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August 9, 1793 Estimate of Expenses; Dispatches for General Wayne Henry Knox Isaac Craig Estimate of expenses will be analyzed. Notes that expenses have already exceeded estimates. Asks that dispatches for General Wayne be secretly delivered by express boat.
July 1, 1796 Outlines Appropriate Action in regard to Charges by Brigadier Wilkinson against General Wayne George Washington James McHenry Reports tranquility with the Indians. Requests review of charges against General Wayne by Brigadier Wilkinson by the heads of departments as a measure of justice for the public. Questions appropriate court before which to bring the Commander, and requests that General Wayne be given a copy of all charges against him.
December 7, 1793 Dispatches for Major General Wayne Henry Knox Isaac Craig Directs Craig to forward dispatches for Major General Wayne. Requests report on state of Ohio River. Detachment ordered from Carlisle has not commence march.
August 17, 1793 Money Advances; Dispatches for General Wayne; Delivery of Stores for Army Henry Knox Isaac Craig Has requested to Secretary of Treasury to advance $5000. Keep the Quarter Master General constantly informed of the sums drawn. Dispatches for General Wayne must be transmitted instantly by express boat. Transmit army stores with all dispatch.
August 20, 1794 General Wayne's plan of battle Unknown Author Unknown Recipient General Anthony Wayne's plan of battle, march and encampment, with an oversized map of the region.
May 12, 1794 Preparations for campaign by General Wayne Henry Knox James O'Hara The Secretary of War advises the Quarter Master General to make immediate preparations for a vigorous campaign soon to be undertaken by General Wayne and 1500 mounted volunteers. An additional quantity of forage will be required for the volunteers.
November 29, 1793 Dispatches for Major General Wayne; Pay Matters Isaac Craig Henry Knox Dispatches for Major General Wayne will be sent forward upon arrival. boats are ready to carry the troops on the march from Carlisle. Will pay attention to instructions respecting paying the troops on the upper posts
September 12, 1793 Proper Handling of Correspondence to General Wayne Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Craig seek clarification from Secretary Knox regarding the proper handling of correspondance intended for General Wayne.
August 21, 1794 Letter Citation William Campbell Anthony Wayne Cited in Wayne to Campbell, 08/22/1794; Wayne to Campbell, 08/21/1794. Major William Campbell, commander of the British post on the banks of the Miami, writes Major General Anthony Wayne. Asks General Wayne what he should make of U.S. troops amassing in the last 24 hours near that same fort.
May 31, 1796 Wayne's claim for service as Indian commissioner William Simmons Anthony Wayne Sends Wayne a copy of the Attorney General's decision on Wayne's (financial) claim for acting as Indian treaty commissioner and requests his account for the claim.
March 19, 1794 Regarding General Anthony Wayne Edmund Randolph Henry Knox The Secretary of State delivers instructions to the Secretary of War prepared by General Anthony Wayne, the sole negotiator with the Indians.
December 17, 1794 Dispatches of Major General Wayne Henry Knox Congress of the United States President Washington has instructed Secretary Knox to communicate to Congress, in confidence, the dispatches from Major General Anthony Wayne dated October 17 and November 12 of the same year.
April 3, 1794 Approval of General Wayne's conduct Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Despite the prevalence of some opinion that disapproves of General Wayne's conduct, the Secretary of War informs Wayne that Washington fully approves of his efforts. Knox insists that it is unlikely that there will be war in the upcoming months. Knox also briefly discusses the report of the Committee for a bill creating a United States legion, which Knox disapproves of.
March 5, 1794 Receipt of Packets and Letters for Major General Wayne Michael Jones Henry Knox Received packet addressed to Major Craig enclosing letters for Major General Wayne. Captain Crawford not yet arrived by hourly expected.
May 30, 1792 Saddle for Wayne's Wagoner Constant Freeman William Knox Knox is directed to furnish General [Anthony] Wayne's wagoner with a common saddle.
October 17, 1795 Pickering writes to Anthony Wayne regarding the General's request for leave Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Letter, discusses leave of absence from the army for Wayne. Decision to grant or deny leave has been delayed by the absence of General Washington.
November 22, 1793 Boat in Readiness; Dispatches to Major General Wayne; Pay Matters War Department Isaac Craig Have boat in constant readiness to receive dispatches for Major General Wayne. Captain Crawford to provide guard for boat. Discusses Joseph Howell and pay of troops.
June 1792 Shipment of Stores belonging to General Anthony Wayne William Knox Isaac Craig Letter, advises Issac Craig of a shipment of stores. Asks that Craig inform Wayne upon receipt.
March 17, 1797 Instructions for Escorting Indians to New Lands Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry According to instructions, Wolcott has written to the Surveyor General to determine the proper location for Indian relocation under the treaty with General Wayne of 3 August 1795. The Surveyor General will instruct General Wilkinson when and where to escort the Indians.
August 10, 1792 Cover Letter for Gen. Wayne Extract John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War is happy to meet with Hodgdon. Encloses a letter from General Wayne to Henry Knox.
January 1, 1795 Presidential Support and charges against General Wayne James Wilkinson Henry Knox Use of flowery language to discuss court of inquiry and charges against General Anthony Wayne.
July 9, 1796 Private Note Regarding Charges Entered Against Wayne by Wilkinson James McHenry Anthony Wayne McHenry advised Wayne to take comfort in the good will and confidence of his officers, notified Wayne of General Wilkinson's objective to request for decision inquiry or a court martial against Wayne.
September 7, 1792 Comments on Wayne's Plan for Carrying on the War George Washington Henry Knox President Washington provides Knox with his views on the progress and plans of General Anthony Wayne's campaign in the Ohio Territory
November 29, 1794 [No. 47] Dispatches for General Wayne Henry Knox Isaac Craig Directs boat in readiness to carry dispatches to General Wayne; asks for decision on offer of the position of Commissary General.
[not available] Summary of correspondence from General Knox to General Wayne Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Summary of correspondence from General Henry Knox to General Anthony Wayne, with specific mention of Brigadier General James Wilkinson and Colonel Clarke. Also briefly discusses posts along the Ohio and in Pittsburgh.