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January 14, 1795 Pay for the Georgia Militia William Simmons Daniel Stevens Informs Stevens that the Treasurer will remit him the sum of over 22,000 dollars for the pay of the Georgia militia.
December 14, 1795 Balance of the Georgia militia William Simmons Secretary of War Encloses to the War Secretary the estimate of the pay and forage of the militia of the state of Georgia. Concludes that there is a balance to be remitted of 22,505 dollars in order to satisfy the above claims.
December 14, 1795 Encloses estimate of Georgia militia William Simmons James McHenry Letter to the Secretary of War enclosing an estimate of the militia and scouts for the state of Georgia
July 31, 1794 Pay of the Georgia Militia Joseph Howell Constant Freeman Procedures are explained for the prompt payment of the militia of Georgia before they are disbanded. Payment of Scouts should be in accordance with the instructions of the Secretary of War.
September 3, 1793 Extract of letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox reporting that Governor of Georgia Telfair has improperly called up militia and in greater numbers than is necessary Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reports that the Georgia militia in service has been improperly called up by the Governor of Georgia Telfair, and in excessive numbers. Gaither has proposed using the authorized federal troops to defend the frontier. If this were to prove insufficient, then he would recommend calling out the necessary numbers of militia. Because to the current arrangement, Gaither wants nothing to do with...
February 20, 1800 Submission of Report on Militia James McHenry Theodore Sedgwick Report on petitions submitted to Secretary of War regarding claims of militia services in Georgia.
April 25, 1796 Militia Services in Georgia William Simmons James McHenry Forwards estimates for militia services in Georgia sent by Constant Freeman and discusses some particulars of the estimates
June 14, 1793 Georgia's Militia Activity against the Creeks Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reporting to Secretary of War Henry Knox, notes that Georgia Militia Major General Twiggs crossed the Oakmulgee River and laid out a fort. Most of the command mutinied and returned. Gaither has heard reports of families killed by Indians in Franklin County [northwest of Augusta near SC], but cannot confirm veracity.
December 10, 1800 Accounts of paymaster of Georgia militia William Simmons Wylie Pope Asks that previously requested accounts and vouchers be sent by paymaster of Georgia militia.
May 10, 1794 Conflict between Indians and Georgia militia Constant Freeman Henry Knox Letter from the agent of the War Department in Georgia regarding the unpleasant situation on the frontier. An Indian camp was attacked by a party of 150 mounted militia, under the command of Major Adams. The militia was irritated by the government's protection of the Indians. "Both sides are irritated beyond all reconciliation."
July 20, 1793 Raising of additional militia in Georgia, and controversy over Federal command of troops Henry Gaither Henry Knox From Fort Fidius, Gaither's correspondence includes two letters from Mr Bernard. Reports that Georgia Governor Telfair has published an order for raising 100 cavalry and 100 infantry militia, to be under Gaither's command. Gaither believes the numbers are sufficient; militia officers do not; nor are they pleased that a federal officer has command of these troops.
June 15, 1796 Esitimate for Georgia militia William Simmons James McHenry Cover letter for an estimate (not in the letterbook) for the militia received from Constant Freeman, War Department agent in Georgia, with the estimate's total and Simmons' comments
April 8, 1793 Prospects of aid, magazine of arms, calling up militia of neighboring states Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Georgia Governor Telfair expresses peculiar satisfaction in contemplating prospect of aid and arrangement of calling militia from neighboring states in case of general hostility. Refers to the depredations of Creeks as serious.
September 26, 1795 Remitting funds for the Georgia militia William Simmons James Seagrove Directs James Seagrove to remit funds to Constant Freeman for payment to the Georgia militia and Lt. Col. Gaither.
May 10, 1794 Georgia militia attack friendly Indians Captain Richard B. Roberts Henry Knox Reports to the Secretary of War that Georgian militia have attacked friendly Indians.
October 14, 1798 Keep the Militia of Georgia in that State James Jackson James McHenry Jackson objects to the President's calling into service the Militia of Georgia because such an action would leave that State and its citizens unnecessarily vulnerable to invasion. Since ordering northern troops into Georgia would expose them to unhealthy conditions, it seems reasonable to man the State's garrisons with local militia rather than having them sent to posts outside the State.
September 26, 1795 Funds for the Georgia militia William Simmons Constant Freeman Informs Constant Freeman that James Seagrove will provide funds to him for payment to the Georgia militia and the troops under the command of Lt. Col. Henry Gaither.
June 19, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Constant Freeman Simmons asks Freeman to provide the circumstances for calling out the militia in Georgia.
November 27, 1793 Estimate of Supplies Furnished to the Militia of Georgia Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Henry Knox Since the 1793 accounts of the Contractor for supplying the troops in Georgia have not been received, Wolcott is uable to provide an estimate of the supplies furnished to the militia under the orders of the Governor of Georgia [George Mathews]. He can state the amount advanced for the supplies of the troops of the United States and the militia in that state and the contingent expenses incurred by...
October 21, 1795 Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores concerning the Georgia militia.
March 4, 1793 Letter from Governor of Georgia Edward Telfair to Major Henry Gaither regarding use of militia in response to recent outrages by whites and Indians Governor Edward Telfair Henry Gaither From Georgia State House 4 August, 1793. Governor Telfair cites recent outrages by whites and Indians as requiring a request for protection by available militia. Telfair inquires to Major Gaither on the status, location and numbers of militia forces. Requests that ten foot militia under command of a sergeant be stationed at Norris Station, Bush's Station, Hillhouse's Iron Works, and at a station...
January 14, 1795 Enclosed Receipt Rolls and Georgia Militia William Simmons Constant Freeman Encloses receipt rolls for the part of the Georgia militia and scouts deemed authorized by President Washington. The balance comes to over $22,000 and has been remitted to Daniel Stevens in Charleston. Discusses additional affairs relating to muster rolls and the claims of the Georgia militia.
July 5, 1793 Seagrove's Indian Houseguests and Washington's Orders for Georgia Militia to Temporarily Halt Operations against Bad Towns James Seagrove John Kinnard In letter to Kinnard, Creek intermediary, Seagrove acknowledges receipt of talk by George Galphin. Refers to Chehaw fellow living at Seagrove's house as a fool. Notes that he should have sent the guests, including the Cussetahs, away some time ago, but he was afraid they might be killed by whites. Georgia militia troops in upper part of Georgia that crossed Oconee were called back by order of...
December 13, 1794 Accounts of Militia Dragoons in Georgia Joseph Howell Henry Knox Constant Freeman, agent for the War Department in Georgia, requests funds for the supplies and forage related to three month's service of a troop of Militia dragoons in that State.
September 25, 1794 No Appropriation for the Militia Infantry in Georgia Henry Knox George Mathews Militia infantry and spies in the State of Georgia for whose services no appropriation has been made by the United States.