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July 16, 1794 Funds for Mounting the Artillery at Gloucester Joseph Howell Daniel Rogers The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of two hundred dollars to Rogers for the purpose of mounting the Artillery at Gloucester.
May 6, 1799 Copy of contract made with Jeremiah Buck for supplying the troops of the US with rations in the counties of Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, and Cape May New Jersey [not available] [not available] Copy of contract made between Jeremiah Buck of Bridgetown New Jersey and Jonathan Rhea of Trenton New Jersey, on behalf of Secretary of War for supplying the troops of the United States with rations for a recruiting rendezvous serving the counties of Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, and Cape May New Jersey.
January 7, 1784 Shipment to General Lincoln Timothy Pickering Benjamin Lincoln Pickering informs Lincoln that Starbuck was able to leave Philadelphia due to a thaw in the ice, and it is highly likely he will be able to make it safely to sea. Pickering mentions additional articles that were placed on board, and because the ship was able to leave earlier than expected, bills of lading were not obtained.
August 10, 1799 Appropriations for Fortifications and Expenditures Unknown Author [not available] List of different fortifications and costs.
August 20, 1795 [Extract of a letter from Capt. John Lillie to the Secretary of War] John Lillie Timothy Pickering At request of Capt. Revere, Lillie proved howitzer which he just cast for United States.
February 23, 1799 Division of the State of Rhode Island into Recruiting Districts Ray Greene Alexander Hamilton Green provides his suggestions as to how Rhode Island should be divided into recruiting districts.
July 16, 1794 Funds for Mounting the Artillery of Massachusetts Joseph Howell Nathaniel Gorham The Treasurer has been directed to remit to Gorham funds for those who will mount the Artillery: Daniel Rogers at Gloucester; Nathaniel Fosdick at Portland; Joseph Hiller at Salem; Samuel Gerry at Marblehead; and Amasa Davis at Boston.
August 5, 1796 Power of Attorney Ebenezer Bailey Joseph Roberts Power of attorney for Joseph Roberts to Ebenezer Bailey.
August 10, 1799 Monies paid on account of fortifications War Department [not available] Memorandum charting the money paid for fortifications, with a list of dollars and sites.
February 23, 1799 Division of New Jersey into Recruiting Districts Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden provides his suggestion for dividing New Jersey into recruiting districts.
January 28, 1795 [Report on the expense of Fortifications]. Samuel Smith [not available] List of annual costs to each state for defense and fortification of their borders along with committee approved sums for the following year.
February 10, 1797 [Fortifications]. William Lyman House of Representatives Report on the number and status of the forts and harbors as of the year 1796. Allocation of money for fortification and harbor maintenance discussed.
July 12, 1799 The government pays much too dear for its supplies of provisions. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton affirms his conviction that the government pays too much for provisions. He suggests a method of dividing the states for more efficient provision of supplies and argues that a competition among contractors should be instituted.
January 10, 1797 Letter to Congressional Committee Concerning Seaboard Fortifications James McHenry House of Representatives Informs Congress which forts have been improved upon, and which must be presumed in deterioration because they have not been garrisoned; estimates cost of paying private persons to superintend those unmanned posts. Notes that additional funds for the year's upkeep at the garrisoned forts will be necessary, and that a separate document containing requests for such funds has been submitted.
1797 Contractors for rations Unknown Author [not available] Lists the names of contractors for rations; includes location.
July 25, 1794 Cannon Mounted in Seacoast Fortifications Henry Knox [not available] Return of the Cannon to be mounted in the fortifications on the seacoast of the respective states agreeably to law and the quantity of ammunition to be issued by the superintendent of military stores as a supply to each. Listed by port with remarks.
January 13, 1800 Recommendations for Improving the Military System James McHenry [not available] Secretary McHenry requests action from President Adams respecting certain measures and assignments which he deems indispensable to the improvement of the military system. This report should also be submitted to the Congress. Discusses the Military Academy and schooling for members of the military (including studies of mathematics, geography, and natural philosophy).
March 4, 1790 Return of Invalids of Rhode Island Paid Their Annual Pension Jeremiah Olney [not available] Return of Invalids of Rhode Island paid.