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May 25, 1791 Running the Creek Boundary Line Henry Knox Richard Call Knox orders Major Call to march troops to Rock Landing to surpervise the marking of the boundary line established by the treaty with the Creek Nation of Indians. Three citizens of Georgia and three Creek chiefs are to be chosen to observe the running of the line.
April 23, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Hugh McCall Simmons confirms that McCall's estimates of pay for the troops in Georgia has arrived. Simmons continues by stating the estimates cannot be acted on until Congress passes appropriations.
May 11, 1797 Money for the pay of troops in Georgia William Simmons John Habersham Notification that he will receive the money for the pay of the Army troops in Georgia from Daniel Stevens, federal supervisor at Charleston. Cited in Habersham to Simmons, 05/30/1797. Cited in Simmons to Habersham, 07/25/1797.
August 17, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, to Henry Knox Secretary of War on Governor Telfair's meeting with council of Generals James Seagrove Henry Knox From Savannah Georgia, Seagrove reports that Governor Telfair and his council of Generals broke up on 11 August 1793 with no decision. No immediate expedition is to take place against the Creeks. There was disagreement between Governor and Generals on what should be done.
March 14, 1796 Account of the Savannah Customs Inspector William Simmons Samuel Meredith Sends receipt of John Habersham, collector of customs for Savannah, Georgia for 110 dollars and a warrant for that sum
December 9, 1795 Account of John Habersham, Collector of Customs for Savannah Georgia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $54.50 is due John Habersham, Collector of Customs for Savannah Georgia, being the sum he discounted from duties on imposts and tonnage and for which he is held accountable in pursuance of a warrant for that sum.
August 30, 1800 Accounts Adjusted, with details William Simmons Hugh McCall Accounts of Paymaster General of Georgia received and adjusted. Balance found of $1,247.78. Amount due the United States. Account suspended until explanation for costs produced.
June 30, 1786 Application on behalf of Col. Pennell John Pierce William Houston Letter in answer to William Houston's application on behalf of Col. Pennell, late of the Georgia Line.
November 27, 1793 Estimate of Supplies Furnished to the Militia of Georgia Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Henry Knox Since the 1793 accounts of the Contractor for supplying the troops in Georgia have not been received, Wolcott is uable to provide an estimate of the supplies furnished to the militia under the orders of the Governor of Georgia [George Mathews]. He can state the amount advanced for the supplies of the troops of the United States and the militia in that state and the contingent expenses incurred by...
May 12, 1794 Conflict with Indians on Georgia frontier George Mathews James Seagrove The Governor of Georgia writes the agent of Indian Affairs in Savannah, regarding the latest unpleasant situation on the frontier with the Creek Indians. According to the governor, a small party of Usechees have set off to steal horses on the frontier, and other groups are determined for war.
June 6, 1794 Articles Sent to Georgia [not available] Samuel Hodgdon The receipt for the articles sent to Georgia has not been received. Enclosed is the account of them which should be acknowledged.
April 30, 1794 Pay of the Troops of Georgia Joseph Howell Henry Knox Howell had made arrangements with the Bank of the United States for notes to be transmitted to Georgia for the pay of the troops there.
April 1798 Pay Estimate for Troops in Georgia Henry Gaither [not available] Estimate of pay due the Federal Troops in Georgia under the Command of Col Gaither for the months of March and April 1798.
August 8, 1788 Regarding treaty talks with Creeks at Tugelo River at house of Lachland Cleaveland on Georgia side Richard Winn Henry Knox Gentleman has returned from delivering talks from Commissioners. Answers from Creeks appear to be friendly; willing to attend treaty next month at Tugelo River at house of Lachland Cleaveland on Georgia side. Discusses Congress wish that Assembly of Georgia repeal law which militates against the resolves of Congress in carrying into effect the treaty with Creeks.
January 27, 1801 Simmons Asking McCall to Evaluate the Accounts Regarding the Rent of Certain Property of Jamwes Seagrove William Simmons Hugh McCall Accounts for rent of a property in Georgia.
October 25, 1794 Engaged Asa Copeland to Assist with Lumber in Georgia Tench Coxe Henry Knox Has engaged Asa Copeland to go to Georgia to assist Mr. Morgan with lumber as per Mr. Humphreys's recommendation.
October 14, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove to Georgia Governor Telfair requesting support in allowing Oakfuskees to settle matters with Cowetas for injuries done, to stop expeditions into Creek country, to prohibit future expeditions unless authorized by law James Seagrove Governor Edward Telfair Seagrove asks that the people of Georgia not interfere with Oakfuskee efforts to gains satisfaction for injuries done by Cowetas. Also requests he call off parties of militia assembled in Green and Washington Counties. Asks that Governor issue proclamation forbidding expeditions into Creek territory without proper [federal] authority.
October 21, 1795 Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores concerning the Georgia militia.
July 29, 1794 Pay and Forage for the Troops of Georgia Joseph Howell Samuel Meredith Enclosed is an extract of a letter from Constant Freeman, Agent to the War Department in Georgia, regarding the money he desires for the pay and forage of the troops.
December 7, 1798 Pay of Troops in Georgia Joseph Howell Captain Michael Rudolph Rudolph's letter containing a receipt for $819 was received. Capt. Miles will sail immediately and Howell must hurry in obtaining drafts on Charleston for the pay of the troops in Georgia of which Rudolph will receive a portion agreeable to a schedule established by the Secretary of War.
February 22, 1785 accounts of Georgia Line; Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Morris' settlements John Pierce Joseph Howell Hopes to complete the accounts of Georgia Line. As congress is at New York, hopes that public offices will follow them. Mentions Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Morris' settlements.
September 4, 1793 Letter from Constant Freeman to Henry Knox on arms and ammunition for Georgia militia, James Seagrove's 10 September meeting with Creeks, on disagreement between Seagrove and Governor Telfair on whether there is peace with Indians in Georgia, Federal supply of militia troops, the cross-purposes effect of Georgia's war mobilization on Seagrove's meeting with Creeks, Constant Freeman Henry Knox From Augusta, Freeman, agent to Department of War in Georgia reports that arms and ammunition intended for Georgia will arrive in about 10 days. Discusses matter of paying militia and future musters of militia. Reports that there are about 600 militia in service. Seagrove reports that there have been no Indian depredations, but this assessment is at odds with Governor Telfair's. Both Georgia and...
June 13, 1796 Army expenses in Georgia William Simmons Samuel Meredith Forwards a receipt from John Habersham, customs collector at Savannah, and a warrant for the expenses of the War Department in Georgia.
November 24, 1795 Legal inquiry regarding incursions into Spanish territory in Florida Timothy Pickering William Rawle Some Spanish subjects, along with Americans from Georgia made expedition into Florida, took a Spanish fort, killed Spanish soldiers, stole property. Spanish government has complained. Asks questions regarding the nature of punishment; what to do about the Spanish subjects in Georgia; what instructions to give the military commander in Georgia if he finds the offenders.
February 7, 1797 Account of John Habersham Collector of the Customs for Savannah, Georgia William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $90 is due John Habersham, Collector of the Customs for Savannah, Georgia, the amount he discounted from the monies arising from duties on imposts and tonnage and for which a warrant should be issued in his favor.