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September 4, 1788 Cited letter or document, Henry Knox to Richard Winn Henry Knox Richard Winn Letter, Citation only Cited in Winn to Knox, 10/13/1788.
October 13, 1788 Outrages on Cherokees by people of State of Franklin Richard Winn Henry Knox Following several outrages on Cherokees by people of Franklin, Winn sent letter to Governor of North Carolina to put a stop to future hostilities. Also contacted commanding officers on frontiers of state. Discusses supplies granted by Congress to carry treaty into effect.
August 5, 1788 Destruction of Cherokee towns by Servier, from State of Franklin [North Carolina] Richard Winn Henry Knox A party from North Carolina, called Franklin State, with Sevier at the head, came over and destroyed several of their towns, killing nearly 30 Indians. Overhills seem determined for war. Winn wishes to bring the Cherokee situation before Congress.
December 8, 1788 McGillivray's influence; war on Georgia; Creek-Cherokee alliance Richard Winn Henry Knox Winn encloses and discusses McGillivray's letter and suggests that if the Indians don't come to the treaty, they mean war; will come down in great force on Georgia. Reports that a fort between the French Broad and Holston Rivers has been attacked and taken by Cherokees and Creeks. Ten were killed and thirty taken prisoner. War goes on between North Carolina and Cherokees. Believes that Alexander...
June 27, 1788 Vouchers of U.S. Indian Commissioners Commissioners [not available] Ledger book that documents financial activity of U.S. Indian Commissioners in the Southern department from 27 June 1788 to 2 October 1789.
July 12, 1788 Cited Document Unknown Author Alexander McGillivray Cited letter or document; cited in McGillivray to Pickens and Winn, 08/12/1788.
October 30, 1794 Account of Peter Bette Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Peter Bette, late private in Lee's Legion.
November 20, 1788 Land Negotiations Little Turkey Richard Winn Use of hunting grounds and positive negotiations with New York and Virginia.
May 22, 1790 Treaty Between Southern States and Indians, Goods Purchased by Commissioners Steele Henry Knox Refers to previous resolutions of the "old Congress" on Indian affairs and direction of Indian Commissioners and funds and the difficulties they faced seeking power between federal, state, and territory.
December 13, 1788 Peace Treaty with the Cherokees Richard Winn Henry Knox Cherokees wish to come to a friendly treaty. Has urged same to North Carolina and trusts they will send forward commissioners and supplies. If this does not happen, expresses fear that there will be a bloody and unnecessary war, whereas a well timed peace would prevent it.
April 15, 1789 Talk of Badger, Cherokee Headman, about Treaty Badger Andrew Pickens A copy of the talk of Badger in representation of Cherokee headmen and warriors. Discussion of white prisoners. Fear of Mr. Ballow frequenting their land. Requests return of land. Encloses strand of beads as token of friendship.
August 28, 1788 Treaty with Creeks Superintendant of Indian Affairs Alexander McGillivray Treaty with Indians over land dispute.
November 28, 1788 Right of Claims Richard Winn Alexander McGillivray Commissioners find it impossible to remove settlers from disputed lands. Admonishes U.S. government for ruining Indian tribes after they helped secure peace for the U.S.
March 1, 1789 Treaty with Creeks and Cherokees Richard Winn Henry Knox A treaty will take place with Cherokee Indians on the upper war-ford of French Broad River, in vicinity of Swananno, North Carolina. Supposes that Creek Indians will also treat.
October 14, 1788 Treaty efforts with Creeks, McGillivray, and Georgia Richard Winn Henry Knox Discusses postponement of treaty efforts. Alexander McGillivray insists, as a leading principle, that boundaries be the same as they were when Georgia was a British Province. Suggests that if there is to be peace, will likely be on McGillivray's terms. Notes that Georgia has given bounties to soldiers on lands belonging to the Creeks.
September 15, 1788 Regarding Postponement of Treaty and Professions of Peace Alexander McGillivray Richard Winn McGillivray received letter recommending postponement of treaty until spring of 1789. Says the reasons are good; hoping for a new Congress, acting on the principles of the new constitution, will set things to rights. Expected a truce proclaimed in Georgia, and can't account for delay in measure. Discusses a threatening letter written to McGillivray. Notes that his people will regulate themselves...
June 25, 1788 Steps taken by commissioners to bring about treaty with Creek Indians Richard Winn Henry Knox Steps taken by commissioners to bring about treaty with Creek Indians. Talk was addressed to Mr. McGillivray, and headmen and warriors, insisting that hostilities cease. Executive of Georgia said 15th September is as early as this matter can be begun on. Discusses further supply of goods as presents to indians as necessary. Points out that commission as superintendent expires 29 August.
December 19, 1788 Appointment of John Steele, esquire, commissioner of Indian Affairs; desire for peace with Cherokees and Creeks Richard Winn Henry Knox Governor of North Carolina has appointed John Steele, esquire, commissioner of Indian Affairs. State legislature also has requested that hostilities cease and to send a talk to Alexander McGillivray expressing wish for peace with Creeks.
August 8, 1788 Regarding treaty talks with Creeks at Tugelo River at house of Lachland Cleaveland on Georgia side Richard Winn Henry Knox Gentleman has returned from delivering talks from Commissioners. Answers from Creeks appear to be friendly; willing to attend treaty next month at Tugelo River at house of Lachland Cleaveland on Georgia side. Discusses Congress wish that Assembly of Georgia repeal law which militates against the resolves of Congress in carrying into effect the treaty with Creeks.
November 28, 1788 Letter to General Alexander McGillivray and the Creek Nation George Mathews Creek Chiefs Letter admonishing the Creek Nation for alleged violations of peace, including the destruction and theft of property on nearby plantations.
August 8, 1793 Governor of Georgia holds a council of war with his generals Governor Edward Telfair [not available] This document records the issues presented by the Governor to the council of war for advice on forming the military expedition against the Creek Indians.
March 8, 1799 Outlines Process of Payment through Paymaster General and Quartermaster General James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to conversation about payment for the troops and subsequent bill. Speaks of process with paymaster general and quartermaster general.
August 28, 1799 Acknowledging Receipt of General Orders Abraham R. Ellery [not available] General Orders: "As some difficulties have arisen and may hereafter arise in consequence of it's not being known whether the general orders and forms issued from the Adjutant General's office have been regularly received, it is in future directed that the receipts of all general orders, all letters enclosing forms or the alteration of forms, [and] all letters containing new arrangements in...
September 24, 1789 General Account of Anticipations from Register's Office, Treasury of United States Joseph Nourse [not available] No. 1 is amount of orders drawn by late superintendent of finance. No. 2 is amount of warrants drawn by late board of treasury, remaining unpaid.
November 12, 1799 Office of Clothier General Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Until the office of Clothier General has been appointed, the Deputy Paymaster General will perform his duties.