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September 3, 1798 Officer Recommendation & Letter Concerning Defense of Georgia John Adams James McHenry Asks that Philip Church of New York be added to the list of new captains of infantry, and forwards a letter concerning the defense of Georgia, from Governor Jackson of that state. Adams asks McHenry to answer the latter.
August 17, 1793 Appointment of Captain Constant Freeman as agent for War Department for Troops in Georgia Henry Knox Henry Gaither Knox informs Major Gaither that Captain Constant Freeman has been appointed as agent of War Department for troops in Georgia. Asks that Gaither afford Freeman all assistance in exercise of duty. Stresses that every part of public administration be conducted with republican economy
September 5, 1793 Letter for Secretary of War Henry Knox to South Carolina Governor William Moultrie requesting that he refrain from providing military assistance to Georgia militia in proposed offensive operations against Creek Nation Henry Knox Governor William Moultrie Knox refers to the proceedings of the Council of War of the General Officers of Georgia Militia. Knox attempts to clarify his guidance, which seems to have been misconstrued as sanctioning South Carolina support for the Georgia militia plans to undertake offensive operations against the Creek Nation. Knox requests Moultrie to refrain from providing military assistance to Georgia.
December 10, 1797 Request for Delivery and Sale of Rifles & Thread James McHenry John Harris Letter, directs issue (for sale) of rifles and thread.
October 11, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox expressing loyalty to Federal Government Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither assures Henry Knox that he will act only in accordance with the instructions of the Federal Government and suggests that Georgia Governor Telfair had no right to intimate otherwise. Expresses doubt that the Governor will raise the infantry and cavalry, despite that he was ordered to do so by Federal Government.
September 23, 1793 Letter from Captain Constant Freeman to Secretary of War Henry Knox on conflict between state of Georgia intentions with Creek Nation and those of Federal Government Constant Freeman Henry Knox Freeman notes the great contradiction between the designs of the Governor of Georgia Telfair and the militia, and the designs of the Federal Government with regard to military strategy against the Creek Nation. Freeman laments that, knowing that offensive operations against the Creeks are not part of the federal strategy, he wonders if he should interfere with Telfair's offensive designs against...
October 14, 1788 Treaty efforts with Creeks, McGillivray, and Georgia Richard Winn Henry Knox Discusses postponement of treaty efforts. Alexander McGillivray insists, as a leading principle, that boundaries be the same as they were when Georgia was a British Province. Suggests that if there is to be peace, will likely be on McGillivray's terms. Notes that Georgia has given bounties to soldiers on lands belonging to the Creeks.
August 11, 1792 Orders for deployment to Georgia Henry Knox Henry Gaither Major Henry Gaither is to deploy with his Legion troops to Georgia. His main mission is to prevent the incursion of small parties of violent Creek Indians. Mentions Treaty of New York of August 1790 and is given a copy. He receives instructions on how to deal with the people and government of Georgia and Spaniards. Is to occupy post at St. Mary's. Given instructions on how to handle supply and...
July 22, 1796 Land Acquisition and Negotiations Between Georgia Commissioners and Creek Chiefs George Washington James McHenry Treaty between Commissioners from Georgia and Creek Indians did not end favorably. Western territories to be under U.S. possession shortly.
October 19, 1789 List of Invalids Henry Knox George Walton Requests list of all military invalids, no lists from Georgia have been received. List of widows and orphans who have received compensation.
May 14, 1794 Building Blocks Houses and Maintaining Militia Henry Knox George Mathews Building of block houses by garrisons along border to commence for protection of U.S. lands. Requests documentation of muster and pay.
November 26, 1795 Instructions to Edward Price, Factor for Georgia Timothy Pickering Edward Price Pickering provides instructions governing trade with the Creek Indians in Georgia to Edward Price, the Factor appointed for this purpose.
May 13, 1794 Pay of the Troops in Georgia Joseph Howell Frederick Dalcho Funds have been transmitted to Capt. Freeman, the Supervisor of the District of Georgia, for the pay, subsistence, and forage of that State's troops through the first of June.
June 11, 1793 Georgia Militia Not Discriminating between Creek Friends and Foes Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reports that [contrary to guidance from Federal authorities] Georgia militia General Twiggs does not intend to discriminate between Creek friend and foe, with the exception of Cussetahs. Gaither surmises that this will do mischief to United States strategic intentions. Reports that many militia are in open rebellion against federal government since 1 November 1792, violating the [Treaty...
May 16, 1794 Conflict between Indians and Georgia militia James Seagrove George Mathews Letter from the Agent for Indian Affairs to the Governor of Georgia. Seagrove had spent 6 months living among the Indians for the purpose of establishing peace, and saw is very irritated by the "rash and lawless conduct" of the militia (led by Major Adams) in attacking the Indians after all his efforts. Seagrove claims that the Indians who were attacked were friendly tribes. The attack was...
May 27, 1799 Corrects Assumption of Pinckney's Command in Tennessee and Georgia James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Returns copy of letter to Colonel Hamtramck. Reminds him that troops in Tennessee and the Georgia frontier were under General Pinckney's command. Seeks transportation assistance from the Secretary of the Navy for Captain Fry's company to Charleston.
April 7, 1797 Delivery of Indian Goods James McHenry John Harris Annual supply of goods for Creek Indians in Georgia to be delivered to Hodgdon for transport to Colerain in Georgia, via water.
September 26, 1793 Letter from Colonel Melton, Green County, to Georgia Governor Telfair reporting on operations against Creek Nation [not available] [not available] From Executive files of W. Urquhart, a report from Green County, Lieutenant Colonel Melton of 1st Regiment, Green County, reports that he has burned huts in Creek town, killed Warriors, and taken prisoners. Asks that prisoners be moved away from frontier people for their own safety. In need of arms and ammunition; frontier may be evacuated if no resupply.
November 3, 1796 Account of John Habersham, Collector of the Customs for Savannah, Georgia William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $27.58 is due John Habersham, Collector of the Customs for Savannah, Georgia, the amount he discounted from the monies arising from duties on imposts and tonnage and for which a warrant should be issued in his favor.
1795 Approval for Treaty Discussion with Georgia Indian Tribes Multiple Authors George Washington In accordance with the General Assembly of the state of Georgia, Gunn and Carnes submitted to the President an act passed by the state legislature to foster a treaty with Indian tribes and Georgia. State seeks to end predatory warfare on frontier citizens and redraw temporary boundary line.
May 10, 1798 Request for Issue of Arms, Accoutrements & Ammunition to Savannah James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of muskets, accoutrements & cartridges to Savannah, Georgia.
June 15, 1796 Esitimate for Georgia militia William Simmons James McHenry Cover letter for an estimate (not in the letterbook) for the militia received from Constant Freeman, War Department agent in Georgia, with the estimate's total and Simmons' comments
April 8, 1793 Prospects of aid, magazine of arms, calling up militia of neighboring states Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Georgia Governor Telfair expresses peculiar satisfaction in contemplating prospect of aid and arrangement of calling militia from neighboring states in case of general hostility. Refers to the depredations of Creeks as serious.
August 6, 1792 Supply of Major Henry Gaither's command in Georgia John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Knox has reviewed Hodgdon's estimate of the cost of several articles for supplying Major Henry Gaither's command in Georgia; requests that he purchase goods and make ready for transportation to Georgia.
May 25, 1791 Running the Creek Boundary Line Henry Knox Richard Call Knox orders Major Call to march troops to Rock Landing to surpervise the marking of the boundary line established by the treaty with the Creek Nation of Indians. Three citizens of Georgia and three Creek chiefs are to be chosen to observe the running of the line.