were not yet settled.
October 1, 1798 Receipt of Morris Enclosed John Kilty William Simmons Kilty encloses Morris' receipt for $300.
January 6, 1797 Alexander's Detention Staats Morris William Simmons Capt. Morris notes that Alexander's receipts are not included in his receipt rolls because he has been informed that Alexander has been detained in Philadelphia by the civil authorities. If that is the case, Morris asks that the recruiting officer in Philadelphia or some other official release Alexander and send him forward to Morris. Robert Dean's pay has also been omitted because he is being...
December 8, 1791 Account of Staats Morris Joseph Howell Staats Morris According to Howell's books, Morris owes a balance $87.46 to the United States. Morris is asked to state his recruiting charges to the US with such sums that have been paid for bounty with the premium of two dollars for each man recruited. If the amount of the recruiting account exceeds the balance of the enclosed account, Morris is authorized to draw a bill on that sum for the amount due him.
June 28, 1796 Enclosed Receipts, Vouchers, and Bounty Due Recruits Staats Morris William Simmons Staats Morris enclosed paperwork for pay of troops and Mrs. Roberts, requested his pay be sent to his brother, James Morris at Law Broad Bay New York.
February 9, 1798 Letter Citation Staats Morris William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Morris, 02/15/1798. William Simmons informs Capt. Morris that his receipts are received and credited.
January 12, 1797 Pay of Captain Morris's command William Simmons John Kilty Notification to Kilty that he will receive money that he is to transfer to Captain Staats Morris at Whetstone Point for the pay of Morris, Lieut. Joseph Guimpe, and the men under Morris' command.
January 3, 1798 Letter Citation Staats Morris William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Morris, 01/09/1798.William Simmons informs Capt. Morris that John Kilty will pay him.
October 20, 1796 Request for Payment William Morris William Simmons Morris requested advanced pay for his troops due to upcoming march to Niagra and also the payment of Capt.Littlefield who advanced Morris money.
December 14, 1798 Enclosed Receipt of Staats Morris John Kilty William Simmons Kilty transmits Morris' receipts for two remittances.
August 25, 1791 Lt. Morris Ordered to New York John Stagg Staats Morris Stagg orders. Lt. Morris to New York to be assigned to Capt. John Smith to further the recruiting service in that city.
November 8, 1791 Lt. Morris Ordered to Accompany Lt. Sohier John Stagg Staats Morris Stagg orders Lt. Morris to accompany Lt. Sohier and his recruits to Philadelphia where they will join Capt. Mills' company. He will then return to the recruiting service in the state of New York.
June 1, 1796 Pay & Subsistence of Captain Staats Morris William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $72.94 is due Captain Staats Morris, being his pay for May 1796 and subsistence for April and May 1796
April 14, 1800 Examination of Receipts William Simmons Staats Morris Examination of receipts submitted by Morris yielded conclusion that Morris followed the rules of the Office regarding submissions of receipts for reimbursement. Simmons then explained the lack of consistency in the accounts of Mr. Baker were due to Morris' vague explanation on record keeping.
April 19, 1794 Delay in the Pay of Lieutenant Staats Morris Staats Morris Joseph Howell Lieutenant Morris expresses to Howell his distress at having not been paid for seventeen months, a delay that has so exhausted his feeble resources that he has been obliged to seek credit from the contractor.
July 1, 1796 Money remitted to James Morris William Simmons James Morris Notification that Simmons will remit the amount of Captain Staats Morris's recruiting account to Morris and that he can apply to Nicholas Fish for payment
October 17, 1797 Recruiting Account & Vouchers Staats Morris William Simmons Morris transmits his recruiting account and vouchers along with an account current, by which it will appear that the money he was charged for the recruiting service has been expended by Lt. Dyson, with a balance due Morris of $26.
August 28, 1798 Forwarded Money Due Staats Morris, Receipt Enclosed John Kilty William Simmons Kilty has received the order from Simmons to remit $100 to Captain Morris. He has advanced the money to Morris and encloses the receipt.
May 15, 1797 Pay of Morris' detachment William Simmons Staats Morris Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay rolls for Capatain Morris' detachment. Money for the pay will be forwarded by John Kilty, federal supervisor at Baltimore. Cited in Morris to Simmons, 05/29/1797.