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January 5, 1784 Accounts of General Lincoln Joseph Nourse Joseph Howell Discusses an adjustment to the accounts of Major General Lincoln from his command in the Southern Department.
September 14, 1795 Errors on Lincoln's and Storer's Accounts, Etc. Timothy Pickering Benjamin Lincoln Pickering writes General Lincoln with a statement from the Comptrollerís Office; there are errors in Lincolnís and Mr. Storerís accounts amounting to $97.38. Because the accounts have been open now for two years, rectifying this mistake will finally allow them to be closed.
January 12, 1793 Requests Communication and Collaboration with General Knox William Perkins Samuel Hodgdon Requests that Hodgdon confer with General Knox, with whom he has written requesting some sort of aid on behalf of General Lincoln.
July 11, 1799 Account of Benjamin Lincoln James McHenry Jonathan Jackson Accountant William Simmons will provide General Lincoln with the information as may be proper respecting vouchers relative to the settlement of his account.
July 24, 1785 Hints for consideration of the Committee Samuel Hodgdon Unknown Recipient Announces appointments for Committee made by the Secretary at War Henry Knox, including Samuel Hodgdon and General Lincoln.
April 15, 1789 A Post in the Administration of the General Government Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln expresses interest in a position in the general government and also comments on the tension between the states and the central government within the federal system.
March 8, 1784 Bill and Transportation of Flour Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Discusses an (unspecified) bill and arrangements to send flour by vessel as soon as river opens. Water is currently unnavigable. Inquired about "Little Josiah" and Gen. Lincoln.
January 12, 1792 Knox makes recommendation to Lincoln Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox writes to Lincoln to secure employment for the son of Pierce.
May 18, 1784 New Miller and Payment for Advances Made by Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Hodgdon abandoned English miller previously obtained to head the milling operation under Lincoln. Requests Lincoln pay for the transport of the letter bearer and the Burr stones. Notification that Hodgdon drew against Lincoln for advances Lincoln made to cover expenses related to the mill.
February 13, 1784 General Benjamin Lincoln's Affairs Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon Requests to know whether a bill will be honored. Requests that barrels of flour be sent to him.
September 26, 1796 Pitch Your Tent with Me While You Remain in Our City William Jackson Benjamin Lincoln Jackson invites General Lincoln to stay with him when he visits Philadelphia during the winter. Jackson has enjoyed Lincolnís hospitality and friendship over many years and wishes to be able to extend the same courtesy at this opportunity.
May 25, 1790 Knox writes to Lincoln regarding invalids Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Secretary Knox asks that Lincoln update the list of invalids eligible for payment by removing the deceased from the rolls. Knox request that this information be forwarded to him.
April 17, 1793 Regarding the account of General Benjamin Lincoln Joseph Howell Auditor Statement from Joseph Howell in the Accountant's Office to the Auditor of the Treasury on the account of Major General Benjamin Lincoln.
September 23, 1789 Arrival of Mr. Griffin and initiation of treaty talks Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray Commissioners inform that Mr. Griffin arrived and the three are preparing communications for the next day. General Lincoln and General Pickens will attend this forenoon at the black drink. Indians wish to receive talks on west side of Oconee River. Commissioners agree in order to take away all cause of jealousy.
February 18, 1790 Certificate due to Rufus Lincoln Joseph Howell Henry Knox After examining the petition of Rufus Lincoln, the Commissioner of Army Accounts determines that a certificate of 35 dollars is due to the petitioner.
January 21, 1785 Beneficial Effects of the Plaster of Paris, Etc. Benjamin Lincoln Timothy Pickering Lincoln repeatedly thanks Pickering for concern and attention given to him in letters of December 25th and 30th. The illegibility of the majority of the document makes it difficult to decipher much of Lincoln's words, but Lincoln does clearly thank Pickering for the recommendation of plaster of paris for some purpose.
May 31, 1788 Election Results in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln comments on the elections in Massachusetts and believes that the federalists will be victorious to the benefit of Massachusetts, the United States, and the world.
January 15, 1795 Letter Citation Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Lincoln, 01/24/1795.
October 8, 1785 Evils Done by the State of Massachusetts to Veterans of the Continental Army Benjamin Lincoln William Jackson Benjamin Lincoln requests a meeting with General William Jackson so as to rectify the "evils" done by the offices of the state of Massachusetts to the veterans of the Continental Army. Said officers are asking daily for their sufferings to be represented to the U.S. government.
March 20, 1784 Mill stones for General Lincoln's mill Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon Discusses issues regarding the provision of mill stones for a mill that Lincoln is apparently constructing.
February 18, 1790 Petition of Rufus Lincoln Henry Knox Joseph Howell Encloses the petition of Rufus Lincoln to the Commissioner of Army Accounts for examination.
September 10, 1790 Certificate of four scouts of Lincoln County Kentucky John Logan [not available] Scouts came before Logan as Justice of peace. Are of full age and made oath to serve as Scouts in Lincoln County Kentucky;
January 21, 1784 General Lincoln's Mill and Settling Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Sam Hodgdon writes to General Lincoln concerning financial matters relating to the establishment of a mill and the settling of outstanding credits due various persons. Mentioned Mr. Carleton's incompetence since Lincoln's departure.
May 31, 1789 General Lincoln solicits a federal appointment from Secretary at War Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Letter, asks for civil appointment.
May 9, 1797 Asking Manning About the Muskets David Ames Samuel Hodgdon General Lincoln says that the muskets he charged to Mr. Minning or Manning, were seen at the stage house where the passengers went to warm themselves while waiting for the boat. Ames assumes that they are in the care of Minning so he has written him and asked him to find them and convey them to Hodgdon.