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July 25, 1793 Accounts Isaac Craig Henry Knox Details of accounts current, enclosed. Repeated requests for money, Craig has been personally borrowing large sums from friends to meet demands on Quartermaster's Department. Assumption that troops at Marietta and Gallipolis have sufficient number of boats for transport.
July 5, 1792 Report from Fort Washington Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Report on Army affairs on the Ohio frontier, report of an Indian attack on an Army detachment near Fort Jefferson, estimated Indian intentions, and recommendations on negotiations with the Indians
January 30, 1795 Ohio River Mail Boats and Rations Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Putnam to superintend matters related to mail system in Ohio. Crews of mail boats paid off through the end of the year. Discussed arrangements for annual pay of crew. Requested opinion on payment for repairs at Merietta and supply of rations.
January 1, 1792 Compensation of Militias Called to Protect Frontier Counties Henry Knox [not available] Report of the Secretary of War concerning the memorial of the inhabitants of the frontier counties of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Knox argues that, if militias are called upon to protect frontier counties, they ought to be paid by the general government and should not be called for a period less than six months.
November 3, 1792 Provisioning Needs of Western Garrisons Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Knox provides Hamilton with a detailed assessment of the provisioning needs of all the posts on the frontier. Posts such as Fort Knox and Fort Franklin will be isolated during the winter and therefore will need additional stores. Advanced posts Forts Jefferson and St. Clair will also need additional provisioning.
November 2, 1792 Advice to Wayne on Disposition and Supply of Garrisons in Winter Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox is advising Wayne as to the most efficient ways to prepare for the winter with particular emphasis on the provisioning and hutting of the troops at all the garrisons. He has the idea that if the cattle can be trained to carry the flour, this would save the money it would cost to provide some other form of transportation.
April 15, 1792 Tea and Chocolate for Sick Isaac Craig Jonathan Cass Enclosed tea and chocolate for sick men. Surgeon ordered to post. Updates on troops locations and numbers. Major Zeigler planning to resign.
November 24, 1791 Report in aftermath of St. Clair defeat Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox A sick and bedridden St. Clair provides Knox an account of the ill fortune that befell his army during its November engagements with the Miami Indians. St. Clair is governor of the Northwest Territory.
April 20, 1793 Readiness and Strength of Wayne's Army; More on Filling Officer Vacancies Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne says he is ready for his army to descend the Ohio River which is now navigable due to recent heavy rains. Not counting the 800 men that will left in garrisons, he has 1200 effectives available for the coming campaign. He still has a number of vacancies in the officer corps that will be filled with the officers next in rank, pending orders from the President.
May 24, 1793 Obtaining Money Isaac Craig Henry Knox Instructions for St. Clair regarding Indian goods received and will be adhered to. Discussed methods of obtaining money, requests a sum of money immediately. Mentioned meeting in Sandusky for treaty.
March 30, 1793 Assessment of Strength at All Posts & Garrisons, Disposition of Spies, and Details of Officer Shortage Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne provides an assessment of troop and officer strength at each of the posts and garrisons under his command. He laments the shortage of qualified officers which has required the posting of sergeants in positions normally reserved for officers.
January 10, 1793 Payment of Soldiers Has Begun with Arrival of Paymaster General Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Pay has been allowed for certain garrisons but not for all of them but since the Paymaster General is now present, most of the problems related to pay should soon be resolved.
July 20, 1792 Legion Organization and Progress to Pittsburgh Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox provides a detailed accounting of the assignment and whereabouts of officers and men throughout the Legion and and an account of their progress toward Pittsburgh. Various logistical concerns are also addressed with emphasis on ammunition, powder, and horses.