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July 9, 1794 Account of Hugh McDowell Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Hugh McDowell, late mattross in Harrison's Artillery.
June 12, 1795 Pay and Subsistence of John McDowell William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $273.57 is due John McDowell, being for the pay, subsistence, and the allowance for his horse, as Quartermaster General to the Kentucky Mounted Volunteers under the command of Major General Charles Scott.
December 15, 1789 Contemporary Printed Copy of Letter/Document (other than PL/PD), Henry Knox to Multiple Recipients Henry Knox Multiple Recipients No image available.
June 27, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Joseph McDowell Simmons discusses the account of Major John Carson with Joseph McDowell.
December 15, 1789 Regarding the Protection of the Frontier Henry Knox [not available] The Secretary of War, Henry Knox, acknowledges receiving the letter sent by this group of men from Kentucky and assures them that the President supports both protecting the frontiers against Indian hostilities and concilitory measures with the Indians.
January 24, 1787 Irregularities in accounts John Pierce Andrew Dunscomb The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses with Dunscomb the accounts of Col. Harrison, Col. Cropper, John Trotter, John Reasoner, and John McDowell, each of which have irregularities that must be resolved.
July 27, 1792 Military expeditions against Northwest Indians Henry Knox James Wilkinson Secretary Knox discusses peace overtures with the Northwest Indians to General Wilkinson. Also discusses expeditions against Indians.
October 20, 1785 Regarding Pennsylvania's appointment of officers to command its quota of troops John Armstrong Henry Knox John Armstrong, Secretary of Pennsylvania, informs Henry Knox of the commonwealth's appointment of officers to command its quota of troops.
March 9, 1788 Discusses Trades with the Delawares and the Moravian Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox David Zeisberger, Moravian Indian missionary, has requested an exchange of corn for powder, linen, etc. Refers to encounter with Captain Pipe, chief of the Delawares, who met with Ensign McDowell in great friendship and respect. They intend to trade furs with contractors.
April 2, 1785 Monthly return of the Pennsylvania troops in the service of the United States at Fort McIntosh. Josiah Harmar Jonathan Dickinson Lt.Col Harmar sends to President John Dickinson a letter enclosed with the monthly return of the Pennsylvania troops in the service of the United States at Fort McIntosh.
December 19, 1789 Regarding the President's Indian policy; British designs; state of supply and contractors Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Knox makes reference to Indian depredations in Kentucky and President Washington's assurances of protection. Knox will deliver the President's sentiments to Samuel McDowell, Chairman of Committee on Indian expeditions. An extract of the President's policies: That the best foundation for peace with the Indians is by establishing just and liberal treaties with them, which shall be rigidly observed...
September 30, 1791 Strength of the Pack Horses, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Richard Burton Among other assurances, Hodgdon affirms that the pack horses will be up to the rigors of the approaching frontier campaign.
December 15, 1788 Reports Activity at Fort Harmar; Concern for Supplies; Intents of Inhabitants to Separate from Virginia and U.S. Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Discusses contracting out of border and land maintenance. Refers to the inhabitants of Kentucky and their intent to declare independence of Virginia and the U.S. Expresses concern to watch interests of Mr. Connolly, not trusting his character.
March 23, 1787 Issues regarding assorted accounts Andrew Dunscomb Joseph Howell Dunscomb informs Howell of the issues regarding many of the assorted accounts which he is currently attempting to resolve.
April 4, 1790 Indians on Ohio River William McDowell John Brown Intelligence on the movement of Indians on the North Western frontier.
November 19, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Andrew Dunscomb Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell discusses unliquidated accounts with Andrew Dunscomb. Howell informs Dunscomb that he has put the amount due the non-commissioned officers and privates of the Virginia Line into the hands of Edward Carrington.
February 11, 1784 Murders in the Cumberland Gap Alexander Martin Joseph Martin Governor Martin (of North Carolina) directs an investigation into murders committed in the Cumberland Gap. He states that if Cherokee or Chickamauga Indians are responsible a military expedition will be sent into their nation to obtain "satisfaction" unless they surrender the murderers. Directs that squatters be ordered off Indian Lands. Discusses an agreement between Spain and the Delaware...
August 25, 1784 Certification that officers have taken oath of allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar reports that his officers have taken the oath of allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania.
February 6, 1793 Account for expenditures in the Quartermaster Department Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Copy of Samuel Hodgdon's record of expenditures in the Quarter Master Department.
November 24, 1787 Describes Territory, People, Indians Surrounding Kaskaskia Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports a fatiguing march with Ensign McDowell, 30 men, and 2 Indians: Pachan, a Miami chief, and his commande, who hunted and supplied the company with meat. Describes geography. Welcomed by magistrate and inhabitants of Kaskaskia and Baptiste DeCoigne, the Kaskaskian chief, who presented him with a peace pipe. Received visits also from Peoria, Cahokia, Mitchi, and Illinois Indians. Describes...
August 8, 1793 Governor of Georgia holds a council of war with his generals Governor Edward Telfair [not available] This document records the issues presented by the Governor to the council of war for advice on forming the military expedition against the Creek Indians.
March 8, 1799 Outlines Process of Payment through Paymaster General and Quartermaster General James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to conversation about payment for the troops and subsequent bill. Speaks of process with paymaster general and quartermaster general.
August 28, 1799 Acknowledging Receipt of General Orders Abraham R. Ellery [not available] General Orders: "As some difficulties have arisen and may hereafter arise in consequence of it's not being known whether the general orders and forms issued from the Adjutant General's office have been regularly received, it is in future directed that the receipts of all general orders, all letters enclosing forms or the alteration of forms, [and] all letters containing new arrangements in...
November 12, 1799 Office of Clothier General Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Until the office of Clothier General has been appointed, the Deputy Paymaster General will perform his duties.
September 16, 1799 Instructions for the Paymaster General, Inspector General, and Comptroller James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to express instructions for the Treasury and the paymaster general, including money advances and payment forms. Writes of efforts of Inspector General to muster the troops and the Comptroller to work with the paymaster general.